exercises for stretching the legs On the ideal shape of the feet secretly or explicitly dreamsany of us. And we want the legs to be not just slim, but also tightened, strong, and also "sculptural". For others, the dream is still a dream, and others start to go to this dream ahead. Therefore, they exhaust themselves with all sorts of diets and long trainings in gyms or start running in the morning. The result, as a rule, does not make you wait long - your legs become slimmer. But here ease in legs or foots for some reason is not added. And do you know that exercises for stretching the legs will help you not only to find the ease of gait, but also to return elasticity to the muscles, and, therefore, to add to the feet of elasticity and sculpture? If you decide to lose weight, stretching (stretching) should become an indispensable component of the whole process. Any complex of training in the fitness center necessarily includes stretching. However, you can also pull the legs with benefit for beauty and health at home. For this, it is not necessary to adhere to any specific training program. You can choose a set of exercises that will bring benefit and pleasure. Yes-yes, stretching is one of the few types of gymnastics, which is really nice to do. We offer you such a complex that you can add to the usual morning exercises, or perform these exercises at home (even lying on the couch) at any convenient time. stretching exercises

Stretch the inner thigh

  • It is this exercise that can be done lying onsofa. But it's better to lie face down on the floor, and lift your legs at right angles to your body. To keep this angle and not "drop" your legs, lay your booty against the wall (at a distance of centimeters fifteen) and keep your feet parallel to the wall. So, the starting position: lying on your back, legs up (legs and back straight). Begin to plant legs in the sides until the first sensation of discomfort. Hold for thirty seconds and return to the starting position. Again, spread your legs, hold for half a minute and get your legs. Do at least ten approaches in one lesson. Gradually (day by day) increase the width of the dilution of the legs. But do not try to push them at once as widely as possible. Exercises for stretching should be carried out smoothly, and the load increases gradually. No unpleasant sensations in stretching are simply unacceptable. And the main secret is a delay in the position of maximally (but pleasantly!) Stretched muscles and the subsequent relaxation.
  • Sit on the floor, connecting feet with soles and spreadingknees in the sides. Pull in your stomach and begin to slowly bend forward until you feel the stretching of the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh. Hold this position for thirty seconds and relax. Do at least ten inclines in one lesson.
  • Stretch the front surface of the thigh

  • Stand up straight with your legs together. One leg bend in the knee, taking the heel to the buttocks. Grip the toes and pull your leg back and forth until the first discomfort. You will feel how the muscles of the upper surface of the thigh stretch. Hold in this position for thirty seconds and lower your leg. Repeat the same with the other leg. Do ten approaches for each leg, and in order to maintain balance, with your free hand you can lean against the wall, table or back of the chair.
  • Stand on your knees in the lunge position: The knee of one leg rests on the floor, the second leg, bent at the right angle of the knee, stops on the floor. Drawing your stomach, gently push forward, until you feel a slight tension in the front of the thigh. Hold and return to the starting position. Repeat ten approaches for each leg.
  • Exercises for popliteal muscles

    Sit on the floor, stretching your legs and spreading them to the sides. Expand the trunk in one leg, grasp the ankles and begin to slowly bend forward, trying to touch the forehead with the forehead. From the first time you probably will not succeed. Do not despair. Lean as low as possible to the first discomfort and stay in this position for half a minute. Return to the starting position and again tilt to the other leg. Perform at one time under ten slopes to each leg. Important! Bending over, try to stretch the muscles of your waist, not your back, and keep your back straight (do not be hunched). Gradually you can bend lower and lower, and ideally you will easily lay down your belly and chest on your leg, touching your forehead with your knee. By the way, this exercise helps to get rid of the stomach. stretching leg exercises

    Stretch the back of the thigh

    Stand upright, put one foot on the heel andstraighten it in the knee. To the other leg, start bending at the knee, as if you want to sit on a chair. The weight of the body at the same time should be on the leg that you bend. Hold in the position of lightly stretching the muscles of the back of the thigh and straighten the leg. Repeat the same for the other leg. For greater efficiency of the exercise, take the ass back as far as possible, and then pull out the stretchable leg.

    Stretch the calf muscles

    Put your palms and knees on the floor and straighten them.legs so that the knees remain slightly bent on the weight (lean on the toes). While keeping the body in a straight position, lower the heel of one leg to the floor. Hold and return to the starting position. Lower the heel of the other leg, again hold and return to the starting position. Stretch the abdomen and repeat ten stretches for each leg.

    Exercises for hips and buttocks

    Lie down on your back, lifting your legs up and bending your kneesat right angles. Put your right foot on the left knee, grip your left hip (under the knee) and gently pull your foot towards you. Repeat the exercise for the other leg. Do ten approaches for each leg and make sure that the upper body remains relaxed. There are different exercises for stretching the legs, and the proposed complex includes only some of them. You can perform the entire complex as a whole or choose exercises for the most problem areas. In any case, these exercises will restore the leg muscles elasticity, and legs lightness. Movement will cease to be constrained, and excess fat will gradually "melt". So enjoy the lessons themselves and the result: with magic stretching it's possible. Good luck! We advise you to read: