early signs of breast cancer In recent years, the number ofwomen who are diagnosed with breast cancer. This disease is very important to recognize as early as possible, so every woman needs to know how the first signs of breast cancer look. The earlier the disease is detected, the better the treatment will be. self-examination of breasts

At what signs should you immediately sound an alarm?

  • Appearance of discharge from the nipples. If the nipple periodically releases fluid (it can be any color: from transparent to bloody or purulent-green), you need to immediately seek advice from a specialist and get tested. A characteristic feature of such secretions is that their appearance does not depend on the phase of the woman's menstrual cycle.
  • Appearance of small wounds on the nipples and skin of the breast. With the further course of the course of the disease, these wounds will become ulcers, and skin lesions can be quite extensive, so in no case should this process be allowed to go by itself.
  • Increase in the size of the lymph nodes. One of the first signs of cancer is swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit, which can be accompanied by painful sensations.
  • The presence of seals in the mammary gland. Here it is necessary to say at once that the presence of seals in the chest is not an excuse for panic. Most of them eventually turn out to be benign, and the disease can be treated successfully. Such seals can be found on their own, so every woman, regardless of age, should regularly conduct a manual breast examination, which can be easily done at home and without help. At the first visit to the mammologist, you should ask him to show how to properly examine the chest.
  • Change the color and appearance of the skin of the breast. With cancer, the color of the skin above the location of the tumor can become pinkish or even crimson. In this case, peeling or puffiness of the skin can be observed. If, during the raising of hands over your head, the hollows or the so-called "orange peel" become visible on the skin of the chest, as well as peculiar wrinkles and wrinkles, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • changing the shape of the breast or nipples. If the body is affected by breast cancer, the shape of the breast may change: it becomes flattened or, conversely, elongated. Also a disturbing signal will be that the nipples become fallen. The more the disease is launched, the more nipples will be drawn.
  • The appearance of painful sensations in the chest. They do not occur in all women who subsequently have cancer, but the likelihood of their occurrence is still quite large. Do not confuse them with the usual pain and swelling of the chest during a certain phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • Irritation or sharp increase in the sensitivity of the nipples, pain or even puffiness. In addition, abrasions or small wounds may appear on the nipples.
  • signs of breast cancer

    What should I do if I suspect breast cancer?

    If there is at least one symptom ofthe above should be done as soon as possible to see a doctor. There is no need to panic and because of fear of hearing an unfavorable diagnosis postpone a visit to a mammalog. There are many different means of diagnosing cancer at an early stage. All of them are absolutely painless and accessible to every woman. Official statistics show that at least 70% of women who have breast cancer of the first stage every year are treated and completely get rid of a dangerous disease. The main thing is to detect and recognize the disease in time. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly perform an independent breast examination for the presence of seals and changes in the mammary gland, as well as to visit the mammologist and once every six months - the gynecologist. In addition, every woman would be superfluous to be examined once every 3 years and endocrinologist. You should never engage in self-medication. Only timely examinations and taking care of one's health will help to avoid breast cancer.