fashion prints 2012 Our imagination is constantly strikingtrends in the fashion world. Therefore, in order to be ready for the new season, any girl should be able to adapt, know what will be relevant, and what needs to be thrown aside. The new season puts an emphasis on fashion prints in 2016, so to look stunning all year round, it's better to go over your wardrobe; At the same time you will free your wardrobe for fashion and stylish things. Original color solutions do not leave the catwalks, but, on the contrary, arise in new interesting images. According to leading fashion designers, the most popular is the combination of one print with another. If you think that an ensemble of two or three drawings is unacceptable, then you are deeply mistaken. fashion prints in clothes 2012

What do designers offer in 2016?

  • All the last season in the models prevailedquiet shades, the same trend has been preserved in the collections of this year. Thanks to this designers it is possible to create original, fashionable and actual images. At the new shows, the real masterpieces performed in this color range were demonstrated. A new successful decision of the current year is the transfer to the clothing of various photographs. In their collections the famous couturiers actively used materials of various texture and color, on which portraits and landscapes were printed. Such a print perfectly suits business girls as casual clothes, as it perfectly harmonizes with the business style.
  • The great love of many women of fashion enjoys print inform of flowers. That's why he has been at the peak of popularity for several years in a row. In 2016, he also ranks first. The fabric, strewn with flowers, which are different in shape, size and color, can emphasize the femininity and uniqueness of the image. There are a variety of combinations: small and large patterns perfectly complement each other. The ensemble, made up of a large number of small flowers, will give details to the image, so that it will look more complete.
  • Most designers this season decidedgive your preference to animalism, which most clearly emphasizes femininity and cat's grace. Style, which, according to leading experts, is very fashionable - prints in clothes 2016, which in many cases can not be imagined without hot animal images. Their popularity was saved by such animals as tiger, zebra and snake. By giving your preference to such ornaments, you will continue to surprise others around the current season.
  • Patterns made in ethnic, graphic, andalso an abstract style, are also characteristic of many collections of the new year. Such bold decisions will please the bright and romantic girls. The shades of ornaments can be any: as bright and juicy, and gray and black. In this season, compared to the previous, designers used fabrics of rich and intense shades to create their models. Not a single fashionista they left unattended, but in choosing the outfit you need to build on your own preferences, as well as the features of the figure.
  • The Scottish cage is still considered fashionable. This year, designers have changed only the size and color palette, bright combinations of which in our time are considered very relevant. Experimenting with materials of different materials, the designers created many interesting variations.
  • Designers also do not change the print in polka dots, soIt has been popular with the weak half of humanity for many years. Confirms this is his presence in almost any kind of clothing: in trousers, hats, jackets, jackets and even stockings. Things with a similar pattern perfectly in harmony with each other. The main thing is not to forget the basic rule - the color of the fabric and the size of the pattern may be different, but the peas themselves must correspond to one tone.
  • Girls who like to be in the spotlight,will certainly like the designer's proposed outfits with print in the form of stars. This pattern appeared in 2008, but at that time only a few adopted it. Despite this, in the new season of 2016 clothes in an asterisk presented in their collections popular fashion houses. Desperate women of fashion will certainly like such "stellar" outfits.
  • In summary, it should be noted that the printsand decor in clothing will perform an important task in the 2016 season. They will dilute the boring monotony of products due to the combination of different ornaments in a single image. A huge selection of models will allow you to pick up the thing that really goes with you. If you do not like the classics - you can choose bright and audacious models. As you have already seen - the imagination of designers is no limit. Therefore, you can easily bring freshness and variety to your wardrobe. Fill it, relying on your taste, and you will always look fashionable and elegant. We advise you to read: