Fashionable sandals in 2012 Elegant and stylish shoes are importantcomponent of any wardrobe. It can give a fashionable accent to every image, highlighting your harmony and originality. Shoes for the warm season are no exception. One of its representatives are fashionable sandals in 2016. Thanks to the variety of materials, prints and shapes, they evoke a sense of delight from their fans. Not taking seriously the advice of experts who are increasingly advising us to choose sandals and ballet flats, stylish shoes with heels are the most popular in our time. In the models of 2016 there is a domination of expensive materials and ornaments.

Variety of models

  • Snake scales or its imitation is alwaysInspired by fashion designers to create forms that stand out for their originality. As for shoes, in the upcoming season of 2016, iris sandals made of similar material will be in demand. At fashion shows, you could watch the models, whose legs were decorated with sandals of very unusual bright colors.
  • Shoes with a hairpin are popular. A unique pattern in the form of intertwined straps is the highlight of this model. This design technique, which has been a success for many adherents of the fashion industry for many seasons, will make any leg graceful. Therefore, in the 2016 season, it will be easy for you to choose something for yourself.
  • But no matter how beautiful and beloved was not the shoes onhairpin, for everyday wear it does not fit. Running in such sandals on the slippery floor of a shopping center or on the stony street of an ancient city, you immediately feel their weak spot. Therefore, for the off-season and walks it is worth giving your preference to shoes on a steady heel, which reduces the chances of dislocating the leg to zero.
  • Answering the question, which sandals are fashionable in 2016year, you can not fail to mention shoes made of latex. Futuristic models from a similar material will be popular. The most fascinating look colorful caramel colors. Such shoes perfectly match the clothes made in a sports style, which will be very popular in the summer of 2016. Some designers also use latex in creating evening ensembles.
  • Popular promises to be models on lacing,which look very attractive. By combining a long string with ribbons wrapped around the shin, you will emphasize your sexuality and seductiveness. And a similar variant of sandals on a hairpin will make of you an artful temptress.
  • On the catwalks you could see the models of shoes,executed in a hot African style. Obviously, designers sought their ideas in sculptures and ceremonial masks. Especially attractive look sandals on a high soles of wood. And elegant leather belts, characterized by handmade weaving, bring to mind the boundless sandy beaches along the calm surface of the blue ocean.
  • Like fashionable clothes, shoes are divided intodaily and festive. In the spring, the most popular evening sandals will be gold-plated leather models, while the most expensive ones will be decorated with filigree buckles and chains, as well as with crystals.
  • Whatever the capricious fashion, not all of uslife consists of holidays. And sometimes spend all your free time only on yourself even nicer than being in the spotlight. For an active lifestyle and long walks, wear shoes on a miniature heel or without it: so the legs will tire much less.
  • The wardrobe of this fashionista should include shoes made in a variety of styles. This will help you prepare for each of the unforgettable pleasant moments that fill our lives. fashion dresses and sandals 2012

    fashionable dresses

    A variety of delicious dresses that werepresented in the new fashion season, really worthy of attention. From all this magnificence, chic, refinement and beauty is breathtaking. Still the models of different length remain popular. Speaking of color, white dresses are the undisputed leader. Very popular are models with laces. Also actual will be dresses with floral ornaments of beige, orange, lemon and black tones. But a beautiful dress will sit on you flawlessly only in conjunction with a suitable model of shoes. Well, what kind of shoes to wear depends on the dress itself. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to both the length of the product and the material from which it is sewn. Successfully matched shoes beautifully complement the ensemble and complete your image. So, fashion dresses and sandals in 2016 in the new spring-summer season are associated with femininity and charm. If, for example, you put on light sandals under a short stylish dress, then you are guaranteed attractiveness and original appearance!