exercises for the lower press With the change of seasons, especially with the onsethot summer, every girl starts to think about the time to put the body in order. Naturally, the question arises, how correctly and quickly to create a beautiful flat belly relief? Undoubtedly, the best way to achieve the desired forms will help effective physical activity. You can train at home or in the conditions of a sports club, but the most important thing is to do it right. And it is here that newcomers are faced with the main mistake. Not everyone knows that there are separate exercises for the lower press, which are somewhat different from all known and familiar. Only given this nuance, you can achieve an ideal result. Surely you are wondering why so, we guessed right? To begin with, it is necessary to clarify some points about the press. The fact that it is a whole group of muscles, each of which requires an individual approach to training. That's why, if you want the complex of sports lessons at home or in the hall to be effective and bring the desired result as quickly as possible, exercises for the lower press should have a different degree of load than those needed for any other part of it. This is often overlooked and carried out the usual upgrades of the hull in the hope that this will help to achieve harmony. And then they wonder why the lower abdomen does not go anywhere, because it takes so much time and effort to train? All the blame for ignorance of the structure of the body and, as a consequence, improper performance of exercises. To form a beautiful thin waist, it is necessary to work out not only the upper but also the lower press, as well as the group of oblique muscles of the abdomen. If with exercises for the upper group everything is clear and wrong with what and how to perform, even a beginner is quite difficult, then the question of how to work with the rest requires a separate careful consideration. But before proceeding to the next section of the article, it should be noted that exercises alone on the lower press or other parts of the abdomen are not enough to achieve a slender girl's waist. As much as you want, but you have to adhere to the principles of rational nutrition and diet. Only a complex of all these measures, including effective physical activities at home or in the gym, can realize your dream to lose weight and achieve a beautiful relief of muscles. lower press exercises

Basic recommendations for doing exercises

The simplest way to work out the side parts of the abdomen,which are just the same and responsible for the formation of the waist. To properly load this area of ​​the muscles, it is enough to regularly bend the sides, stretching the sides well. Also, all kinds of corners and twists are perfect. You can combine them with the exercise on the upper press, picking up the case alternately in one direction, then in the other. Such a complex will allow you to see the first results faster and inspire new feats in the struggle for the beauty of the figure. The upper press, as everyone has long and well known, swings classically. The main purpose of training is to lift the body from a prone position. It is best to do this not completely, but only a few centimeters away from the floor and lingering in this position for a couple of seconds. Yes, so the load will be higher, but who said it will be easy? But how nice it will be without any embarrassment, we can say with pride, undress on the beach, showing a slender and tight waistline! But work only with oblique muscles and the upper abdomen - this is not the whole complex of necessary loads. Just the same with the lower press, things are a bit more complicated. And first of all it concerns those of you who prefer to study at home, and not with an instructor in a sports club. The fact is that it is difficult for an untrained person to perform at least one approach of exercises to the lower press. And for a quality muscle training, they need to do a minimum of two or three for twenty repetitions in each. This is due to the fact that the lower abdominal region tends less often in ordinary life and is not strengthened without special loads. But in addition, just doing exercises for the lower press for women, adhering to the basic algorithm, is not enough. Several mandatory recommendations should be considered. Why is it important to follow the rules? Everything is explained by the fact that it is quite difficult for a newcomer to determine whether he does everything correctly, correctly calculate his own forces and so on. Therefore, pay attention to the tips given below. Especially it concerns those women and girls who want to study at home and, accordingly, without the help of a professional instructor.

  • Do not do too many repetitions if you have not exercised before. Otherwise, you quickly get tired, and interest in studies will be lost.
  • Stop if you do not feel fatigue or muscle tension during the exercise. Most likely, you are doing something wrong.
  • Listen to the sensations. Voltage should be focused in the lower abdomen. Legs and lower back should not get very tired.
  • Distribute the forces so that you can immediately move on to the next exercise on the lower press or the upper part.
  • Gradually increase the load so that the muscles do not have time to get used to and continue to grow. Otherwise, you will only trample on one place.
  • As mentioned above, the greatest effect oftraining you will achieve if you do exercises for the lower press and other parts of the abdomen at least in two sets of twenty times. This need is caused by a specific feature of this group of muscles: they are quite resistant to fatigue and need a decent tension for training, unlike the rest. exercise lower press

    Exercises designed for any level of preparation

    If you have not done sports before ordid not pay enough attention to the waist and abdomen, then to get the desired harmony, you need to start with a simple. Remember: the best exercises are not the ones that are very difficult to perform, but those that you feel pleasantly tired from. After all, it's important not just to start working on your own body, but also to get results. And if you immediately take on excessive load, then quickly lose all combat fuse. Here are a few options that you can arrange in your own way, so that thanks to the selected set of exercises, the bottom press is tightened, and the waist again becomes an "aspen".

  • Hang on the crossbar so that the legs do notconcerned sex. Slowly lift them, gradually bending at the knees. Try to pull your knees as close as possible to your chest. Hold in this position for a couple of seconds and gently lower your legs. Do not rest and repeat the exercise again. Do not let yourself swing and keep your back straight. You should feel how the press works. If you have sufficient training, perform the exercise by straightening your legs and trying to lift them as high as possible.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees so thatwe got a right angle. Put your hands along the body or under the buttocks. Straighten your legs so that the angle is forty-five degrees. Bend your knees and pull them to your chest, trying not to tear your shoulders and lower back from the floor. Do not put your feet on the floor until the end of the exercise. If you do not feel a heavy load, complicate the task by holding a small ball between your knees. Hands can be removed by the head.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, like inprevious exercise. Hands lie on the floor with the palms down. Smoothly lower your legs to the sides, connecting them together. Take care that the shoulder blades do not come off the floor. For more prepared people, you can use a weighted ball that is clamped between the hips, or special loads for the legs.
  • Lie on your back, legs slightly bend at the knees. Hands stretch along the body, put the brush under the buttocks. Raise your legs together to an angle of forty-five degrees and smoothly lower them without touching the floor. Take care that the loin does not come off the floor, but your knees do not bend. If you perform the exercise with great ease, it can be somewhat complicated. To do this, raise your legs, execute them a few swings in the manner of scissors. You should feel the tension and work of the lower press.
  • To perform this exercise, you will needsports bench. Lie down on it with your head up and fix your position, grasping the handrails. Now, bend the lower back and pull up the slightly bent knees to the chest. The upper part of the body should remain tightly pressed to the bench, and the pelvis, lifting its legs, should be torn off from its surface a little. So you will achieve the right tension for the muscles of the lower press. Now slowly lower your legs, but do not put them on the floor. You can complicate the exercise if you raise the top of the bench and put it at a large angle. It is also often used and sandwiched between the feet dumbbells.
  • The next exercise involves the presence of a ball. Lie on your back and lift your knees bent at the knees so that they form a right angle. Pick up a small ball, this will improve coordination of movements. Now bend your elbows slightly. This will be the starting point. Straighten the press, straighten your hands with the ball in them, tear off the upper part of the body from the floor and at the same time straighten your legs. If you did everything right, your upper and lower limbs result in two parallel lines. Hold in this position for a few seconds and return to the original.
  • It doesn't matter what kind of training you dochoose for yourself. It is also not so important whether you will be exercising at home or in the gym with an attentive instructor. The key is to train correctly and regularly. Don't expect instant results. Do not run to the mirror the next morning after the first lesson, sighing in disappointment and seizing the chagrin with another chocolate. You can be instantly transformed only with the wave of a magic wand. But this only happens in children's fairy tales! Therefore, use a centimeter to measure your waist before starting the first lesson and write down the number. Now forget about it for a whole month and just follow the selected set of workouts. Believe me, the measurement in thirty days will surprise and delight you very much, but only if you approach the classes with all responsibility and do not neglect the diet. Only through effective and regular exercise will strengthen and tighten your lower abs, and you will be able to boast of a flat and sculpted belly in a fairly short time! We advise you to read: