exercises for breast augmentation Such a problem as increasing or decreasingmore than sixty percent of the world's female population. And this is despite the fact that on the catwalks for the past decade for a defile models with almost boyish figures, and the ladies, as if descended from Rubens' canvases, still suffer from too pronounced, in their opinion, the shapes and curves of their own bodies. The paradox is clear: women with large breasts complain about many inconveniences, and owners of modest forms dream of magnificent beauty. Oh, how true is the statement that the apple hanging at the top seems many times sweeter than the one that can be easily broken! Unfortunately, the method that allows, as if by magic, to give each representative of the beautiful half of humanity a bust of her dreams has not yet been invented. But the statement that any breast needs careful care to maintain it in an elastic state, no doubt. However, as well as the fact that voluminous, but a few fallen female charms for men seem less sexy than small and fit. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the size of your own bust, first make sure that this is not a result of neglecting the physical stresses on certain muscles. After enlarging the chest exercises - it's real!

Breast augmentation without effort is a myth?

On what only tricks do not go differentfraudsters, playing thinly on the strings of the female soul, giving us a false hope for easy ways to the desired forms! Tablets, cunning massage machines, electro-bras - it would seem, than not helpers? And how sometimes one does not want to recognize the only true fact: only the special exercises for breast augmentation are able to raise the bust, round it and make it more attractive. But before proceeding to their detailed description, it must be said that the modeling and improvement of any figure is a laborious work, and as far as such a tender and sexual part of the body as a bust, it requires special efforts and patience. So be prepared for the fact that you expect simple, but still regular exercise. Minor changes in the size of the breast in the form of its growth, many women feel before or during critical days, during active sexual life and with the onset of pregnancy. In each of these cases, the bust increases the hormones actively produced by the body. It is not a secret and the fact that regular sex work stimulates the flow of blood to the organs, thereby developing a capillary system. Therefore, without even getting carried away by any exercises to increase the breast, many women are surprised to find such a welcome change in its size, if for a long time they have an active sexual life. Unlike men, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity by nature have mild musculature, so do not expect a significant result from the exercises for breast augmentation. But it is quite possible to achieve some changes visible to the naked eye. In addition, weakening of bust muscles leads to such unpleasant changes as sagging and loss of shape, especially in connection with pregnancy, feeding and the inevitable age-related changes. But who said that it is pointless to struggle with this, because nature can not be deceived? On the contrary, it's quite possible to slightly correct the charms bestowed by her, and a variety of exercises for breast augmentation are designed specifically to maintain her elasticity and tone, so they are useful to all women without exceptions. So, let's not go around the bush and dwell in more detail on the main and most effective of them, which you can carry out at home. exercises for breast growth

Exercises for breasts without dumbbells

The size of the bust is not as important as its appearance,smartness and elasticity. Therefore, coaches and instructors who teach group programs in fitness clubs, advise regularly to do special exercises - you can do them even at home. This complex does not provide for the use of dumbbells or any other special sporting equipment and attributes, so it is available to every woman. But it will not cause a rapid growth of the breast to two sizes - you should not count on it. Such simple and effective exercises will have a beneficial effect on the muscles of the bust, perfectly pull it up, and all the positive changes in the complex really increase and round off the existing forms. Therefore, take the rule in your free from work or study time to perform the house described below elements.

  • Hand compression In the initial position youyou need to stand up straight, put your feet to the width of your shoulders, pull your stomach into you. Now go to the main thing: place your palms in front of your chest and point up your fingertips. Keep your back straight, and your arm line parallel to the floor. Having pressed your hands, you need to keep them in this position for at least ten seconds. Repeat the exercise at least fifteen to twenty times, feeling the pectoral muscles tense. You can do two approaches.
  • Push-up In the home position you need to be onknees, palms should be placed wider than shoulders, and the back should be kept evenly. While bending your elbows during inspiration while keeping your back straight, lower the body down, and on exhalation you need to go up. Repeat pressing should be no less than fifteen or twenty times.
  • "Pullover" In the starting position, you must lieon the back, legs bend at the knees, and the hands - at the elbows. Palms fold together, and between the elbows pointing to the ceiling, the roller must be clamped. When you inhale your hands are turned back, touch the tips of your toes, and when you exhale, they return to their original position. "Pullover" repeat at least fifteen or twenty times and if you have the strength, do the second approach.
  • Blade reduction In the initial position,Put your feet on the width of your pelvis and spread your arms to the sides to the level of your shoulders. Inhaling, it is necessary to stretch back and reduce the scapula, and on the way out, return to its original position. Keep your back straight, your belly drawn, and your arms bent at the elbows parallel to the floor. Repeat the exercise at least fifteen to twenty times. For the speedy achievement of the effect, a second approach can be made.
  • Stretch Starting position: standing, legs are on the width of the pelvis, arms are divorced in the sides. Pull in your stomach, straighten your back. Now you need to raise your arms to the diagonal and reach back. In this position it is necessary to stand from thirty to forty seconds. Stretching should be repeated for less than fifteen or twenty times.
  • It is enough to perform at home a complexexercises for breast augmentation, consisting of all these elements, once a day, so that you can count on a sports bust in the near future. And to be glad of the first results to the most persistent ladies will succeed in such a short time as a month. You will attract men's views - this will be a lot contributed by an elastic, smart and simply luxurious breasts.

    Easy charging for bust muscles

    Breast enlargement with exercises onfive to six centimeters can be and with the help of another set of physical activities, which is very similar to charging. It provides a common starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart - so it is convenient for both home and office work as a warm-up. Charge should be done daily, and each exercise should be repeated eight times.

  • Straighten your shoulders, slightly pull them aside and lower them. Pull in your belly, watch your posture, it's important to achieve a speedy effect. Do the head tilt back, forward and sideways.
  • Perform the deflections of the trunk back, and head, inclined alternately to one and the other shoulder, stretch to the floor. Do not forget to pick up your stomach.
  • Pull your shoulders to your ears, then lower them. Perform the exercise slowly, feel how the pectoral muscles strain.
  • Raise your hands to the sides, tighten them and slowly raise and lower them. Hold your back straight, pull the belly.
  • Rotate your hands diligently with your hands, describing circles of forty-fifty centimeters. Do not forget to keep the correct posture, strain the muscles of the shoulder girdle.
  • Pull your arms out to the sides and slowly pull them back. Try to keep the line parallel to the floor.
  • Put the brush on the shoulders, and press the elbows against the body. Now with a force raise your hands upwards, straightening them, go back to the starting position and repeat the movement to the sides, and then down.
  • Take your arms bent at the elbows behind your back, clasp your fingers in the lock at the waist level and straighten them, lowering down. Keep your back straight.
  • Do rotational movements with your shoulders - back and forth. The hands should be lowered along the body, but you can put them on your shoulders, bending at the elbows.
  • Put your hands in front of your chest, fold them together as for prayer, and with effort squeeze one palm to the other, straining your muscles. The back should be straight, and the stomach - retracted.
  • Bend one arm and lower it to the waist, the second lift up. Do not slouch, stand flat. Carry the slopes to the sides, changing the position of the hands in turn.
  • Brushes grapple behind the head, torso tilt forward and back, as well as in the right and left sides. Maintain a correct posture.
  • Supplement the above complex of exercises onbreast enlargement can be a special massage, which is performed independently in comfortable home conditions. Its action is aimed at strengthening the bust and giving elasticity to the skin. Do this massage every day for fifteen minutes at any time convenient for you. It consists of three simple steps. Stand up straight, relax. Start with stroking. Lubricated with a moisturizing cream hand slowly make circular movements, moving from side to center, without touching the nipple. After five minutes, proceed to kneading. Raise the breast with one hand and simulate the kneading of the dough or the pressing of the sponge with both fingers. Did you feel how the blood flow made the bust hot? It's time to proceed to the final stage - to effleurage. Fingers perform sharp jerky, but painless tapping, and then with an edge of palms slap on all surface of a breast. how to increase breasts with exercises

    Complex exercises for the chest using dumbbells

    Of course, the use of special sportsattributes, for example, dumbbells, provides work in the gym under the guidance of an experienced coach. But some simple exercises for breast augmentation can be performed at home, if you strictly follow the recommendations described below, on which the expected result depends. So, the complex consists of the alternation of physical elements with dumbbells and without them. The first exercise for breast augmentation is the conventional name "Down with the border!", It seems to have been specially created for the home. Choose any doorway, stand in it, hands on the doorjamb. For a minute, push hard forward, as if trying to push the boundaries or remove the wall. Now bend over, so as to create additional stress on the pectoral muscles, and continue to press another minute. Put all the strength into the exercise. The second element is called "Wall". Its principle resembles the previous one, but movements are no longer in the doorway. Stand up against the wall and press your hands, straining the musculature of the bust. Too much bending is not necessary, because in this case the entire load will get to the back. Try to stand straight and follow three sets of two minutes each. Is not it true, even at home it will not be difficult? Now take up the dumbbells and proceed to the third exercise called "Ski Track!". The main movement really looks like swinging on skis, only you have to do it slowly. Begin from the hip, gently lift your elongated arms up, securing them for a couple of seconds at the chest level and slowly lowering them into their original position. Do three sets of six to eight repetitions. The fourth exercise is called simply "Gim". At home, it's difficult to make it right. But to imagine a full complex without this element is impossible. So lie on your back and put your arms bent at the elbows with a load near your chest. You can rest on your feet with your feet. Tighten the bust muscles and lift the dumbbells up (try to do it smoothly), lower and press again. Repeat eight times for three approaches. The fifth exercise - "Push-up from the support." It is best to use a chair that everyone has at home. Stand with your back to him, put your hands in the seat, and stretch your legs at an angle of thirty-forty-five degrees. Bending the elbows, slowly lower the trunk down and again return to the starting position. Make the element six to eight times and repeat three times. Now again, take the dumbbells and proceed to the exercise called "Divorce". Sit on a chair, straighten your back, bent and pressed hands to the body with dumbbells in front of you. Do not tear your elbows from the trunk, take both hands as far as you can. Pull the muscles well. Execute the element eight times. Now tear off the sides bent at right angles and reduce them twelve times in two sets. To finish the complex of exercises, performed at home, you can an element called "Wall", but do not exert any effort to support, but as if you are dependent, relax your hands. By focusing on the size of the breast, many forget that it is attractive and sexy looks only when tightened and elastic. This effect can be achieved if you perform any of the above described complex, which includes exercises for breast augmentation. Yes, yes, it is the right physical work that can not be better coped with the goal. It is difficult to find a girl who will be delighted with her bust: for most, this part of the body is the most problematic area. And the situation is quite understandable, when representatives of the fair sex with small and large breasts with envy look at each other. Some say that because of the mini-bust, men pay little attention to them, others complain that the back is hurting from the lush and voluminous, there is an inconvenience during sleep, and some clothes can not be worn at all. This is another women's problem, which are already many, so today breast reduction methods are no less popular than procedures to increase it. And what to choose for you, decide for yourself, but remember about safety! We advise you to read: