application of a feng shui for an apartment Anyone would like to live in a comfortable, cozydwelling. Important is how the furniture is arranged, what interior items are present in the house - all this indicates the nature and interests of its owner. However, not everyone knows that its success and well-being can directly depend on certain rules of the ancient Chinese doctrine of feng shui. So, we should consider some of them. To begin with, we must begin to cleanse the energy space. Carefully look around and pay attention to those things that have not been used for more than two years, ruthlessly need to get rid of them (throw, sell, give away). This is necessary not only to free the territory of the house, but also to remove the burden of negative energy. Rooms should be as often as possible ventilated, and doors and windows should be lubricated with water with rose oil. a bedroom on a feng shui

Feng Shui for rooms: tips and tricks

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of our house,because there is a process of eating. You should pay attention to the state of the cooker and refrigerator. They must be necessarily clean, the burners - serviceable, in the refrigerator - only fresh products. For wealth and prosperity, you can put a beautiful pot on the stove, in the fridge - a jar of red caviar and champagne, on the dining table - a basket with fruit. Once you have eaten, immediately wash the dishes and throw away the garbage, do not leave it all "for later". This defile the house and the aura of its master. A bedroom is a place for rest, there, as a rule, a person spends about a third of his life, so you should know how to equip this territory for maximum comfort. Plants need to be removed, since there is a belief that they take energy from a sleeping person. A computer, a TV, an aquarium with fish are also not the most successful attributes for a rest room. The teachings of Feng Shui are very negative about mirrors, especially opposite the bed - it is believed that they also take energy from a sleeping person. Bathroom and toilet should be perfectly clean, but at the same time there is no need to decorate these places. In rooms, you should leave only those items that bring joy and give a positive charge of energy. Sometimes it is necessary to light candles, but it is recommended to install them in the northeast, but not in the southern part of the housing space, since the energy of the fire will dominate, and this does not always affect the owners of the house. In order to improve family relationships, it is possible to place indoor plants with oval or rounded leaves in the south-west. feng shui for the kitchen

Feng Shui accessories for home

Mirrors are a powerful source of energy, sothey should be placed in such a way that they reflect luxuries, landscape from the window, works of art, a dining table. Pendants and bells scare away evil forces and negative energy. They should be hung in such a way that, due to the air flow, they create a sound effect in the zone of metal or water, namely in the east, northeast, west and south-west. If you take advantage of all the advice and recommendations from the experts on Feng Shui, you can create a positive energy in your home, make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible.