days for pregnant women Pregnancy is a cardinal reconstructionfemale body. Very often the future mother has inexplicable desires, especially those related to taste preferences. Experienced moms know that the desire for something salty, sour or sweet - this is not a joke. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell your body a strict "stop", but it is necessary. Otherwise, there is a very high risk that the scales arrow will inexorably and uncontrollably creep up. And overweight during pregnancy is extremely dangerous. And not only for the health of the woman herself, but also for her baby. Of course, during pregnancy, weight gain occurs. And at all it will not be possible to avoid, and absolutely to nothing. However, weight gain during pregnancy is a delicate and very delicate process that is strictly controlled by a gynecologist. And do not dismiss the recommendations of a doctor who advises to spend unloading days during pregnancy. After all, rational nutrition and strict control will allow mother not only to get rid of excessive puffiness during pregnancy and quickly come back to normal after pregnancy, but also greatly facilitates the process of childbirth (in fact a child can also gain superfluous grams - and this is already a problem). It is especially useful to spend unloading days after the 28th week of pregnancy, when all the basic organs of the baby are already formed. So, to spend unloading days during pregnancy it is possible and necessary. The question is different: in everything you need to know and feel the measure. Doctors and nutritionists warn that it is possible to spend unloading days for pregnant women no more often than once a week. In addition, it should be remembered that ordinary diets are not suitable for women in an "interesting" position. Strict diets can greatly harm not only my mother, but also the baby. Avitaminosis, iron deficiency anemia - this is not a complete list of troubles that can lie in wait for a future mother, eating wrong. In addition, some phenomenal results should also not be expected: during the unloading days from the body, mainly the excess moisture leaves. But, nevertheless, unloading days allow you not to gain extra pounds during pregnancy, and you can very quickly come to the same shape. Many women are worried about the state of the baby - and this is quite natural. But believe me, it is much more harmful for him to eat a piece of smoked sausage or drank a cup of coffee. Unloading days during pregnancy

It is important to know! General recommendations

Before proceeding to unloading days,remember that even one-day diets have contraindications, and therefore advice number one: consult with your doctor, whether a one-day diet is too much of a strain for your body. After all, each pregnancy is unique in its own way, so what would be the ideal option for one future mother may be completely ineffective or, worse, harmful for another woman. Any diet, including a fasting day for pregnant women, has general recommendations. Be sure to consider them before you arrange a day off:

  • Amount of liquid drunk

So, it should be remembered that the necessarythe normal course of pregnancy, the amount of liquid is at least 2 liters per day. Of course, in the event that a woman does not suffer from swelling and the doctor did not recommend a different drinking regimen. However, the fasting day is a bit different from the rest. On a day off, the expectant mother should drink at least three liters a day, not counting the soups. This amount is necessary to restore the mineral and salt balance. Do not worry about edema: during a fasting day you do not consume salt. But it is it that delays moisture and provokes puffiness. Although, of course, talk about it with a doctor is also worth it - maybe the doctor will give other recommendations, taking into account the peculiarities of the course of your pregnancy.

  • Systematicity

In no case can not arrange unloadingdays are chaotic, without any order. Choose to unload the body a certain day, for example, Sunday. Then the body will get used to and will be ready for this diet. Unloading day will not become a heavy stress for the body and the well-being of a pregnant woman will not suffer. And decide how many days a week or a month you will go hungry. This issue should be discussed with your doctor.

  • Fractional power

Future mothers know firsthand how difficult it is to"An interesting" position to starve for a long time. But even on a fasting day, the hunger can be avoided. In order that the feeling of hunger and discomfort does not cause you inconvenience, divide the total amount of food into 5-6 receptions. In this case, the truth "Who longly chews - that long lives" becomes more relevant than ever. After all, thoroughly chewing even a small portion, you can perfectly sate. And due to the fact that the intervals between meals are not so great, the stomach does not have time to empty completely. So, the feeling of hunger will not be so acute. But do not forget about one common truth - the last meal should be no later than two hours before a meal.

  • Toxicosis

It will be a little harder for those future mothers,who suffer from toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy. After all, the feeling of hunger greatly strengthens the feeling of nausea. Therefore, slightly increase the amount of food - about 20%, reduce the intervals between meals. And be sure to consult your gynecologist. Perhaps, it is you all sorts of unloading days are strictly contraindicated. Do not risk your health. Unloading days during pregnancy

Types of fasting days

So, we sorted out the general rules. Let's talk about what kind of unloading day is the most effective and safe for a future mother. However, there are not many options for such days. For example:

  • Apple Day

The most common unloading day isan apple day. During this unloading, one and a half kilograms of apples should be divided into 5-6 receptions. You can also drink two glasses of black or green tea without sugar. It is very effective for a similar day for expectant mothers who suffer from iron deficiency anemia. In apples contains a very large amount of iron. In addition, such an apple unloading day very effectively normalizes digestive processes. But constipation is a very common problem in the last months of pregnancy. And the apple diet is a very delicate decision. But for those women who suffer from gastritis, apples, unfortunately, are not suitable for a day of unloading. Otherwise, the disease can worsen - and this future mother absolutely nothing.

  • Cottage cheese

If an apple day is contraindicated to you, do notdespair. Try to spend a cottage cheese-free day: 600 grams of curd (preferably low-fat or with a minimum percentage of fat) divide into 5-9 receptions. Drink this day you can both water and milk. But milk should also be chosen not fat-free. Do not forget that the curd day does not mean milk. Sour cream, yoghurts and other dairy products are unacceptable on this day. By the way, it's better to start from the curd day, because the cottage cheese gives a greater sense of satiety, rather than fruits or vegetables. In the event that you are only trying out unloading days, this will be the best option. If during the day you feel too strong and exhausting feeling of hunger, you can eat one small apple.

  • Fish Day

No less effective and useful is the unloadinga day like a fish. During this day, the expectant mother should eat only 1 kg of any fish. Remember that the fish should be cooked for a couple, and without salt. By the way, this diet is very effective and during breastfeeding. After feeding strict diets are also contraindicated - the baby should receive a full meal. And one more little advice: during the fasting day it's better to take something yourself, otherwise the insidious refrigerator will beckon to him all day. And it will be very, very difficult to resist. As already mentioned above, during breastfeeding, unloading days are also very effective. After all, such diets do not lead to a decrease in breast milk. For such women it is better to choose not a mono-diet, but a "full" diet, for example unsalted boiled meat or fruit salad. But about diets for nursing mothers, we'll talk another time. Light birth to you. Health to you and your baby! We advise you to read: