causes of uterine fibroids The uterus is a very important organ for a woman: in it the life is born and there is a bearing of children. It is located in the pelvic area and consists of the bottom, body, neck and neck. The state of the reproductive system of a woman depends on how healthy the womb is. Therefore, a tumor, even benign, called in medicine uterine fibroids, despite the fact that it is successfully treated, can complicate conception, bearing pregnancy and lead to surgery. What is the risk of a tumor and what to do if you are diagnosed with it?

What women are at risk?

It turns out that getting into a risk group is not so difficult. Myoma of the uterus is often found and, according to clinical studies, it is about ¼ of all gynecological diseases. However, there is an opinion that clinical studies cover not all cases of uterine fibroids, but the real figure is much higher. The greatest risk is for women in late reproductive age and at the age before the onset of menopause. Recently, signs of the occurrence of uterine myomas have become increasingly observed in women in the age group of 30-33 years. At the age of under 30, uterine fibroids appear on average in 1.0-1.5% of cases. The risk of disease in women whose genus already had cases of myoma, as well as those suffering from obesity and cardiovascular diseases, is great. What is this tumor? signs of fibroids

Signs of uterine fibroids

This benign neoplasm in the form ofround knots. A node can be one, but more often there are several. Nodes vary in size, weight and growth intensity. The knot can be the size of a pine nut, but can increase to the size of a coconut. Growth occurs unevenly: the tumor can be a long time small and not disturb, and then, in the presence of a provoking factor, begin to grow rapidly. Myoma of a large uterus can squeeze adjacent organs, cause pain and is an indication for surgical intervention. The growth of the tumor can impede the fertilization of the egg and cause infertility. The site of formation of nodes is either the body of the uterus or the cervix of the uterus. In the body of the uterus, nodes appear and expand in 95 cases out of 100. Myoma of the cervix occurs much less frequently: only 5 cases out of 100. What does a woman feel if she has a tumor?

Symptoms of uterine fibroids

Disease in women of different ages with differentthe course of the disease is characterized by a variety of symptoms. At the first stages and at small sizes of nodes, symptoms may be absent altogether. A woman does not feel pain and can learn about the presence of fibroids in the body of the uterus only when visiting a gynecologist and additional examination. At this stage, it is easiest to treat. Manifestation of symptoms is possible as the disease develops. Among the most common are the following:

  • Prolonged and profuse menstruation.
  • Pain during menstruation.
  • Bloody discharge between cycles.
  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Constipation and frequent urination.
  • Drawing pains in the lower abdomen.
  • Low hemoglobin.
  • Increase the size of the abdomen.
  • Myoma of the uterus can have a complication - necrosis of the uterine node. Symptoms are severe pain and high fever. Why is the reproductive health of a woman violated? Back pain may be the cause of uterine fibroids

    Causes of uterine fibroids

    It is believed that the main factor provokingthe beginning and development of the disease, is an imbalance of hormones - estrogens and progesterone. It is he who leads to profuse and prolonged bleeding during menstruation. The cause of hysteromyoma can serve and the presence in the history of a woman of abortion and curettage. There is an opinion that the cause of female diseases is dislike for men. Indeed, if a woman begins to live sexually after 28 years, does not give birth until this age of the child or her sexual life is irregular, this negatively affects her reproductive health, which can not be said about women who have a regular sexual partner and by the age of 28 years already become mothers . Recently, among the causes leading to the onset of a tumor, are women's stresses at work and at home, as well as her dissatisfaction with her personal life. It is better, of course, to try to establish relationships with men, than to treat myoma afterwards. Observations of women diagnosed with uterine fibroids have shown that pregnancy leads to tumor growth. An enlarged node can cause miscarriage and premature birth. Therefore, the pregnancy that occurred with a woman with fibroids should be under the control of doctors. And when planning a pregnancy, it is better to pass the examination in advance and to cure it before the onset of conception. What can I do if myoma is found? diagnosis of the disease

    Treatment of uterine fibroids

    Treatment depends on the woman's age, sizenodes of the tumor, manifestations of symptoms. Myoma of the uterus is easier to treat in the early stages of development. If the tumor is small, there is no pain and bleeding, then drugs are prescribed that normalize the hormonal background of the woman's body. They are able to stop the growth of the tumor, but do not lead to its elimination. The use of drugs is carried out for 3-6 months and can be accompanied by side effects: frequent mood swings, sweating, headache and a number of others. After treatment, every six months, you need to do ultrasound and monitor the condition of a woman, since the risk of resuming myomas after treatment remains. If the tumor is large and signs of the disease are expressed clearly, that is, there is abundant blood loss and rapid growth of nodes, and in the case of ineffectiveness of hormonal treatment, an operation is prescribed. Depending on the complexity of the course of the disease, the uterus during surgery can be stored or removed. In European countries, almost 70% of women who are already out of childbearing age, the uterus is removed. Women who are in childbearing age and have not yet given birth, try to keep the uterus. Recovery after surgery occurs quickly enough. After the treatment, women have a number of limitations: unwanted sunburn in the solarium and in direct sunlight, it is better to exclude visiting the sauna and massage the abdomen and lower back. There are a number of plants and products that have a positive effect on treatment. They do not replace drugs, but they can create a favorable background for the treatment. Of the plants can be called oats, wheat, licorice, and from the products - apples, pomegranate and carrots. Given that the cause of surgical intervention is already developed stage of the disease, the main way to effectively treat it can be early detection. Therefore, to maintain its reproductive system, it is important for a woman to visit the doctor regularly and do ultrasound of the uterus, and if there are any unfavorable symptoms, it is timely to undergo treatment.