fashion belts 2016 Have you ever faced a mirror in justbut with a painful longing to realize that this image can not be called complete as something complete! .. At first glance, everything is great: things are combined in style and color, the handbag fits perfectly, the shoes are brilliantly approached, but it sits in the depths "But" is still scratching. How often in this case to help us come straps and belts, how wonderful sometimes they fill our dull suit with style, and the image with meaning. This is not to mention their "talent" to multiply the advantages of our adorable figure and very successfully reduce to zero its disadvantages, of course, if we are able to wear these irreplaceable accessories correctly. In the light of the above, especially interesting are the facts from the history of the belt: in ancient times the belt for a woman served not only as a symbol of purity and purity, but also was a guard against dark forces, and the loss of the belt foreshadowed significant troubles and even terrible troubles.

Belts, fashion of 2016

The modern rhythm of life undoubtedly helpedto say goodbye to a woman's belt with the mystical component of his essence, but gave the belts a special significance, as an indispensable attribute of any standing attire. None of the world-famous designers has rejected the trend of using fashionable belts in their women's collections in 2016 - the photos provided to us illustrate this as well as possible. But let's get to the point and highlight the most trendy aspects among belts and belts in the summer season of 2016. fashionable women's belts 2016

  • This summer, fashion houses did not grievea beautiful half of humanity and quite often turned to the style of the 80s of the last century - the medium-wide belts with a flat square and rectangular buckle located on the hips of cute ladies and a bit like a thing from a men's wardrobe. However, it is easy to see that the genius creators of the fashion industry prefer to prefer straps located at the waist. In fact, this can not but rejoice - because it can be more feminine and attractive than the figure of the "hourglass" regardless of the size that belongs to us.
  • The most common material thatused by designers to create belts in this summer season, without a doubt recognized leather. Collections of eminent couturiers are simply oversaturated with leather accessories of various textures and colors: from the most muted to the most catchy and even slightly screaming shades.
  • An interesting element of the fashion belt of 2016are the brushes. Our attention at the fashion shows was presented by tight belts on woven laces-ties, the ends of which are weighted with magnificent brushes, or even trinkets with brushes attached to a thinner strap.
  • The favorite of the World Fashion Week is also recognizeda very long thin strap that wraps around the waist in two or three rows - some slight carelessness in wearing, which at the same time is demonstrated, perfectly dilutes the office style with the notes of summer emancipation. The famous designer of fashion clothes Igor Chapurin went even further in this business - he put two or three belts of different colors and textures on his models at the same time. Such an amusing combination pleasantly surprised fashion connoisseurs and soon this striking trend was noticed in other collections of less famous fashion masters.
  • The excitement caused this year by "energetic"prints, and spread to the fashionable women's belts in 2016: belts in large and small peas, abstraction and strips of different directions, animals and oriental prints, floral motifs and black and white vector illustration. Present at the shows critics with an approving smile commented on this most interesting trend of the latest collections.
  • The highlight of the program came fromsmall soft purse or purses on thin straps of the same color, connected by means of steel rings of yellow and white metal. Such a duet looks very original and if you are lucky enough to stumble upon such a thing in the store - safely get your purse - the purchase will be the highlight of the wardrobe for the coming years. Even more unexpected solution can boast the designers of the well-known Fashion House Lanvin - their idea of ​​creating a leather belt harness just fell in love with the connoisseurs of fashion art.
  • Such popular in this summer's season lacefound its use in the manufacture of author's accessories - lace, and more and more, knitted and braided belts gracefully fluttered to the fashionable Olympus. Summer belts fashion-2016 offers us to perform using macrame techniques, Irish lace, large and finer mating, using knitting needles and especially appreciate crochet. This trend of this summer season will be appreciated by needlewomen and charming denim lovers, because with the models of clothes made of denim fabrics the braided belts look the best.
  • And, finally, the leader of our "fashionable" hit parade -nobody has yet surpassed the belt, tied with an elegant bow. Bursting into the summer season of 2016, the belt-bow is presented to our attention in almost every fashion collection of designers of such famous fashion houses as Nina Ricci, Sonia Rykiel, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs, and this is no longer burning about the rest of the cult brands. Materials and fabrics from which these fashionable belts are made 2016 - photos speak about it especially expressively - are full of variety. Silk and satin, leather matte and lacquer - the great couturier this year the textile industry applauds standing. With the help of an elementary loop alone or several, which are tied with elongated belts of different width, your outfit will acquire a completely different look and will be beautiful. As for the harmony of the combination by color, here we operate without any restrictions, without fear of the boldest contrasts, nor the complete fusion of clothing and accessories. It is also worth trying to tie ribbons to other elements of our wardrobe - you can get a wonderful tandem.

fashion belts 2016 Trends among fashionable women's belts 2016year, which can be traced not so distinctly, it is possible to name a question of a choice of accessories. By and large, the smaller number of references in the responses to the fashion shows of large and fancy plaques and buckles can be attributed simply to the fact that the attractiveness of such elements of dressing the ladies' straps is a proven fact and does not require undue confirmation. Although they met in collections much less often than more modest buckles and belts that are fastened without using a similar kind of fasteners, for example, as belts of designers-innovators of the already mentioned Lanvin brand. Also, viewing photos from fashion shows, it is not possible to select any color-pets, of course except for the family of beige and brown. Some trendy clothes for the garments of this summer in the manufacture of belts as if not taken into account at all, however, the variety of colors and bold contrasts with the models of clothes can not but inspire experiments. Another mystery in the prioritization is the width of the fashionable belt 2016: there are also very narrow, just a couple of centimeters, and corset belts, and medium-wide - no special restrictions are foreseen in this regard.

How to become even more beautiful with fashion belts of 2016

fashion belts 2016 pictures Famous radio and TV presenter Lisa Gibbonsargued that none of the fashion accessories is not able to visually add so much extra weight, as the belt will do. We, in return, do not fail to recall the story of a bad dancer. It is necessary to be able to wear belts, and for this you must strictly follow certain rules:

  • In no case do we tighten the belt tootight: folds, which in this case are formed at the waist and in the hips, visually add a couple of inappropriate pounds. It is necessary to agree with itself, if the belt is not fastened easily and even playfully, it is necessary to approach the decision of the issue from the side of the nutritionist's office and playing sports, and to demonstrate the beloved "suffocating capture" with a decorative belt is not an option.
  • If we do not want our adorable figurelooked lush, it is also necessary to say goodbye to the straps, radically different from the outfit in the color scheme. Such "adventures" will end in the fact that the centimeters composing our growth will smoothly move to the trio - hips, waist, chest.
  • If our volumes are quite appetizing or,if we are very miniature by nature, then when choosing a belt we should start from growth, using the following pattern: the lower the growth, the narrower belt we buy.
  • Virtually all of the average womenthe ratio of body length and legs is either equal, or biased in favor of the body. If this is our case, then it is worth paying attention to belts with a width of five to ten centimeters - it is the most advantageous.
  • If we choose a belt to along, the colors of the upper and lower parts of which are very different, then we will choose a belt that is in one color with the top, in order to substantially extend the legs.
  • If you visually stretch your legs is ourthe primary task, then except for the "triangular" deep decollete is an ideal variant of wearing a thong on the thighs, at least slightly below the waist or if the belt should be threaded, weaken it as much as possible.
  • If you still have doubts aboutrationality of the decision to wear a belt at the waist, try just to throw on top of the jacket or trendy in this summer cardigan season. The width of your waist or chest will thus be hidden from the eyes of others - you will feel relaxed, and to look, thanks to a belt, is incredibly stylish and insanely attractive!

Many girls are afraid of particularly bold decisions inhis wardrobe, and meanwhile, not one even the most vivid and extravagant strap in itself will not make us vulgar, but will add a zest to our outfit and present it in a new light. We advise you to read: