exercises for beautiful buttocks Round female pop, smooth, elastic, beautifulform is a short description of the dream of millions of women. How much effort is taken by the girls to improve the nature, or to perfect the already existing forms! It's understandable: firstly, it's really beautiful. And secondly, men are very admired by the owners of pop, who are able to compete with Jay Lo. The secret of the elastic buttocks is not hidden behind seven seals. Like most ingenious things, it's simple. Physical activity always helps keep the body toned. If you want to direct all your efforts to improve the state of your task, do special exercises for elastic buttocks. Exercises for the beautiful shape of the buttocks

The best exercises for the buttocks

Exercises for training and inflating beautifulbuttocks there is a lot; we chose the most effective and most interesting of them. Classics of all time and people Squatting - that's a powerful weapon in the struggle for finding the buttocks of great shape. If you do sit-ups - you will not have to fear the sadly dysfunctional priests. This exercise can be done in the gym, using weighting agents, and at home. Since at home, unlike the gym, there is no possibility to gradually increase the weight, to obtain a progression it will be necessary to increase the load in another way. For example, instead of thirty times, sit down fifty. Or do squats while jumping up. But this is in the future. In the meantime, let's learn to do squats correctly, to avoid injury. This is a fairly complex exercise in terms of technology. But the effect will surpass all your expectations. Stand upright, put your feet to the width of your shoulders or slightly wider, socks parallel to each other or slightly outward. The emphasis should be on the entire plane of the foot. You do not have to straighten your legs completely - let your knees be slightly bent. The back is straight, the loin is fixed, the press is strained. Start crouching. Imagine that behind you is a bench below your knees - and your task is to sit on it. Important: you should fall so that the femur becomes parallel to the floor, and the knee should in no case extend beyond the edge of the foot. If you are at home, then you can keep your hands in front of you, straighten over your head or spread out to the sides. The breast should be pushed forward a little, but the movement does not go on top of the body, but gradually, behind the deflection in the hip joint. If you are engaged in a hall, then you have several options to do sit-ups with weighting. You can do the exercise using a barbell or dumbbells. Be sure to ask the instructor of the hall to check your technique of doing this exercise. Do not increase your weight until you are sure that you are doing a squat with an ideally delivered technique. The next type of squat is plie. He has a different setting of the legs and the position of the back. Legs should be placed at the widest possible width for you. Knock your feet out with your toes. You need to sit down to the parallel with the floor, making sure that your knees and feet are directed in one direction. Do not let your knees converge. Always keep your back perfectly straight. In this version of the exercise only the bottom of the body is involved. The third type of sit-up is sumo. What is its difference from the other two? Firstly, the setting of the feet. It is wider than in the first version and already, than in the second version. The foot is placed with a large turn outwards, than in the classical manner of execution, but it does not turn out as much as when performing pli. When you do sit-ups, you can sit lower than the first two variations. The back is still fixed, there should be no sag. The top of the body is also slightly forward, as in the case of classical squats. If you are doing squats in a sports hall, then depending on the tasks assigned to you, you will need to do at least three approaches of one type of exercise and at least ten to fifteen times per approach. Because homes rarely have the opportunity to use weighting agents with significant weight, the number of approaches and repetitions in them should be increased. For example, you can start with the same three approaches, but sit down at least thirty times. Over time, increase the number of approaches to five or six, and repetitions - up to forty or fifty. That's an attack! Lungs - the second most important exercise, which has a positive effect on the appearance of your "buns". Its importance lies in the following: squat "tries" to increase the weight of your ass, and the attacks give them an exceptionally mouth-watering form, lifting all this wealth up. There are also several options for this magic exercise. This is another undeniable advantage of such an exercise for beautiful buttocks: the body does not have time to adapt and constantly reacts to changes in physical activity. Folds forward with one foot Place your feet shoulder width apart. The feet are parallel to each other or slightly diluted. Take a step forward. The legs are straight. Begin to bend the back leg so that the knee touches the floor. Watch for the front leg: the hip should become parallel to the floor, while the knee should not protrude from the toe of the foot. Lifting up is carried out due to the effort of the leg, which is located behind. The trunk should be straightened constantly. Do not tilt it neither forward and backward, nor from side to side. The waist should be fixed, the press is strained. Do a minimum of fifteen repetitions on each leg. Falls forward or backwards alternately The legs are placed on the width of the shoulders. Do the lunge, as described in the first version, but the foot again returns to its original position. It is desirable to alternate legs. If you make forward attacks, you can start moving forward, imitating walking - but it's more appropriate in the gym, where there is a place for pacing. All other performance criteria are similar - the position of the back, knees, and feet will be identical. In both cases, keep the hands straightened along the body. To complicate the exercise, you can lift your arms above your head or raise to the level of your chest. Of course, for the buttocks it does not matter, but for the beauty of the hands there will be a clear benefit. Gluteal bridge The first option do this: lie on your back, tightly pressing it to the surface of the floor. Legs bend in the knees and put on the width of the shoulders or slightly wider, the socks slightly to the side. Keep the heels close enough to the buttocks. Then start moving the pelvis up, feeling the tension of the buttocks. The press is also tense. The second version of this wonderful exercise is done using a bench. On it you will lie down the upper back, about from the shoulder blades and above. Legs in this variation it is desirable to put wider shoulders and socks to plant apart is also stronger. Go down to the floor and again start to climb up the pelvis until you reach the body's position in parallel with the floor. In the gym, you can increase the load by putting a dumbbell or other kind of weighting on the pelvis. Do at least twenty-five ups of the pelvis. Pop like a ball, if you use a ball for priests To practice the lower ninety in the next exercise, we need to use fitball. Lie down on him with your stomach. Hands need to fix their position well. You can alternately lift one, and then the other leg, up to one straight with the trunk. You can both at the same time. All the trick and salt in this: after reaching the top point, do not rush your foot down. Hold it for two or three seconds in a stressed state, and then lower it. Do this kind of exercise should be at least thirty times with each foot. Gradually increase the load, there is no limit to the number of times. Stepping Everyone knows that walking on stairs can improve the appearance of your buttocks. Therefore, either we start everywhere and always neglect the elevator, or we take a stable bench and start pacing over it. Calculate the height of the equipment can be as follows: step on it. Your hip should be parallel to the floor or above the pelvis. And there is? Fine - then go ahead. We walk. Not less than fifteen times on each leg. We stand on all fours This is the starting position of the next exercise, which forms and strengthens your buttocks. After you've accepted it, lift one leg up. Shoulder, back, thigh - your body should be one straight line. Bend the leg in the knee at an angle of 90 ° C. The heel tends upward, the toe of the foot points downward. Begin the movement from the pelvis, point the heel up, feeling the muscles of the buttocks tighten even more. When you return the foot to its original position, make sure that one straight line is formed from the shoulder to the hip. Do not lower your hip too low. Make each leg no less than twenty repetitions. Performing any exercises, control the correctness of breathing: in any case do not hold it back, try to keep it smooth and rhythmic. Exhale is done for effort, remember this necessarily. Properly placed breathing facilitates the performance of a physically difficult exercise, allows you to save the strength of the trainee. Do not forget with intensive exercise, which is accompanied by sweating, drink water in small sips. Do not let dehydration of the body - it reduces your productivity, and your goal - to give full play in training. But the buttocks demand it like no other parts of the body. Beautiful Buttocks Exercises

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All these exercises will be effective withcertain conditions. First of all, this is the regularity of training. If you work with an instructor or yourself at the gym, then do three workouts a week. If you practice home classes, then at least three to five. The training should be accompanied by preliminary warm-up and final stretching. This will avoid injury and help the muscles to recover faster after their load. Secondly, remember that types of loads can be alternated. For example, equestrian sports, bike rides, intense dances and figure skating also contribute to strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Do not neglect cosmetic procedures. To achieve impeccable smoothness on the pope, you should regularly do scrubbing procedures, masks and even massages. In addition, it should be understood that no matter how hard you try and do not sweat in training, but if you eat rolls and chocolates, drinking it with soda, then about the pope of normal size you will have to forget. Therefore, think not only about what exercises to do, but also about the quality of your nutrition. Carrying out all our recommendations, using all the exercises listed in the exercises and correctly distributing the load, you will certainly achieve the most amazing result. The admiring looks of men to you are provided, it is guaranteed. It is possible that you will be able to furnish the very Jay Lo. The main thing is not to postpone and start classes right now. We wish you to achieve your goals and goals as soon as possible and be happy with your successes, that is, the glorious buttocks.