fears during pregnancy It is generally accepted that pregnancy is the most important thinga happy time in the life of every woman. Of course, if this pregnancy is desired. on the one hand it is really so. But on the other hand, pregnancy is a time of fear. Sometimes reaching a panic and frankly poisoning the life of a future mother. Perhaps, to someone it may seem strange, but fears during pregnancy are very, very often. Let's try to figure out what the future mummies are afraid of and how to cope with these numerous fears. After all, you can not ignore them in any case - the calmness of a pregnant woman above all else.

Unplanned pregnancy

If the pregnancy was planned, a womancarefully prepared for it. But in the event that two strips became a surprise for a woman, but she decided to give birth to a baby, there will be a lot of reasons for the experience. After all, a woman could take one or another medication, smoke. Or maybe she celebrated an event and drank some alcohol. Of course, all this very much disturbs a woman who wants to give birth to a healthy baby. So, the future mother masturbates, wondering how her minor flaws will affect the child. In order to cope with these fears, it is enough for a woman to realize one simple truth. If in such early terms of pregnancy the fetus is adversely affected, pregnancy is spontaneously interrupted. And if this did not happen and the fetus continues to develop, you can be sure that everything is in order with the child. This truth is true in the first 4-5 weeks of pregnancy.

Fear of pathology

This fear is more or less familiaralmost every future mother. And it's not surprising, because the development of a new life is a very complicated process. And the woman herself understands that she can not control this process. Moreover - even constant medical control and ultrasound studies, confirming that the baby is fine, does not calm the worried woman. However, these fears are understandable. Nowadays a whole stream of information is falling on a pregnant woman - and in most cases very negative. The media, the Internet, the stories of "compassionate" acquaintances, relatives and girlfriends - no wonder scared. With these fears, it is the hardest to cope with, because they are constantly getting fed from the outside. Therefore, try not to read different "smart" books, colorfully describing the pathologies of intrauterine development, do not discuss these issues with friends. Think positively, because your child is sure to be born healthy! Incidentally, in most cases, constant monitoring by a gynecologist helps to reduce these fears. And in case of a real threat of pathologies, a timely visit to a gynecologist will allow us to recognize the problem in time and take the necessary measures. fears of pregnancy

Fear of birth pain

No, probably not a single woman who does notwould feel the fear of pain during labor. And this fear arises long before pregnancy - even very young girls associate labor with pain, having heard the stories of grandmothers and older friends. It's no wonder that such fear arises, is not it? Of course, it would be foolish to convince the future mother that it will not hurt. Avoiding pain is very difficult - almost impossible. However, to reduce these painful sensations to a minimum is quite possible. In order to get rid of this fear, it is necessary to enroll in the preparation courses for childbirth. First, you will be told about the mechanism of the course of labor. And if a woman knows what is happening to her at this or that stage, it's easier for her to cope with fears. Secondly, a woman will learn the technique of proper breathing. By the way, it helps very well to cope with pain. And thirdly, you will have the opportunity to communicate with the same future mothers - and together, as you know, it's much easier to cope with any problem. By the way, if the fear of ancestral pain is very strong, you can discuss options for medical anesthesia with your doctor. Of course, this does not mean that it will have to be resorted to without fail. But the very realization that there is such an opportunity, gives the future mother a lot of strength.

Fear of partner births

It is believed that any woman dreams ofthe opportunity to go to the maternity ward together with a loved one. However, this is not so! Very many women are frankly afraid to appear before the husband in an unattractive way - especially since you can hear a huge number of stories about how after a joint birth the husband lost sexual interest in his wife. Psychologists say that this is very, very rare - no more than 5% of all cases. If this information has not calmed you, talk to your husband - you will see, for sure he will quickly dispel your doubts and you will laugh at your fears. If this does not help, you can resort to a radical option - do not take your husband to the delivery room. Let him be with you only in the prenatal ward, supporting you during the fights. And let it enter the delivery room only after the baby is born. Of course, if the Pope himself agrees to miss such an event.

Fear of change for the worse

There are several fears in this group, so let's understand them step by step:

  • Fear of losing the title of "interesting" woman

It is generally accepted that polygamy is typical of men. However, this is not so - women are also very, very polygamous, just do not allow themselves anything extra. However, the desire to be attractive to all men lives in every woman - in someone more, in someone to a lesser extent. And it's not surprising that pregnant women are afraid of losing this attraction. Especially if they have before their eyes there are similar examples - most often friends who have married, gave birth to a child and lost their attractiveness. But lovely women! In such cases, in the loss of attractiveness, it is not the pregnancy that is to blame, but the woman's own laziness. Look around - for sure you will find more than one example of successful beautiful young mothers. So everything is in your hands!

  • Fear of loss of sexual attraction

Very many pregnant women stop"Admission to the body" for the husband just after the appearance of the tummy, because they believe that they become sexually unattractive. However, it is not! The vast majority of men consider pregnant women very, very attractive and after the birth of a child remember the days of pregnancy with a share of nostalgia. The way to cope with this situation is the same - talk to your husband, tell him about your fears. And, needless to say, do not forget to keep an eye on your appearance. Pregnancy is not a reason to walk with broken nails, dirty head and ugly things.

  • Fear for your figure

It would seem that the figure of the future mother duringpregnancy should be least of all concerned. But there it was - the woman remains a woman, no matter what. That worries about the extra pounds. The way to cope with this fear is one - to realize that this change of shape is temporary. Everything is in your hands and after the birth you will be able to return to your usual form. And yes, by the way ... Do not forget that during pregnancy you can gain really extra weight. And all because of the fact that there is an opinion among the people that the future mother should eat for two. And for some reason the woman eats buns and terribly tasty chocolate. This is a fundamentally wrong approach - the diet should be discussed with your gynecologist. unpleasant fears in pregnancy

Fear of being a bad mother

Very, very often, a pregnant woman is panicafraid to be a bad mom - and it does not matter whether she is waiting for the first baby or already has the experience of raising a child. For the first time a woman giving birth is afraid that she will not be able to cope with the child, she can not properly take care of him, educate her properly. The same women who already have kids, are afraid that they will not cope with the two at once. Or worse - they are afraid that their love is not enough for two kids, no matter how silly it does not sound. Lovely moms, it's almost impossible, because the ability to be a good mother is laid on a genetic level - nature took care of it. Yes, and you can help her - fortunately, to date there is a lot of good literature on the care of children and their upbringing.

Fear of spoiling one's career

To date, the emancipation has done its workand women cherish their careers no less than men. And very often the future mother fears that the birth of a child will put an end to her career. On the one hand, this is true - after all, a woman for a long time departs from work. But on the other - everything is in your hands. In extreme cases, you can resort to the help of relatives or nannies, so as not to interrupt the work process for a long time. Yes, and time on maternity leave can be used rationally - read the literature, improve skills. In short, maternity leave can be an excellent way to increase your specialization. And believe me, this will only benefit your career!

Unreasonable fears

Similar groundless fears occur in 90% of all pregnant women. As a rule, they are manifested as follows:

  • The appearance of nightmares.
  • An increased sense of anxiety.
  • Panic attacks of varying severity.
  • Emotional instability - tears for no reason.

Doctors believe that such a psychologicalthe condition of a pregnant woman is directly related to the physiological changes that occur in her body. Such changes can be increased load on the cardiovascular system, a change in the usual blood flow, a powerful hormonal adjustment - a lot of options. As already mentioned above, few future mothers manage to avoid this state. And all other women will have to cope with these conditions. Well, or just accept it - someone more to their liking. But in any case, you need to talk with a psychologist who will help you understand yourself.

Let's sum up the results

So, the overall picture of fears during pregnancy is more or less clear. But still let's sum up: after all, repetition is the mother of learning.

  • Choosing a doctor

It is very important to choose a good doctor who will monitor the course of your pregnancy. And a good doctor is not only highly educated, but one that you can fully trust.

  • Choosing a maternity hospital

Most women experience fear ofunknown. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look after the finding of a maternity hospital that arranges you in advance, without delaying this question at the end. Approach this question carefully - ask your friends, read reviews on the Internet, visit the chosen maternity hospital. And only then make a decision.

  • Limit reading of medical literature

Do not be too keen on readingmedical literature, which describes the pathology of pregnancy and even more so the health problems of the child. A pregnant woman is extremely impressionable - you can earn a real phobia.

  • Attend courses for expectant mothers

Psychologists say that courses for expectant mothersaffect the psychological state of a woman in the most favorable manner. They get useful knowledge and communicate with the same pregnant women. Being a mother is a huge responsibility. But the greatest happiness that only can be in a woman's life. So do not overshadow this happiness with baseless fears. We advise you to read: