fashionable colors 2016 width = Everything changes around, as well as times and fashion, andtogether with them and the wardrobe of each girl. But still, before you go for new clothes for new seasons, you need to know what the fashion colors of 2016 will look like. The coming year will be marked by a completely different set of shades of the brightest colors. Thus, all the famous designers try to smooth the gloom of rainy days and allow us to always be in the summer mood. As you know, the retro style is returning vigorously, and with it an unusually bold combination of shades. But still, the classic never ceases to be relevant: white, gray, beige and black color, fashion designers still present in their newfangled collections.

Trends in fashion colors

  • Juicy summer colors smoothly and completely unnoticedpass in the cold seasons: bright green tones, clothes of the color of the blue sky, orange sun and bright red strawberries must necessarily occupy an honorable place in your wardrobe. Unusually spectacular today is the outer clothing of the color of blue grapes and eggplant. Trench or a coat with fur collar fuchsia color will not leave you undetected.
  • Classic shades are always in fashion, andThe coming year is no exception: a deep black and bright white color, a discreet gray and soft beige. Also relevant are dark shades: from gray mouse to chocolate brown.
  • Contrast provocation - the most fashionable colorsclothes 2016. Always unusual combinations attract everyone's attention. Today you can combine everything that your heart desires, for example, a bright orange scarf will become a beautiful color accent on a gray classic coat. Neutral colors of the wardrobe with any bright accessory or multi-colored details of your clothes - a hit of the season.

Chic and shine

fashionable colors of clothing 2016 Such a fashionable trend is specially designedfashion designers for various secular receptions. To look brilliant in every sense now you simply must. Do not be afraid of beads and sequins, choosing clothes from any shiny fabrics. For example, in a turquoise or scarlet jacket you obviously will not remain unnoticed, and such a thing is not a bit worse than a jacket of traditional colors.


fashionable colors and prints 2016 In the new 2016, all kinds of fashionPrints of all sizes: from large animal to small flower. Undoubtedly, the python and leopard still occupy the highest positions in the print fashion. At the same time, summer-autumn prints are, as always, unobtrusive. A large wide Scottish cage is still in fashion. But every member of the fair sex should remember that it is not everyone's power to combine clothes with prints, and it is not only ridiculous, but also funny, to look like a wrong combination. Therefore, think carefully about whether to take risks, and whether you will look beautiful in the printed clothes.

French raisins

fashionable wine colors clothing 2016 Wine shades are the loudest squeak of fashion today. And they are good in that they fit perfectly any girl, be she red, blonde or brown-haired. Cherry, burgundy, deep wine and blue grapes - in these colors the widest selection of clothes is provided. A bright accent in the wine wardrobe will be a red handbag or a gray bracelet.

Softness of pastels

trendy pastel colors 2016 The hit of all the seasons of the new year are brightcolor, but too many everyday situations, when bright clothes are out of place. Of course, every self-respecting designer thought of this option. For everyday wear, they offer muted shades of the same colors. That is, now you do not have to force yourself to wear black, white or beige trousers and jackets. Gentle tones of blue, pink, champagne or peach color will complement your image with gentleness and make it sexy.

Night Rendezvous

fashionable blue colors of clothing 2016 For several seasons in a row does not go out of fashiondark blue color and all its shades. He after all perfectly replaces the usual everyday classics. The most famous couturiers offer a wide range of shades of this color: from cobalt and ink to indigo. But nevertheless the strict blue elegance can be combined with pink and yellow colors.

Fashionable classics

fashionable classic colors 2016 The undeniable advantage of black, beige,white and gray colors is always that they fit all the beautiful ladies of any age. They are universal, combined with any colors. Experiment: a bright brooch on the classic, any unusual cut or a multifaceted silhouette always favorably emphasize the taste, and no one dares to call you boring.

Palette of colors

fashionable bright colors of clothing 2016 The most current fashionable colors in 2016 areazure, juicy orange, purple, emerald, blueberry. All the most juicy "vitamin" colors are in vogue, which means that this year avitaminosis is definitely not threatening you! We advise you to read: