Dress your feet in fashion tights Summer ended, the beauty and health of our legsdepends on the right care for them. How to protect them from the autumn cold? What to choose - pantyhose, stockings or leggings? With the onset of cold weather, the leading fashion houses represent "clothes for the feet" in great variety. True conservative young ladies such an abundance of diversity is not a joy, and still try to figure it out together.

Tight pantyhose

Tight pantyhose Tights should be tight and perfectlyopaque. They can slightly fill the leg, and look not very elegant, but with the onset of cold weather without them simply can not do. And besides, they are practically in all significant collections, and this means that pantyhose promises to become one of the most important fashion trends this fall. Although this is nothing special, because such dense tights remain at the peak of popularity for more than one season, they can be worn with any kinds of clothes. They look particularly good with long cloaks and A-shaped short coats, with business suits and fur jackets, with silk dresses and woolen shorts. Black and dark gray are the most optimal colors of this autumn.

Current colors

Current colors Snow white, cream shade and milky colorPantyhose and leggings - a clear novelty of the coming autumn. These things, offered by most designers, are quite unexpected for the autumn season with its mud and slush. But be careful with light shades, they can distort your image much stronger than dense dark pantyhose. White color always fills, and white tights especially. However, designers offer many interesting options, perfectly combined with white tight pantyhose. For example, in the 60s of the last century white tights were worn with black shoes and small black dress. And it looked very elegant.

Fashionable pattern

Fashionable pattern This option is for those who preferdiversity. This autumn everything is possible and permissible: both a small pattern, and geometric bright interlacing, and imitation of an intricate lace fabric. It is impossible to choose something specific and say that this autumn season is fixated on one particular figure. To date, everything is permissible. The only question is with what to wear these super-fashion tights?

Grid and openwork

Grid and openwork Actual in this season lace pantyhose andtights-mesh of classic black color designers are reserved for autumn for women who prefer more feminine and glamorous options. Such pantyhose does not distort the legs at all, even, on the contrary, they make them slimmer. And you can wear them with any outfit, from the trendy satin this season to the tweed in the British style. Although autumn slush does not have such a choice, beauty at all times requires sacrifice. After all, our life does not stop with the onset of cold weather. We, as before, run on dates, attend solemn events and go to parties. And this, you will agree, is an excellent option for such cases.

Bright leggings

Bright leggings This fall, leggings are again among the hits. This practical and comfortable thing of the women's wardrobe inherited us from the distant 80's. The popularity of legends in the fall is understandable. Many designers offer quite a lot of various truncated raincoats and coats, and to the winter cold bulk fur jackets and short fur coats. All these things look great with leggins.

Glitter of metal

Glitter of metal Many designers of leading fashion houses to the currentThe autumn season offers a variety of extreme options - leggings made of fabric with a metal coating. Silver, bronze, gold - all this with the onset of colds will glitter on the ladies legs. By the way, in this season in the fashion of long and very long leggings. To such a shining place, it is necessary to choose one more accessory or wardrobe item with a metallic luster.

Animal print

Animal print Pantyhose with animal prints - a fashion trendthis autumn-winter season. In general, this season is marked by a massive return of the bestial print. Someone likes it, some do not. But this could not but affect the coloring of the leggings. Tiger or leopard leggings and leggings are another great way to diversify your wardrobe. To them designers offer, as well as in the case of metallic, add at least one more wardrobe item in the same scale.

Knee-high stockings and stockings

Stockings Designers of many leading fashion houses offer twothe most original trend of the coming season. Golfs are appropriate for wearing with shoes and with boots. In addition, it is warm, comfortable and beautiful! Stockings, perhaps, are the most unexpected trend of this season. They seem so old-fashioned that they can provoke intense interest. However, stockings this autumn are more of a decorative element. They can be worn over pantyhose and even thin leggings.