family budget What is the family budget? Sooner or later this question starts to interest any young family. And no wonder - the strange, almost mystical property of money to disappear is unknown where to seep through the sand through the fingers is known to all. And if you believe statistics, financial disputes in the family become the most frequent reason for divorce. More than 70% of their life together the couple spend discussing the family budget, unfortunately, not always peacefully. And the level of prosperity of a married couple does not matter. You can earn millions or belong to that category of the population, which is usually called "a family with an average level of prosperity" - a despicable monetary substance becomes a reason for quarrels and disputes regardless of this. But do not give money some mystical properties - in the end, they do not earn you, and you them. The thing is that you spend it wrong and do not fully understand what the family budget is.

Family Budget Model

At the very beginning of family relations, fewthinks about such "insignificant", seemingly, things, like the formation of the family budget, the management of joint farming and other household issues. And, as it says in the classics? - A family boat is broken about everyday life. Because each of the couple has their own idea of ​​how to spend money properly, what needs in the family are primary, and which are secondary. And these views, most likely, were formed on the basis of how such questions were solved in the families of your parents. And after all, important financial issues are not just necessary, but it is very important to decide at the very beginning of family relations. You ask - and what is there to decide, the choice is small? But not everything is so simple. First of all, it is worth discussing several questions of budgeting your family:

  • Joint or separate budget?
  • Who will be responsible for financial control?

The joint budget, inherited from us "from parents (simply because it's accepted) is not very suitable for modern life. Agree, if one of the spouses is forced to ask money for personal expenses from another, sooner or later it can lead to discontent, and hence to conflict. So will not it be more sensible to adopt for ourselves a different model of forming the family budget, thus avoiding unnecessary disputes? Nobody talks about how each member of the family runs around with a calculator and counts how many kilowatt hours he spent or how many cubic meters of water and gas he spent on cooking, washing and washing dishes. Not at all. You can do everything much easier. On the day of the salary each member of the family gives 50% of his wages to the management of the economy. No matter how much he earns. The remaining amount can be spent on one's own needs, a hobby. Then it is unlikely that such inconvenient moments arise when one of the spouses is forced to ask for money for the "studs". But do not forget that with a separate or partially separate budget, you must forget about participation, mutual support and gifts to each other, as duties. That, however, does not hurt to make mutually pleasant surprises. But that is another topic. With such budget management, you will have the means to live a normal life, not denying yourself and not limiting your needs. family budget

Who should manage the family budget?

Another issue whose solution is causinglong disputes: in whose hands should the family budget be concentrated? Men will answer this question unequivocally. Finance can be entrusted only to a man. No wonder all the ministers of the economy are representatives of the strong half of humanity. But let's consider this issue in more detail. We will not question the practicality of men, their ability to manage money. By the way, men really do themselves much better, looking for additional sources of income. They are more profitable to invest money in securities and interest on the bank. By the way, large-scale purchases, for example, cars or land, men plan, meticulously considering all possible options. And, in the end, choose the most optimal. But to fall under the stereotyped view that all women are spoilers, also not worth it. Women, despite the prevailing opinion, masterfully know how to save. And, on everything. Starting from saving on food and ending with fashionable clothes. And certainly in the ability to make purchases profitable women just do not refuse. For each family, the decision, in whose hands the finances are concentrated, should become individual. And it should not be based on the phrase: "I said!" Or "I am a woman, so I know better what the family needs", but on a constructive dialogue. Try an experiment. Do not compete, please consider this. You need to identify the person in whose hands the family cash register will be, and not prove that you were right. Let one month the burden of management and distribution of money lie on the strong man's shoulders, and in the second - on fragile, but no less reliable women. It may be that, contrary to all stereotypes, a woman will be more economical. Then you can safely give her the opportunity to form a family budget and manage it. By the way, it will be a good opportunity to check how well you are able to negotiate with each other. And remember that no matter who takes this responsibility, the help of all members of the family will not be superfluous.

Planning - the path to financial prosperity

If you decide what type of budgetingfamily is right for you and who will manage it, and therefore, and be responsible for spending money, let's talk about planning. It is worth mentioning separately that it is best to plan the family budget together. Such a discussion will help to take into account the needs of all family members. Without infringing anyone and listening to all opinions, you may find a way to save something. In addition, the real financial situation of your family should be "transparent" so that everyone has an idea of ​​the real state of affairs. And formed his requests, proceeding from this, and not based only on their own desires. Believe me, if your relatives know how things are with finances, they will more easily meet you if you ask them to be more economical in spending. As a result, the family budget will benefit from this. In order not to consider your wallet in search of a stale bill or vice versa, do not think about the fact that there are three days before the end of the month, and there are still lots of money, remember the old rule: you need to control not only the expenses but also the income of the family. Or at least approximately to know, but it is better to still have exact figures, from which the family budget will be formed. Start recording the expected profit. What does it include? Salary of all family members, including advances, bonuses and additional earnings. If you have securities or accounts from which you make a profit, then this money must necessarily be included in the income item. It's best to have a special file on your computer in the Excel spreadsheet format (this is the simplest and allows you to easily make the necessary calculations), where you will each month make a list of your earnings. And now, having specific figures on hand, you can start planning monthly and one-time costs. Planning of the family budget should start with the recording of permanent monthly expenses. Rent, payment on a loan or mortgage, mobile communication expenses, kindergarten fees, schools, medicines, food and personal hygiene. All this is easy to calculate in order to know for sure how much you will need to spend, because these expenses are mandatory. Some economists advise considering the costs of long-term storage products that can be purchased for future use, separately from perishables. Therefore, before starting all these calculations, remove the remainder of such products as sugar, flour, tea, salt, and calculate exactly how much you need to buy for the next month. The same applies to personal care products and household chemicals: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, washing powders, detergents for washing and washing dishes and so on. Perhaps, especially if you are discussing the budget with family members, you will find new ways to save money. Undoubted is the fact that we assume, and the circumstances are the way they are, and therefore in the item of expenses there must be a so-called item for unforeseen expenses. Let this amount or part of it automatically "move" the next month, than you will be compelled, if necessary and urgently, to review all items of expenditure, or, worse, incur debts, so that your budget does not begin to "pop at the seams". family budget is

Large expenditures

After you have counted all possible andcompulsory costs, you can think of large purchases. Every thing in the house has its own service life, and the development of technology today is moving forward with leaps and bounds. And you want a more modern computer, a more economical refrigerator, a window into the world wider (TV screen), a mobile phone with a large set of functions. But how is it possible to fit all this into the rubber budget of the family? Very simple. For large purchases, you can save money gradually. This is also one way to plan the budget. It is better to save up for a new car than to take another loan and instead of spending money on your family, to carry money to the bank as interest. Not only is this unreasonable, it is also insulting. You borrow other people's money for a while, and you have to give yours and for good. There is, however, another view of buying things on credit. If a thing is needed today, and not in a year, when it will be possible to accumulate the necessary amount - of course, it needs to be planned and bought today. Then when planning the budget, consider the costs of paying interest to the bank for using the loan. Perhaps you will be comforted by the thought that while you save money, inflation still some of them manages to "eat", so paying interest on the loan does not look so terrible. And yet, when planning the purchase of new home appliances, think about where you are going to put the old one? To send to a dump or in a pantry? But this is unreasonable! It is much better to sell a thing you do not need. You can sell through all sorts of Internet portals, specially designed for this. Thus, you not only do not turn your pantry into a junk warehouse, but also save money from what has ceased to be necessary for you, but can serve someone else. The same goes for rest. It is best to plan your vacation and not at a time invest in it all available funds, and gradually save money for rest. How to manage the family budget, how to plan it, who to entrust management - to decide, of course, to you. But try to make sure that no matter how much you earn, you have enough money, and solving household and financial issues is not the stumbling block that your family will break up. Money can be earned, but the only irreplaceable capital is love, respect and family. We advise you to read: