apartment for feng shui According to the ancient Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui, eachthe house has its positive and negative places, which have a strong influence on our karma. And on how correctly these zones are designed, depends on how life will unfold, the fate of children surrounding. Finding energy places is very simple with the help of a special compass, which shows where and what zones are located. Positive sectors are divided into:

  • the main place, that is, the most favorable part of the apartment, ideally suited for bedrooms and living rooms;
  • places of health;
  • zones of longevity, characterized by comfort and harmony;
  • places of prosperity, responsible for progress, development.

In such places, it is recommended to put special symbols that allow activating the zones, enhancing their positive impact on life. Negative zones are divided into:

  • place of death, this is the worst place in the flat, associated with failure, disease, suffering;
  • a zone of catastrophe, leading to losses, delays, misfortunes;
  • the place of six sha, which is associated with legal problems, persistent illnesses;
  • places of the five spirits, characterized by fires, financial difficulties, theft.

To neutralize such zones, it is also necessary to use special symbols, not to have in these places living rooms, bedrooms and nurseries.

Parties of the world on Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, a great influence on the overallthe so-called zones, that is, the sides of the world, are better served, the correct use of which will help to create harmony, comfort and comfort at home, bring happiness to family life, give health. There are several such feng shui sides, we will consider each of them:

  • the north is associated with the development of a career, this is the life path that everyone must go through;
  • north-west - a zone that favors travelers. If you want to travel a lot around the world, then put in the north-western corner of the picture with pictures of the places you would like to visit;
  • the north-eastern zones are knowledge and wisdom, the development of this corner and its correct design influences the positive life experience;
  • the southern part is popularity, fame,the position of the family. Such zones need to be decorated in a bright, fiery style; if opportunity allows, then you can put a small lamp, candlestick, arrange a fireplace;
  • the south-western part of the apartment is responsible for a successful family life, relationships, love, loyalty;
  • south-west - this is wealth and prosperity. Such zones are best formed with plants with round leaves. For many centuries, a so-called money tree has been used for this purpose, it is customary to scatter coins with holes near the pot;
  • west - creativity. According to Feng Shui, this side is decorated with ringing metal objects - these are the tubes that make a fine ring at the slightest blow of the wind, coins and so on;
  • east - a zone of family well-being and happiness, love. Here it is usually recommended to place indoor plants.

identification of feng shui zones

Registration of an apartment according to the rules of Feng Shui

To make an apartment according to all the rules of Feng Shui is not soand it is difficult, it is necessary only to follow the recommendations of specialists. The south-west side is the area of ​​the mother, wife and partnership. This zone is compulsory in any home, its absence can cause discord of family relations. Activate the zone is very simple, you need to put a simple composition consisting of nine stones, among which two should be the largest, and the remaining seven - smaller. The slide must be tied with a red ribbon. The very corner of the zone should be well illuminated, you can place in it a decorative lamp with crystal pendants or with a shade of red and bright pink. On electricity it is better not to save, here the output can be the use of LED lamps (or energy-saving). It is very good to put in this place a family photo, where all the relatives are depicted. In this area it is recommended to place such decorative elements:

  • World map,
  • a small globe of glass and natural stone,
  • image of mountains,
  • beautiful mirror.

It will be good to decorate one of the decorativeelements with the symbol "Love". The south-eastern zone of Feng Shui is a zone of the Dragon or financial well-being. In this zone, according to Feng Shui, it is necessary to place the image of this proud, regal creature to ensure well-being. Many experts recommend placing a small aquarium, a container with water or a decorative fountain. Water should be changed very often, about once every three days! It is desirable to put in the southeast corner a house plant with rounded leaves resembling coins, put under pots of metal coins or bills, tied with a red ribbon or paper. The energy of this zone also contributes to the well-being and growth of the well-being of the eldest daughter in the family. In the apartment in this corner it is necessary to place the hieroglyph "Energia", a statuette of a frog, a mirror, a small decorative teapot. The southern zone in the apartment is a place that ensures the preservation of the reputation of the family. If this zone is properly designed, then family members will enjoy honor and respect, which is very important. The angle should be maintained in red and green colors. It can be a pot with a houseplant with sharp leaves, images of a cock, sunrise, peacock, pink flamingo. The southern zone is a diocese of fire, you can put a small lamp here, but take into account the safety rules. To decorate the southern zone, the hieroglyph "Flower", a vase of flowers or a paper Chinese lantern perfectly suits. feng shui stones

We decorate the northern and western zone of the apartment and attract good luck to the house

North - the zone of career, position, servicepromotion. If this angle is absent, then the chances of getting proper work are minimal. You can activate the position by placing in the corner an aquarium with gold fish, hanging a picture with a picture of a waterfall, a beautiful landscape of a swiftly rushing river. Effectively the location of the turtle figurine (black or aquatic). The northern zone renders patronage to the middle son. Appropriate is the location of the hieroglyph "Beauty", symbolizing softness, passivity, it will be good to put a small figure of a dolphin, a picture depicting the flow of water. The northwest zone in the apartment is a zone of help, support, business connections, husband and father. The absence of this angle is a catastrophe for the family, it is necessary to activate it as soon as possible. This can be done with metal objects, bells on a red ribbon. Very well, if this zone is in the kitchen, then the corner is lined with tiles of pressed crumb and stone. The hieroglyph here should be "Unity", symbolizing the world order. It is also recommended to put figurines of the gods. The corner of the northeast is the Feng Shui zone, which refers to studying, gaining knowledge, raising the intellectual level, life experience, wisdom. In this sector it is recommended to put a desktop, small ornaments from ceramics, pictures with images of mountain landscapes. The color choice should be as follows: shades of red and yellow, rich and juicy. The hieroglyph that is suitable for this angle is "Wisdom". The zone of Feng Shui has a positive impact on the fate of the younger son. The West in the apartment is a sector of prosperity and luck, according to Feng Shui. The apartment in this place should be decorated with a depiction of mountains with snow-capped peaks, a statue of a white tiger. This is the sector that influences the fate of the youngest daughter, it must be registered accordingly, so that she is happy and rich. According to Feng Shui, you should put the hieroglyph "Happiness", place coins, wind bells, figures of cats. Buddha figure in the apartment on Feng Shui

Eastern space and family happiness

Eastern zones are the placesfamily happiness. It is a zone of development, personal growth, aspiration for spiritual unity. For this zone, it is recommended to use dragon images, put indoor plants here. The color range is green, blue, gray. The development of this zone influences the fate of the eldest son. The hieroglyph of this corner of the apartment is "Longevity", here you can put a mirror, a small green plant, figurines of a dragon. Science Feng Shui is the oldest Chinese teaching, which determines how to attract happiness, luck, well-being into the home with the right use of the energy that surrounds us from all sides. For many, this is just mysticism, but thanks to this teaching in ancient China, grandiose buildings were built that have survived until now, and the families and scientists who lived in them became known throughout the world. In a typical city apartment, this teaching is used, based on data on the influence of the sides of the world on the well-being, health, well-being of those living in it. Using the simplest subjects and basic knowledge, one can exert the strongest positive influence on one's own destiny.