how to deal with laziness Oh, this lazy - and how to fight it? Perhaps, there is not a person in the world who would not suffer this disease once in a lifetime. We are not talking about temporary fatigue, when doing something is not possible, but about the state of the soul, when all the goals fade before the temptation for an hour or more to sleep in a warm bed, or at all to skip work, telling lies about the imaginary illness. Although, not so you are far from the truth, when referring to the authorities for ailment in the hope that they will let you go to the sick-list. Scientists have proved that laziness is a disease. But not physiological, but psychological. Simply put, laziness is a disease of the soul. And in order to determine how to deal with laziness, it is necessary to find out why there is an annoying unwillingness to do anything. too lazy how to deal with it

Classification of loafers

  • Physical laziness

Such an illness is affected periodically by almost allinhabitants of the planet. Especially at the end of winter, when vitamins are not enough and the vital potential of the body is reduced. A person becomes sluggish, sleepy, and unemotional. It's not for nothing that the productivity of labor in the workplace and the overall performance of students in school fall with the onset of cold weather. However, this ailment is easily treated with the intake of vitamins or a standard cup of strong coffee in the morning, which will help to cheer up.

  • Unorganized laziness

This type of person suffers from his own illness,because you can not turn mountains and succeed. But does not know how to do it. Man, setting a goal, simply does not see the ways to achieve it. Either sees too many opportunities and rushes from side to side, and not achieving the desired. As a result, the goal remains a goal, efforts are not appreciated, and the person is branded as a loafer. Meanwhile, it is quite easy to overcome unorganized laziness. To do this, you need to choose positions where all responsibilities are clearly defined and you do not need to come up with your own action plan. And, of course, you need to develop self-organization: create a daily schedule, write down plans for the day every morning, fulfill all the promises and punish yourself if you missed something because of your own laziness.

  • Laziness from boredom

It happens at a time when the person stopsto interest the world around us. Everything seems insipid, boring and banal. In this case, some habitually run in a closed circle (work - home - home - work), and someone drops his hands and plunges into the abyss of laziness. This person no longer sees the sense in achieving some goals. He is simply not interested in living. How to deal with laziness from boredom? A variety. If you are overcome by melancholy - take a vacation, buy a ticket to some distant exotic country and leave the familiar environment for a little while. Changing the environment usually has a beneficial effect on the person. Can not you leave? There are many other ways to shake. Skydiving, extreme driving, major repairs in the apartment (those who passed this stage in life, will agree that repair is tantamount to an earthquake.) It's not up to laziness!).

  • Fear of responsibility

The most destructive laziness - when a personsimply afraid to do anything. Fear of failure is much stronger than the joy of achieving the goal. Usually this disease can "boast" people, who in the childhood were strongly guarded by parents. Mom and Dad simply did not allow the child to act independently. And when the son or daughter did decide for some action, the parents criticized the results. Why such care? Simply subconsciously, the mother and father did not want their baby to grow up. They subconsciously understood that the longer a child will depend on them, the more time he will live in a paternal home. Destroy irresponsible laziness is difficult. To do this, you need to get rid of children's complexes and excessive parental care. And if a good psychologist can cope with the first item, then a loving mother can show resistance to the desire of her child to become an independent person. Therefore, we advise you to be patient and patient.

  • Fear of difficulties

This laziness is somewhat similar to the previous one, butproceeds in a lighter form. A person is capable of doing things, but he can not undertake a major project in any way, delaying the moment of starting work. He does thousands of small cases that other people could perform, and the most important thing is immovable. And the essence of the problem is not at all in the natural laziness of man, but in an elementary fear of possible difficulties. Moreover, the larger the project, the more difficult it is for it to take. How to deal with laziness, which grows out of fear? Break the big target into smaller ones. Need to write a thesis? Divide her mentally into chapters and persuade yourself to write for the week of the introduction. Then the next piece of work and the next. Believe me, it's much easier to cope with a large project step-by-step.

  • Love for life

This laziness is the most hardened and unscrupulous. A person enjoys immersing himself in watching favorite TV shows, knowing that the husband will bring money for food, and the grandmother will bring the child from school. Idle way of life sometimes so delays that people stop doing even the most elementary. For example, lay washing dishes or ironing clothes. The favorite proverb of such a slacker is "work is not a wolf, it will not run to the forest". She really does not run away, only looks with anguish in the form of dirty corners and unwashed windows. If we talk about female laziness, then she very often overtakes a defenseless victim on maternity leave. The child has already grown up, has not yet found work. You can devote time to yourself. But in the end, the days fly by unnoticed and in complete inaction, reminding each other. If you are overcome by maternal laziness and you do not know how to deal with it, we will tell you what to do. Get a job. You will not say to the boss that you deserved rest, because you looked at the child for three years. And you can not bribe the face with pallor. Even if through force, but you have to get up early in the morning. You will see that a week or two will pass, and laziness will take off like a hand. laziness and how to deal with it

Universal ways to combat laziness

"What is laziness and how to deal with it?"- you think, when you realize that another day passed by you. And if we have thoroughly understood the first part of the question, then the second still requires its answer. There are many options for what the struggle with laziness should look like, and each of us is likely to choose our own most effective one. Shall we try?

  • Reward Try to encourage yourself with somethingfor doing an unpleasant job. For someone, the reward can be a chocolate bar. For someone - going to the movies. You can change the ways of reward so that they do not become boring. Especially if it's chocolate. Moreover, the larger the amount of work done, the better the prize should be. And then gradually the "work - reinforcement" connection will form in your brain, and it is quite possible that you will not need chocolate in the future.
  • Start always with the most difficult and unpleasantbusiness In the morning, when a lot of energy and energy, it is best to "finish off" the largest amount of work that you do not want at all. Just do not be fooled, trying to persuade: I'll now do something that is simpler, I'll adjust, and then I'll take up the difficult one. Take it at once, otherwise the small day will pass, and you will not be able to do anything again.
  • Plan a very effective method. And he helps not only lazy, but hardworking people, littered with work. The more carefully you plan your day, the more things you will have to do. Write a plan in advance, in the evening, so that in the morning the schedule is ready. First, in the evening you have time to remember all the planned things. And secondly, in the morning you will certainly find for yourself some excuse and do not include a couple of items in the daily routine. When planning, do not forget that doctors advise alternating mental and physical labor. Well, do not forget about the small five-minute breaks to "be too lazy."
  • Arrange a competition Nothing is so capable offight with laziness as a spirit of competition. Contend with a friend: who will first write a diploma. Or who of you will get the highest score in the exam. In any other case, you would be lazy to lecture. But before the friend somehow it is inconvenient! And most want to prove that if you are not better, then, in any case, no worse than the second debater.
  • Clean out on the table Very often gather your thoughtsprevents a heap of "necessary" papers on the table. Take care of a little cleaning. At the same time and work at the tune. By the way, this applies not only to the table, but to the entire working space as a whole. Yes, and the appearance of the order is able to add energy and tone.
  • It happens that the lazy ones consider themselves quiteenergetic and successful person. He again and again loads himself with work, complaining that he does not have time. In this situation, we are talking not about laziness, but about workaholism. These people are struggling with "laziness", whereas they need to fight against themselves, forcing themselves to at least sometimes be distracted from work. In addition, laziness is sometimes very useful. Knowingly it is called the engine of progress. Someone tired of washing clothes by hand? I came up with a washing machine. Tired of walking? Please give me a car. Therefore, asking yourself a question about the fight against laziness, think: and whether it is necessary to get rid of it? Or is life just pushing you to another brilliant discovery? We advise you to read: