women's cars Women's cars, what is this concept? And is there really such a definition? Manufacturers of cars do not hang labels on their products, do not write, it's female or male. The whole question is, what should ideally be a car for a woman to become a reliable, comfortable and safe means of transportation through the urban jungle? Men for some unknown reason still believe that in choosing a car, women adhere to some kind of nonlinear logic and pick up the car in the tone of the wardrobe, the color of the eyes or, in extreme cases, the color of the lipstick. Let's now discard all the established opinions and stereotypes that a car for a woman should be small, used, low-speed or Daewoo Matiz, which is almost equivalent to all the previously listed. All this can be attributed to delusions. And they are best avoided, especially when choosing a car. We hope that on the eve of the eighth of March our councils will be a good help in choosing a favorite gift for those men who prefer beautiful gestures to empty words. Or to those women who painfully choose which car they want to receive as a gift.

Top ten women's cars

Studies conducted by Forbes Auto, talk aboutThe fact that in choosing a car the girls adhere to other criteria. For them, the main thing is the cost of the car, its safety, spaciousness (but no cargo-and-passenger models!) Maneuverability and comfort. Based on these indicators and you need to choose a car for a woman. female car

  • The first place in this rating will undoubtedly takeHonda Jazz, given that more than 80% of the polled avtoledi would prefer to have it at their disposal. The main indicator here was the maneuverability and capacity of the car. Despite the external compactness, the cabin is so spacious that you can suspect the Japanese automakers in mastering the fifth dimension. A perfectly obedient kid, as they call him in many printed publications. This is really so: the car is perfectly adapted for urban conditions, responsive to the steering, which is indispensable in traffic jams.
  • Nissan Micra - a typical female car, if you doconclusions from surveys. It is he who is preferred by most young and unmarried girls. But, despite the size, comfort and safety of this car will give odds to some cumbersome cars. And most importantly, it is indispensable for frequent movements in the city, however, and on the road, the Nissan Micra proved to be the best.
  • Undoubted hit among women's carsis considered Peugeot 207. Here the main role was played by the exterior elegance of the car. What girl does not want to manage such a thoroughbred handsome? And if you add a relatively low cost (everything in our world is relative), a spacious comfortable lounge and excellent indicators of crash tests - you can say that you accidentally acquired the embodiment of a woman's dream in metal. The next pair of cars strikingly different from the conventional ideas about women's cars. But we agreed to forget about stereotypes! So:
  • KIA cee'd - more like a lurking beforethe decisive throw of a tiger, than on a car. It seems that if you pat him on the hood, he growls. And after all, no doubt, there is a powerful reliable engine under the hood. But this is not what attracts women. And the fact that such a car clearly indicates the exclusivity, vivid personality and sexuality of its owner. Only a girl with a character can afford to tame a wild beast. Speaking of technical characteristics, the main indicator of reliability is that it is the only car for which the manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty.
  • This representative of the top 10 women's cars -participant of numerous ring races, and it can not be called a car for blondes. But, despite all the above, many women asked briefly what car they wanted to buy - Ford Fiesta. This car will tell about its owner without words. Even if a delicate, graceful girl is sitting behind his wheel, you should not flatter yourself. It is a woman with a steel core inside, for which the passability, comfort, safety and power are not an empty sound, but the only possible choice. By the way, many women who have their own business prefer to make their choice in favor of this novelty of the American automobile industry.
  • Toyota Yaris - although not too distinguished fromthe usual vision of what a car should be for a woman, nevertheless became the safest in the tests conducted. Five stars for all safety indicators. Here he concedes even KIA cee'd. And all this despite the seeming miniature and relatively low cost. What is worth mentioning is the sensation of the car. It seems that he himself helps you in management. And how he keeps the track! Exactly, without skidding. This car is for those women who are in no hurry and prefer reliability and stability to high speeds.
  • Compact dimensions of the Fiat 500 and high performanceCrash tests favorably distinguish this car among the brethren. And an unusual appearance is an indisputable advantage for those girls who pick up a car for their own eccentricity and wants to emphasize this fact by choosing a special vehicle. On the compactness and maneuverability of this car, there are legends: this Italian will remain mobile in any traffic jam and will park there where another simply does not have enough space. It is so maneuverable and brisk that it is an undoubted advantage in conditions of congestion in large cities.
  • An active parking system is the criterion thatwill be fundamental when choosing a Ford Focus III, because cheap this car can not be called. But just imagine, he himself will be parked on that minimum of free space that can be seen at office buildings and shops! And at this time you can, without fear of anything, fix makeup or phone. After all, you are a woman and you have the right to little weakness.
  • Mazda 2 - you can talk about it in words from advertising. Because all that is said is the truth. This is another representative of the feline in the list of machines preferred by women. Maneuverable and fast, comfortable and comfortable, safe and up-to-date. And, by the way, the color scale of this car is so wide that it can really be selected for the color of your favorite shade of lipstick.
  • Girls, whose choice tends to compactluxury, may not get acquainted with the above list, but immediately move on to its end. Since it is here that they are talking about their choice - MINI Cooper. Very expensive and very prestigious - that's what you can say about this car. It will not go out of fashion long enough, if this is exactly what interests you at the moment of choice. Technical characteristics of this masterpiece, of course, at the highest level. But for such a price and can not be otherwise.
  • Judging by the ones presented in the ratingcars, every woman has her own answer to the question of what a woman's car should be. For someone, this is a huge SUV, for someone - a budget midget car, and for someone - an expensive collector's car. Of course, when choosing a car, you should first of all think about how much you like it. And the settled opinion and ironic remarks let remain those who with envy will look after you, standing on the sidewalk. We advise you to read: