recipe for fillet mignon Popular in modern cooking Englishthe word steak literally means "a piece of meat cut from the carcass of an animal." Although steak history goes back centuries, the first mention of it in the prescription book appeared only in the 15th century, and after only three centuries the recipe for cooking meat on open fire gained popularity throughout the whole European continent. Since then, in all existing European languages, including Russian, the basic names of roasted meat have acquired their English-speaking root: beefsteak, roast beef, etc. Beef steaks are a rather expensive dish, since the pieces suitable for their preparation are taken from the best parts of the carcass and amount to no more than 10% of the total volume. There are about 10 kinds of steak, the names of which depend on the parts of the carcass they are taken from. Fillet mignon - transverse and the most gentle cut of the central fillet part of the beef tenderloin. Classical steaks are rightfully considered an American national dish, where a real cult of this product is created. The state has the highest requirements for the production of beef in the US, which is why they are among the top three of its producers. fillet mignon with spices

Meat used to cook fillet mignon

The recipe for cooking this steak requiresthe product of only elite livestock - the meat of young specially grown bulls not older than two years. Preference is given to fattened grain bulls, because inside their muscle fibers thin fat layers are formed, and the meat turns out to be much juicier and more tender than their fattened brethren. Such beef meat is called "marble". When slaughtering for steaks, parts of the carcass of the animal that are not involved in the work of the muscles are used. Meat is separated by thick, at least 3 cm, portioned pieces across the fibers. With such cutting, the pieces are better susceptible to heat treatment when preparing a dish. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the recipe for cooking real steak never includes fresh, fresh meat. Meat must be kept, as in the process of fermentation it acquires the necessary tenderness. Although it is believed that cooking a piece of fried meat - the process is fairly simple, but prepare a real steak under the force of not everyone, because you need enough experience to choose the right piece of meat and fry it. The subtlety lies in the fact that at first the piece is placed on a hot frying surface, at least 250 degrees, where it is fried for 20-30 seconds until a hard crust is formed on it. Then, to the required degree of readiness, it is brought at a temperature of 180 degrees. Ideal for cooking a steak will be an oven or oven, where the evenly coming heat from all directions creates the conditions for the proper preparation of the dish. After cooking, you need to let the piece lie down for even distribution of juice on it. fillet mignon with soy sauce

Recipe for fillet mignon

Beef tenderloin is washed, peeled off from tapes,tendons and lightly dry in a towel. Then it should be salted, peppered and wrapped in jamon (raw ham). In the absence of a jamon, you can use bacon, for which it is laid out on a table or cutting board and wrapped in it beef tenderloin. The roulet obtained in this way is cut into small portions 3-5 cm thick and tied with thread or stitched with toothpicks. Finished pieces are fried on a strongly heated frying pan on both sides until a crust is formed. Fry on vegetable (olive) oil, between the pieces leave gaps of 1.5-2 cm. With closer packing, the oil in the frying pan cools, the crust on the meat is not formed and it has the appearance and taste of boiled meat. Crust is key, because it preserves the juiciness of meat. After the formation of the crust, the pieces are placed in a preheated to 150-180 degrees oven or oven and prepare for 10-15 minutes to the required degree of readiness. During this time, the meat is periodically removed and poured on top of the juice that forms during roasting. The recipe for fillet mignon, as well as the recipe for cooking any fried meat, means cooking it immediately before serving. This is done in order not to reduce its taste. As a side dish to meat, you can serve zucchini noodles, green salad, potatoes or any vegetable puree. As a sauce, a recipe for mushroom sauce is recommended, for which in a separate frying pan we pass onions sliced ​​in thin semicircles with several slices of garlic. Lightly fry, combine them with sliced ​​mushrooms, salt, pepper to taste. Shortly before the willingness to add white wine and, stirring, wait until it evaporates. At the end add sour cream, mix thoroughly and cover it with a lid, remove it from the fire. After the steak is ready, it is removed from the oven and, having removed the thread, allow to stand for about 5-10 minutes, covering it with a lid. Then spread on plates, combine with a side dish, sprinkle with herbs and, pouring sauce, is served to the table.