trendy T-shirts 2016 There is no need to apply for data toresearchers, statisticians and other great minds in order to find out what kind of phrase most often sounds in the slightly opened doors of cabinets and the loosened home wardrobes - every one of us knows about this and, of course, the authors of anecdotes: "And there's nothing to dress!" ". Today we will try to solve this painful problem in the most accessible and worthy ways. For starters, let us recall an amusing regularity, which, undoubtedly, flashed once before our lovely gaze. Boats on a neat heel, neat little briefcase, classic strict suit with a light and elegant chiffon top - and now we are the queen of the office, radiating serious intentions. And if we take a more fashionable shirt of summer-2016 with a more colorful coloring, with a deep neckline and a scattering of stones in combination with a slightly picked up jacket of a jacket and a small handbag, we will have quite another - a piquant and impudent image, saturated with the delightful freedom of the day off. It is on this Holy Grail of Fashion, which by its appearance will allow us to give a second life to many, already podnadoevshim, garments in our wardrobe, we will also focus special attention.

Fashionable T-shirts for girls in 2016 - the head will approve

trendy summer tops 2016 First of all let's define withmodern terminology of the fashion world and digress from the entrenched stamps, having learned once and for all that T-shirts are not always a banal "wrestling" and "alcoholic", just like the top - not something shortened and circumcised until the last stage of frivolity. Fashionable tops in the summer of 2016, photos allow you to make sure of this as well as possible - it is an element of the wardrobe, which has long won its rightful place among the subjects of summer corporate clothes. After all, judge for yourself, the rules of the corporate dress code, as a rule, are able to completely cut us all the ways for a flight of fantasy and only that part of them that touches blouses and tops has at least some loopholes. Designers of the rapidly developing fashion brand Gap have caught this moment as well as possible, having presented to us strict, full advantages of fashionable women's T-shirts and tops. So why do not you and I borrow a couple of ideas from them, dilute the "reinforced concrete" of our office uniform with the light tops of light colors made of crepe de chine, silk and summer cotton fabrics, with a strict neckline, the highlight of which will be a satin bow or flowing chiffon jabot, shallow draperies or collars. The designers of the House of Fashion Armani and Donna Karan showed great restraint in the cut: using the same materials, they presented to our attention the fashionable summer-2016 shirts, which are interesting due to the intricacy of color combinations and variations.

Leading trends among fashionable women's shirts - 2016

Cheerful jerseys and tops with a fringe. Unforgettable fashion trend of the 80's and 90's of the last century returns to us to give us its unrivaled "fluffiness" and this season. His love of fringe when creating the fashionable tops of the summer-2016 - photos from collections shows illustrate this best - showed the world's leading designers. Especially I want to mention the masters of the brand, famous for its adherence to original, entertaining models - Karen Walker, whose summer fringed tops made a real sensation in the world fashion weeks. The fringed mesh fits perfectly with the pencil skirt, creating an easy and refined image. trendy T-shirts 2016 images Summer tops with oblique cut sliced. Such topical and last season "T-shirts" and "top-up" topics will not lose their popularity: playful in themselves and reserved, with the successful use of magnificent draperies, such tops can be combined with various types of clothing of all possible styles. Fashionable women's T-shirts-2016 sloping cut, carrying the elements of the Roman toga or adjacent, soaked in minimalism modernity - will be an excellent choice for women self-confident and not afraid of fashion experiments. Be sure to try at least to try on this model of summer top with another trend this year - a skirt of maxi length, and the image that appeared to your eyes will amaze with its refinement and tenderness. trendy summer tops in 2016 photos Corseted tops and T-shirts-bustier. Corsets, memorable to us from the fashion shows of the past, carried an image of eroticism, devoid of any elementary delicacy: a rigid form, excess elements of decor on models, usually made of black leather and dense lacquer fabrics. All this carried in itself the echoes of the Baroque era and could not help but suggest the Quiché and rudeness of the deep Middle Ages and carnival vampirism. The fashionable T-shirts for girls-2016 remind us somewhat of the tops of the 50s of the 20th century, which were already so far from the suffocating suffocation at one glance of fixing corsets, but they perfectly emphasized the forms of the fairer sex. The elongated bustier vests of this summer are distinguished by special restraint and laconic models, the necessary minimum of details and utmost openness, they will be an excellent addition to one of the hits of this season - a short leather jacket with a three-quarter sleeve. Trendy T-shirts Summer 2016 T-shirts for men. Once "borrowed" men's wardrobe trousers, for many centuries, women do not stop stopping, borrowing more and more pieces of clothing - an ordinary T-shirt made of knitwear, suffered the same fate. But being objective, it is worth noting that women, thanks to their ingenuity and ingenuity, were able to pull out all the juices from a simple jersey and call it ordinary now, even among the most picky contemporary. Somehow immediately superseded from the ranks of underwear and officially named quite an adequate object of outerwear, the men's shirt, to the greatest surprise of the world community, was not only unimaginably sexy, but also an incredibly feminine element of the wardrobe. "Courageous" fashionable T-shirts 2016, photos of which are presented to our attention, this summer can be performed not only in white (although, as we know, he is the favorite of the season), but also in various shades and colors of the rainbow: bright or muffled . Similarly, the knitted fabric used for their manufacture can be both very dense in structure and profiled to the extreme. The only thing that most fashion designers of the world's leading brands agreed on - a fashionable T-shirt for girls of 2016, made in a masculine style, should not be "heavier" with a lot of pawns, stones or rhinestones. women's fashion shirts 2011 Youth tops and T-shirts. Only three or four collections of famous designers of the world included the playful tops-tunics that we liked in past seasons, but, as you know, this is enough to not expel these magnificent pieces of art from our wardrobe. The shortened tunics of a free trapezoidal cut, intercepted by a thin strap-cord or belt-bow (the leading trend of this summer season), combined with a monophonic skirt of a straight cut form a beautiful tandem, full of sensuality and grace, and in combination with a mini-skirt, full of glamorous chic. On fashionable T-shirts 2016 - photos show it in all its glory - most often there is a vector drawing or a more serious cartoon, reminiscent of good old comics. Such tops and T-shirts will create a mood of light triumph, favoring little good-natured pranks. Trendy T-shirts for Girls 2016

Separately about weaving and knitted tops

Knitted wardrobe items to datestill are at the peak of popularity, to say the least, because such a topical nowadays authoring weaving is just an echo of our skill with you. The most popular knitted tops in the summer of 2016, which determine the main fashion trends of this season, which are worth paying special attention to:

  • Shorter tops
  • Openwork and mesh knitting
  • T-shirts with short neckline
  • Stitched tops with brightly outlined bodice

knitted tops summer 2016 Also, the openwork top will still be relevantmore chaste, closed type, tops with an imitation of a smell, T-shirts with a pattern from a braid, tank tops of a large mating with a deep triangular neckline, and also tops with a special emphasis on a coquette. Agree, the proposed variety of knitted tops of the summer of 2016 can not but rejoice! One can not help mentioning again the image of a hippy lady who was fashionable and capturing the best designers of the planet, which is simply impossible to create without knitted clothes, in particular, bright mesh tops and shirts. Speaking of T-shirts and tops of the summer season of 2016, we can not fail to mention one fashionable taboo - torn "shirts-rastrepushkah." This summer about such cute sloppy tops with unprocessed hem and sleeves will have to be forgotten, replaced by a trio of asymmetrical cut, an abstract print and all sorts of appliqués. And finally, I just want to rephrase and apply a law to the fashion world that works in cooking: if we do not like our outfit, we simply could not properly prepare it. We advise you to read: