The exercises for the elasticity of the buttocks Many girls sooner or later come acrossunpleasant manifestations of cellulite, flabbiness of the muscles and inelasticity of the skin. All these problems mostly concern the abdomen, thighs and, of course, the buttocks - the most problematic parts of the body. The reasons for this are the mass - it's ecology, and poor-quality nutrition, as well as sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. In summer, at the time of holidays and beaches, when you want to walk along the coast in an open swimsuit, the question of slenderness is especially relevant. Therefore today we will consider the most effective exercises for the elasticity of the buttocks, which you will be allowed to flaunt along the beach, not embarrassed by your priests and hips. Of course, in order to bring the forms to an excellent state, it will take a month; however, do you need to start somewhere? But, before turning to the examination of exercises, it is worth noting some important points, without which classes will be ineffective. To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to work out the main, large gluteus muscle. It is she who is responsible both for elasticity, and for tightening the hips and buttocks. The muscle is isolated, in everyday life the load is practically not exposed (except for climbing the stairs), because it requires close attention. In addition to working out a large muscle, watch your daily diet. Having started to carry out loads, forget about eating snacks - do not remember sweets and sodas, fried potatoes or fatty ham, otherwise all efforts will be useless. About alcohol and smoking, and do not have to say - this is the main enemy of the ideal figure. The complex of exercises for hips and priests, presented below, will allow not only to get rid of the "orange peel" at the initial stage, but also rid of the gluteal folds, remove the "ears" and make the skin on the problem areas elastic and more elastic. Exercise will take no more than 30 minutes, but you will note the changes in the figure very soon. The exercises for the elasticity of the buttocks and thighs

Complex exercises for tight hips and buttocks

Here are the basic exercises that will help you keep yourself in shape:

  • Steps sideways

For the exercise, put your feet slightlyapart, bending your knees. Now lean forward and a little bend down, as if before jumping, bending your arms in the elbows. Being in such a twisted pose, take a sharp step with your right foot sideways. The left leg at the same time lift and step with a toe on the toe of the right foot. Now make a lateral step with your left foot, stepping on her toe with the toe of your right foot. If you want to complicate the exercise, then you should accelerate the pace of movement. This exercise is very easy and fun to perform under fast, rhythmic music.

  • Mahi

A popular and effective exercise, effectiveboth for the thighs and for the buttocks. We get on all fours, leaning on elbows and knees. Pay attention that the arm, starting from the elbow and down to the wrist, is pressed to the floor. Now slowly raise your left leg without bending it. The thigh must necessarily be parallel to the floor, the shin is perpendicular. Do about 15 flops with each foot, up and down.

  • Impacts

A good exercise for the hips, buttocks and legs-attacks back. To achieve it, stand straight, legs apart. Left lunge backward, trying to get the knee to the floor. At this time, the right leg is bent at the knee in such a way that the thigh is parallel to the floor, but the thigh of the left leg is perpendicular. After pausing, return to the starting position and continue to perform the exercise.

  • Raise the torso

We lay down on our backs, bending our legs in the lap. Place your feet close to each other and straighten your arms along the trunk. Squeezing buttocks, strain the press. At the same time, gradually raise the inguinal area upwards - try to raise as high as possible. Wait for three accounts. In the same intense state, drop to the floor. Gradually, gradually, from the back to the tailbone. Want to complicate the exercise? Change your starting position by placing your feet on the ball with your ankles. Pay attention to the legs being straight.

  • A simple exercise for the lazy

Such an exercise for the buttocks will suit those who do notloves to torture himself with serious strain. This kind of charging does not take much time, however, it will train your "outstanding" forms. It's simple - during the day, slowly compress and then relax the gluteal muscles. Of course, this exercise does not pump you the ideal buttocks, but will increase their elasticity. Try to make at least 100 abbreviations.

  • Squats

A classic exercise for the hips and buttocks,which does not require you to either special sports equipment, nor much time. However, it is squats that are considered to be the most effective exercise for the priests' elasticity. Do not just put yourself a maximum of 200-300 sit-ups - start at 20 and gradually increase the load to about 100. The result will be obvious soon!

  • Leaving legs

Such an exercise is effective for both buttocks andfor the hips and beautiful legs. In total there are several options for its implementation. The first is the raising of the leg bent at the knee. Such an exercise must be done 20 times for the right and for the left leg. The second option is easier: lifting a straight leg. We also perform 20 times. The third variation of the exercise is lifting the straightened leg backwards. The peculiarity is that you can not touch the floor when lowering. Repeats - 20 times on the left and right leg. And the last, the fourth option - is raising a leg, bent at the knee, up. Very effective exercise, which allows you to quickly give legs slim and grace, and pump up the buttocks. We repeat 15 times.

  • Girth

Tightly grasp the right knee with your hands, whilegently pulling him to his chest. In this position, fix the seconds for 20, then change the knee. Such an exercise for the hips requires 10 sets of 5 repetitions. Do not be deceived by the simplicity of this exercise: "girth" effectively fights against cellulite and muscle flabbiness - take this note. correct exercises for the elasticity of the buttocks

Some tips in the end

Feeling the next morning a slight pain inmuscles of the buttocks or thighs, do not be afraid - this is normal. In particular, this refers to those for whom such a load is unusual. Do not stop training and try to "squeeze" out of yourself a maximum - the muscle pain will soon pass. And for the body to feel comfortable, take a hot bath in the evening or go out in the morning for a light jog. As they say, the wedge is a wedge! Before proceeding to actively perform exercises on any particular part of the body, do a little workout for 10-15 minutes - so you prepare the body for the load. Such charging should become a habit, and the exercise of exercises become systematic. Try to do them every day - let them do a little bit, but still do it, otherwise your efforts can go wrong. Of course, you need to say about nutrition - it should be as high-quality and balanced. Eliminate fatty foods, replacing it with fiber, fruits and vegetables. Instead of carbonated drinks, try to drink more unsweetened freshly squeezed juices or compotes without sugar. Forget about grandma's patties and chocolate bars - replace them with cereal bars. Proper nutrition, daily workloads and special cosmetic care is something without which successful weight loss is impossible. A beautiful body will not form itself - it will be necessary to make efforts. Then you will notice how your figure will take on a different outline, become more feminine and sexy - it's only worth trying a little!