Health in the family, perhaps, begins witha healthy lifestyle and, of course, a home medicine chest. Along with drugs for chronic diseases and pain medications, an important place in the home medicine chest is taken by means of poisoning. What kind of drugs from poisoning consumers prefer, what do they expect from them and what properties they appreciate? This is what this publication is about. Preparations against poisoning

Poisoning: what is expected from drugs

So, the poisoning happened. It's unpleasant, but it's fixable - after all, drugs are created for that. What do we expect from drugs in the treatment of poisoning? First of all - reliability. Rapid removal of symptoms, removal of all harmful substances from the body, alleviation of the condition. In case of poisoning, users also note the importance of repairing toxins-damaged microflora. If the drug has such functions - this is undoubtedly a big plus. In addition, it is extremely important that the drug is safe, not threatened with dangerous "pobochki", serious consequences of an overdose. A pleasant bonus to reliability and safety can be the convenience in using the drug: the ability to take it at any time, without using a lot of water and the need to swallow a large number of tablets at once, convenient packaging. And, of course, its price plays an important role in the choice of the drug.

Pros and cons of pharmacy range

So, the "portrait" of the ideal remedy for poisoning is obtained from us:

  • effective;
  • safe;
  • restoring microflora;
  • with a small number of tablets / capsules at the reception;
  • with a convenient form of release;
  • pleasant to taste and color;
  • affordable.

With this set of characteristics, we'll goinspect pharmacy shelves. Which of the funds will be optimal in the end? From the entire pharmacy range, for comparison, we selected four of the most popular agents among consumers for the treatment of poisoning. We compare them by the qualities we have already chosen: Activated carbon Carbopect Enterosgel White coal Efficiency Efficiency tested by several generations, proven by many years of experience, effectiveness is clinically proven. The basis of the drug is the same activated charcoal, the effectiveness of which does not arise in the consumer, the effectiveness is clinically proven. The efficacy of the drug has been clinically proven. Efficiency has been clinically proven, but a consumer survey has shown that in practice, not everyone is happy with the effect of the drug. Safety Can be used by adults, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It can be used for adults, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It can be used for adults, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers Not used in children, not shown to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Influence on microflora. Sorbates both toxins and useful substances from microflora. Thanks to a special manufacturing technique - microgranulation, the sorption properties of the drug work selectively, toxins and leaving in the body useful substances. It also contains pectin and microcellulose, which contribute to the recovery of microflora. Sorbates both toxins and useful substances from microflora. Sorbs both toxins and useful substances from microflora. Dosage: 500-1000 mg per 10 kg of weight (in one 250mg tablet) Thanks to microgranulation of coal in the composition of the drug, the sorption properties increase three-fold, respectively, Carbopectum capsules need three times less than tablets of activated charcoal. For adults, 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, children 1 hour. Spoon 2 times a day For poisoning - 3 tablets 3 times a day. Form of release Round tablets are large enough. Users note that children do not swallow such a pill, and for adults, the process of taking medication is difficult, because Tablets often need to take a lot. Capsules of small size, convenient for swallowing. Powder for solution. Together with the preparation, adults will need to drink up to a liter of water, which can be difficult in case of vomiting during poisoning. Tablets or powder for a solution. Taste, color Black pills. At reception can paint the mouth and hands, which is one of the main complaints from users. The taste of coal also causes discontent among some consumers. Due to the protective shell, the coal in the capsules can not stain the mouth and hands, the capsule shell dissolves only in the digestive tract. Capsules do not need to be bitten, so that the taste of coal during the reception is not felt. Light, sweet substance. Sugary taste is not liked by everyone, which complicates taking the drug. White tablets without pronounced taste. Unlike ordinary coal, do not stain the mouth. Price Packaging 10 tab. - 6-10руб, packing 50 tab. - 40-50 rubles. In case of poisoning an adult with a weight of 70 kg will need up to 30 tablets. Packing of 20 capsules - 60-70 rub. In case of poisoning, an adult will need 12 to 24 capsules. Packing 225g - 220-250r. For adults, this package is enough for five days of treatment. Packing 10 tab. - 100-130r.

Summing up

At the price of the studied drugs (in terms of the daily dose for an adult) were arranged as follows, in order of increasing prices: activated carbon, Enterosgel, "," White coal ". Questions to the effectiveness of the drug among users arose in the address of the drug "White Coal". "White coal" is the only drug not shown to children, pregnant women and women during lactation. Most of the tablets for poisoning have to be swallowed, if you choose for yourself activated charcoal. Unpleasant surprises in the form of dirty hands and black teeth can present their consumers with activated carbon. "White coal" and "Carbopect" - the only of the listed products, whose taste does not complicate the reception of the drug. The action directed on restoration of microflora, from the listed preparations possesses "Karbopekt". At the same time, polls show that users call activated carbon and preparations based on personal experience the most reliable means, based on personal experience. And the rest - make your own conclusions!