evening make-up for brown eyes Ladies with brown eyes are doomed, attract to themselvesAttention. It does not matter if the eyes are bright amber or thick, dark brown, almost black. They still fascinate. A correctly made makeup will further emphasize the natural attractiveness of the karego look.

Selecting Shadows

Lucky kareokim beauty and that formakeup they can choose almost any color of the shadows, not being afraid to look defiant and ridiculous. But, of course, it is necessary to do this, starting from the color of the hair, the shade of the skin and actually, the eyes themselves. In addition, a large selection creates additional difficulties. After all, colors need to be able to combine correctly. So, what shadows will look great with brown eyes? Brunettes are ideal for:

  • Silver
  • The black
  • Dark brown
  • Purple
  • Lilac
  • Gold Bronze

They will turn the dark-haired brown-eyed into a fatal beauty. In a secular lioness lady with blonde hair and brown eyes will transform:

  • All kinds of shades of green
  • Pink
  • Beige, both light and dark
  • Sand

If we talk about the color scheme as applied toshade of the eyes themselves, then for light brown will suit the rich blue and violet tones. The owners of dark brown eyes will look great red, yellow, pink colors. And if the shades of the eyes are nutty, golden, honey, then the lady can choose from green, beige, brown, gold palettes. But there are some limitations. So, with brown eyes, do not use orange shadows. Careful to be and with a pink color. beautiful evening make-up for brown eyes

Color of carcass

Another important element of decorativeCosmetics are mascara. For evening make-up, it must necessarily be high-quality and water-resistant, so you do not have to worry at the most inopportune moment about the safety of makeup. The color of the carcass for brown-eyed beauties can also be different. Brunettes are ideal for black mascara. And in the case of light or light brown hair, brown is preferable. Also beautiful are the brown eyes in the frame of the eyelashes, tinted with blue ink. They acquire a special brightness and attractiveness.

Basic rules for applying evening make-up

There are several basic rules that should be followed when applying evening makeup for the brown eyes.

  • Evening makeup should be thought out in advance. To the last moment before the exit do not worry because of the uneven arrow and do not re-do everything anew, it is worth practicing a few days before the solemn event.
  • To be all evening confident of its impeccability, choosing make-up for evening make-up needs only the highest quality.
  • Evening make-up should be selected according tofrom the event and the planned lighting. So in a restaurant in bright light, you can stop on natural make-up, and to visit the night club, intensive colors and even sparkles will do. Holders of brown eyes should be especially careful. After all, they can afford the brightest colors, and with such an abundance of opportunities it's hard not to overdo it and not make a mistake.
  • Evening make-up simply needs clean skinface. Only in this case he will lie flat. That is, no remnants of daytime make-up are out of the question. Before applying a tonal remedy, you must use the base. Suitable moisturizer.
  • It is worth paying attention to the eyebrows. For the evening, they should be brighter. This can be achieved with the help of shadows. The line of eyebrows should be modeled, combed and fixed with a special gel.
  • To give more brightness to the evening make-up, you can use colored eyeliner and sequins.
  • proper evening make-up for brown eyes

    Evening makeup options

    Basic technology Let's consider the basic technique, how you can make an evening make-up for the brown eyes.

  • Moisturize the skin. To eliminate swelling, bags under the eyes, you need to use special tools. From constant lack of sleep and fatigue, many have so-called bruises or circles. You can disguise them with a corrector, which is useful and to hide small wrinkles. After this, a fluid or a foundation cream is applied to the skin of the face. Powder is better not to use on eyelids - it only will underline available roughnesses on a skin and morshchinki. The tonal must be slightly lighter than the natural shade of the skin.
  • Having defined the color of the shadows, we proceed toapplication. The lightest shadows are applied on the upper eyelid to the eyebrow line. Then on the moving eyelid - from its middle to the outer edge - the darkest shadows are superimposed. And for the remainder of the rolling age lies the average shade of shadows. The lower eyelid is highlighted by a dark color along the line of growth of the cilia.
  • When the shadows are done, it remains to completemakeup using eyeliner and mascara. The lead-in can be liquid. Or it is possible to use a contour pencil for eyes. The main thing is that the color should be combined with the tone of the shadows. For example, when using pink shadows, a purple pencil is suitable, and for black or green lilac shades, black eyeliner is ideal. It is applied as close as possible to the line of growth of the eyelashes and again shaded.
  • If the cilia first powder, and then alreadyuse mascara, they will acquire a larger visual volume and will not stick together. It is important to carefully paint them. This is done in zigzag movements from the roots to the tips. If you do otherwise, and first make up the tips, and then the rest, the cilia will turn out to be more curved and longer.
  • Elegant make-up Another evening make-up is applied as follows:

  • On the mobile upper eyelid is applied the base. It will further strengthen the color of the shadows.
  • From the center of the upper eyelid to the outer edge of the black eyeliner neatly drawn arrow. At the end, it rises slightly to the eyebrow.
  • Further, black shadows are placed on the outer corner of the eye - from the middle of the mobile eyelid to the outer edge. Without leaving the boundaries of the arrow, shadows must be shaded.
  • White shadows overlap the inner cornerThe mobile age and up to the eyebrow line. Also shading, making transitions between tones blurred. You can add a few pearly shadows to the center of the century. This will give the look extra glow.
  • With a fine brush, using the base under the shadows, draw another one under the black arrow, starting from the outer corner of the eye. At the end, it should be slightly expanded. On this second arrow, we put white shadows.
  • Next, again, draw the outline of the lower eyelid. On top are blue shadows. The contour continues under the arrow. That is, under the white arrow is drawn a blue one.
  • We circle the outline of the eye with eyeliner or a contour pencil. The outline should be as close to the eyelashes as possible.
  • On the upper contour you can put a little black shadows and shade.
  • All the lines and transitions must be smooth, which is achieved by means of feathering.
  • We apply mascara or glue false eyelashes.
  • We give the brow the necessary form.
  • This make-up can be considered complete
  • Make-up in oriental style Brown-eyed ladies look great in the image of the eastern odalische. For this, there is also a make-up technique:

  • Before you start, you need to align the complexion with tonal means.
  • In oriental make-up, the length of the eyebrows is of great importance - the longer, the better. Therefore, they must be pulled out in both directions. The eyebrow line should be clear and bright.
  • The upper and lower eyelids are very thinly appliedeyeliner. To the outer corner of the eye, she must rise. The color is better to choose black or brown. Slightly raised, brightly drawn arrows give a look to cat's grace.
  • Shades can be used brown, olive,golden, chestnut. Apply to the entire upper eyelid, ranging from light tones at the inner corner of the eye and ending with the darkest and the most intense in the outer. The lower eyelid is also highlighted by the shadows of the darkest shade. Of course, all lines must be thoroughly shaded.
  • Mascara is applied in several layers, carefully staining every cilium.
  • And finish the image of the oriental beauty blush of the color of sunburn and a soft lipstick, matte or pearly.
  • To summarize, we can say that whatever make-upHe was not chosen to be the owner of the brown eyes, he should be done neatly. After all, brown eyes attract glances, and the slightest blemishes in the make-up will be visible. We advise you to read: