fish with mayonnaise It would seem that the difficult thing is to cook fish formayonnaise? Yes, there it was! Of course, there is nothing complicated in this process, but in what version is the process carried out? After all, the fish under mayonnaise can be wind, boiled, baked, and fried, and even cooked in a microwave. By the way, the way of its preparation largely depends on the type of fish. For example, river fish is best fried. Oily fish (catfish, sturgeon) will be very tasty in boiled form. It is preferable to extinguish the dry fish, and to prepare the red fish in the microwave. But bake in the oven you can almost any fish! So choose a recipe, and proceed ...

Baked fish with mayonnaise

As we have already said, you can bake in the ovenany fish. But still, it is better to take for this purpose is not very bony fish. Of the river fish, pike-perch or sazan will perfectly fit, and from the available sea - pollock, hake, cod. Baking fish in the oven, it is overlaid with fried vegetables and greased with mayonnaise. The result is a very tasty fish with a crispy crust. Ingredients:

  • Kilogram of fish;
  • 2 heads of onions;
  • Carrot;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Flour;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Salt and spices.

Preparation: We clean the fish, gut, wash and dry with a paper or cotton towel. Do not forget to cut the fins from the carcass, and also cut off the tail and head. After this, the fish must be cut into pieces, rubbed with salt, seasoned and left to marinate. While the fish is marinated, we clean onions and carrots and cut them: onions in half rings, carrots with straws. By the way, many housewives prefer to grind carrots with a grater. You, too, can do so. Milled vegetables fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. We pour fish in flour (wheat, rye, corn) and densely put on a baking tray, which we pre-lubricate with vegetable oil. Butter for this purpose should not be taken - it will burn. Now on the fish lay out the vegetable frying and thickly water it with mayonnaise. Bake fish in the oven at a temperature of 200-220 degrees for half an hour-hour. Baking time depends on the type of fish and the thickness of the cut pieces. Readiness is determined by the browning of mayonnaise crust. fish in the oven under mayonnaise

Braised fish with mayonnaise

Very tasty it turns out and stewed fish undermayonnaise. If you bought a fish with dry meat (pike, for example), then it's best to extinguish it with mayonnaise and vegetables. Then the fish will turn out juicy. You can extinguish both fillets and small pieces with bones. Ingredients:

  • Half a kilo of fish fillet;
  • Head of onions;
  • Incomplete glass of mayonnaise;
  • Juice of one lemon;
  • Salt, black pepper and other spices.

Preparation: Fish fillet cut into small pieces. However, the pieces of fish should not be very small - so the fish will fall apart. So, cut the fish salt, pepper, season with spices and lemon juice and clean the refrigerator for at least half an hour. After the specified time, we spread the fish in a cold oiled brazier, cover it with chopped onions and abundantly fill it with mayonnaise. We put the brazier on a slow fire and stew the fish for about thirty to forty minutes. Braised with mayonnaise fish is particularly tasty in cold form.

Fried fish with mayonnaise

If you have a bony fish, but you still wantcook it with mayonnaise, then you can fry fish. Little secret. Before frying, the fish should be pricked with a sharp knife, making shallow incisions across the carcass: from the back to the stomach. Then small bones will get stung, and you will not be disturbed by a delicious fish. But the sea fish, as well as the fleshy river in fried form, will also be very tasty. Ingredients:

  • About a kilogram of fresh fish;
  • Egg;
  • Onion;
  • Spices and mayonnaise.

Preparation: So, we take a fleshy fish (pike, carp, bream). We clean it, gut, washed in running water, cut and cut into small pieces. In a bowl, break one or two eggs, add salt and whisk until light foam. We put a frying pan on the fire, pour oil into it and let it heat up. Now, dipping each piece of fish into the egg, we spread the fish into a frying pan and fry on both sides. While the fish is fried, we clean the onions and cut it into large half rings. Do not take the fish out of the frying pan, cover it with onions and water it with plenty of mayonnaise. We bring the fish to readiness in the oven: at a temperature of 180-220 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Boiled fish with mayonnaise

The most useful dish from all the fish options undermayonnaise. Well, if you boil sturgeon, stellate sturgeon or catfish and season with fish not bought, but with personally prepared mayonnaise, you will get a truly royal dish. Ingredients:

  • Kilogram of fish,
  • 4 heads of onions;
  • Root of parsley;
  • Glass of mayonnaise;
  • Fresh greens (dill, parsley);
  • Salt and black ground pepper.

Preparation: To boil the fish turned out juicy, cook it with a large piece, and pawn in boiling water. So, we clean the vegetables, put them in a saucepan with cold water, add salt and put them on the fire. When the water boils, lay the fish and cook it on low heat until it is ready. Minutes for two before turning off the fire, put the laurel leaf in the broth. Then remove the pan from the fire and leave the fish to cool (right in the broth). Chilled fish poured mayonnaise and garnish with boiled vegetables (carrots, green beans, cauliflower) and fresh herbs. fish with mayonnaise in the oven

Fish under mayonnaise in a microwave oven

And, finally, the last of the methods of preparing fish for mayonnaise. We will cook it for the microwave, and we will take for this an inexpensive red fish - pink salmon. Ingredients:

  • Carcass of pink salmon;
  • Head of onions;
  • Carrot;
  • Glass of mayonnaise;
  • Any seasoning for fish.

Preparation: We take a deep dish for a microwave oven (glass or plastic) and put the fish into it. Lightly tamped and sprinkle with seasoning. Lubricate with mayonnaise and lay a layer of onions cut into half rings. The carrot washed and peeled from the peel is ground on a large grater and put the third layer on top of the onion. Lubricate it with mayonnaise and sprinkle with seasoning. You do not need to salt fish, if you use sachets of ready seasoning. In the event that you season the fish with spices to your taste, salt it. We cover the dishes with a lid or food film and put it into the microwave for about twenty minutes. Power exposes almost full (depends on the model microwave). After twenty minutes we take out the fish and take the sample. This is how you can prepare fish with mayonnaise in different ways. Choose how you like best, but rather try different cooking options: in the oven, in the microwave, stewed, boiled or fried. The main thing is to cook with pleasure. Enjoy your appetite and success in the culinary field! We advise you to read: