erotic underwear Each couple in love in sex life earlyor later, a variety is required, formed under the influence of erotic fantasies, various means and toys. For example, you can make a purchase of erotic underwear, a photo of which you probably saw in men's magazines. It certainly will not leave cold and indifferent to any man. And today specialized stores offer a variety of options: dressing gowns, stockings, tights and whole sets that consist of a variety of apparel.

The right choice of erotic underwear

Every woman often faces the question of how tocorrectly choose underwear, sexy and comfortable, perfectly fitting to the body and imperceptible under the clothes. If the elastic of your panties constantly crashes into the body, and bra straps need to be corrected all the time, try to follow such advice:

  • Have in your personal wardrobe at least one setexpensive sexy underwear for women. Even if you do not attach much importance to it, and often wear non-matching bras and panties, buy at least one expensive kit. If you were not invited to a date for a long time, wearing beautiful erotic underwear can do wonders: enhances sex appeal and increases self-esteem. The realization that under the dress or costume you are wearing such an exclusive sexy underwear, the photo of which you have only seen in magazines, this will give you confidence.
  • Boldly experiment, buy something like that,which you never used before, for example, a lace corset, body or panties-tanga. The result may be the most unexpected. Try different models of erotic female underwear, because the shapes of panties and bras today there is a very large number. The size and shape of the breasts in each woman are unique and individual, and then the erotic underwear, the photo of which we contemplate on the covers of many fashion magazines, will suit not everyone.
  • Choose the ideal size and style for you. Incorrectly selected fashionable women's underwear not only sits ugly, but is also very uncomfortable. Women who have a small breast size (up to the 2nd) do not need special support, so they can wear lacy lingerie on very thin straps. Starting from the 3rd size, women should choose in favor of a bra made specifically for a large breast: with soft cups, a wider strip of fabric underneath and dense wide straps that support the breast well and do not cut into the body. Choose models from dense fabric or lace.
  • Fashionable lingerie in 2011, as before,must be made of natural fabrics or mixed. For example, nylon underwear, especially in the hot season, can cause irritation to sensitive skin. A bra made of an excessively rigid fabric, often synthetic, can also cause irritation and unpleasant itching. In addition, synthetic material often provokes allergic reactions. Therefore, carefully read the label when buying sexy underwear, the photo of which you have to taste. Just the same can cause and bras on the "bones".
  • Treat erotic underwear forwomen carefully. Try to always wash it by hand or use the delicate washing mode, and even better is washing in special bags for gentle washing. It is not necessary to squeeze and dry it in a typewriter, so that it does not lose shape, does not sit, and lasts longer.
  • Rid yourself of such an unpleasant moment astraces of rubber bands. Today, there are so many kinds of a variety of fashionable women's underwear available that it's simply inexcusable to endure the marks from gum. One way to solve this problem is sexual panties-tanga. But keep in mind the fact that if they are too tight, they will create a different problem: the body from under them will bulge so hard that it becomes visible even under the clothes. And if you are uncomfortable in thong, try on shorts, beautifully fitting the line of buttocks and pulling their shape. The best and most simple solution is a seamless fashionable underwear 2011.

The choice of such underwear as body, grace or corset

sexy underwear Body is an interesting kind of underwearsexy, combining a bra, a T-shirt and panties. It perfectly worn, tightens the figure and focuses on its merits. It looks like an apparel as a piece swimsuit, having a buckle down on hooks or buttons. The top part of the body can be sporty - in the form of an ordinary shirt with straps, T-shirts with different sleeves, or feminine - with a dedicated bra. At the same time, the bodysuit can be of different styles: strapless, balconet, push-up, etc., which makes it possible to choose a type of fashionable underwear 2011 that fits under the dresses with different neck cuts. Body special cut of elastic fabric (smooth or lacy) can adjust the shape. The corset is a bra on "bones", combined with a body sewn from a dense fabric. For a corset, as a rule, bras with an open type of cups and detachable shoulder straps are taken, because they look great with decollete dresses. In some models of such underwear 2011, a photo of which can be seen in the comments to the fashion shows, the top edge, and specifically the back edge cutout (often very deep) and the lip of the cup of the bodice are equipped with silicone bands. Sticky and transparent, they are well attached to the body, so firmly fix the clothes, not allowing it to move. A distinctive detail of the corset is the lacing, which is located most often on the back. Grace is a sexy underwear female, consisting, like a corset, of a bra on bones and body, but not having lacing. Usually the front hook on the hooks is at this clothing on the back. Grace can be made from an elastic dense or lacy thin fabric. Grace, depending on its tasks, can simply tightly tighten the body, and can greatly change the silhouette with tight seams and flexible cords-mustache. The length of this wardrobe item reaches the hip bones, and the length of the half-grape is only the waist line. The bustier consists of a bra on bones, with or without a detachable shoulder strap, connected to a short corset (slightly short of a waist) from a very dense fabric, stiffened with sturdy "bones". At the bodice of the cup half open the breast, so that you can put on a dress with an open back and a deep neckline. This beautiful erotic underwear is sewn with the least number of stitches. It supports the breast, corrects it, and if necessary, it slightly pulls the waist.

Outerwear and choice of underwear

Choosing erotic underwear for women, it is necessary to take into account what kind of outer garment you will wear it.

  • Do not neglect objects of flesh color,although it is believed that they are only for grandmothers. But the flesh color is almost not visible under the clothes, and modern fashion designers create the sexiest bikini of this color no less sensual than the models of other shades.
  • If you have in your wardrobe besides ordinaryClosed clothes have a neckline or asymmetrical objects that open one shoulder, it's senseless to buy three different bras. Just buy a model with detachable straps. Such a bra you can wear even with a corset dress, the neckline of which reveals the back and chest.
  • Under tight narrow trousers you need to wear seamless underwear 2011, a photo of which you could already see in the catalogs of fashionable clothes this year. The lace on the thongs in this case will be out of place.
  • Do not wear erotic female underwear of very bright colors and shades (for example, red) under clothes of pale shades or from transparent fabric.

Today, fashionable women's underwear 2011 ismeaning much more than a simple hygiene item, this is a detail of the wardrobe, on which you can spend a lot of money with great pleasure. Any woman treats this detail with awe and will never give up to herself in such a pleasure as buying something new and erotic, for example, one of the sexiest bikini. Lingerie always caused excitement and awe in men, this is the best way of sexual arousal. These objects simply turn a woman into the embodiment of sexuality. Now the underwear has become an expression of the image of every woman. It is needed not only as a means of seducing men, but also as an exquisite method of expressing one's sexual identity. We advise you to read: