erosive gastritis treatment with folk remedies As you know, one of the most commondiseases - it's gastritis. There are a lot of varieties of this disease, among which the most common is erosive gastritis. And this is not surprising, because there is a very large number of adverse factors that regularly affect the body of modern man. Among such factors, inadequate and irregular nutrition, smoking, abuse of coffee, smoking, stressful situations.

What is gastritis and what are its symptoms?

At a mucous membrane of a stomach a little very muchimportant functions. And one of them is a protective function. However, in some cases, if the load on the stomach is too high, the mucous membrane of the stomach does not stand up and becomes inflamed. It is this inflammatory process that is called gastritis. Doctors distinguish two types of gastritis:

  • Gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice

In the event that the gastric juice containstoo much hydrochloric acid, a person experiences very specific sensations, including a constantly occurring severe heartburn. This type of gastritis often turns into a peptic ulcer of both the stomach and duodenum.

  • Gastritis with low stomach acidity

This type of gastritis is particularly pronouncedhas no distinctive symptoms. However, it is no less dangerous, since it is a harbinger of stomach cancer. Therefore, to leave such a gastritis without attention is in no case impossible. However, like any other. Erosive gastritis occurs both with increased and with reduced acidity. With erosive gastritis on the gastric mucosa there is a large number of erosions, of various sizes. Without treatment, a similar gastritis can last long enough. But sooner or later it will end with a plague, at best. The development of erosive gastritis most often occurs under the influence of alcohol, spicy and smoked products, as well as because of drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and all kinds of steroids. In addition, chronic erosive gastritis can become a concomitant disease of pyelonephritis and diabetes, as well as some liver diseases. Of course, the course of the disease does not pass asymptomatically. The sick person complains about:

  • Constant heaviness and pain in the stomach.
  • Feeling of nausea, heartburn, and sometimes, during an exacerbation, even persistent vomiting.
  • In the event that gastritis is started, anemia may develop.
  • During an exacerbation of a gastritis the body temperature often raises and the head hurts.

However, note that these are just general symptoms. They can vary depending on the individual characteristics of the body and the course of the disease in each case. erosive gastritis treatment

How to treat an erosive gastritis?

Treatment of gastritis should be started as soon as possible to prevent the development of complications. And the first thing that needs to be done is to eliminate the causes that led to the development of gastritis:

  • The correct diet

Strictly exclude from the diet all acute,salted, smoked products, semi-finished products, as well as products containing artificial preservatives and colorants. Refuse also coffee, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, from sweet and freshly squeezed juices. In addition, it is necessary to completely and permanently refuse to visit fast-food establishments.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Try to order your way of life. Sleep at least 8 hours a day, exclude all stressful situations. Of course, this is not easy, but really necessary.

  • Pharmacological preparations

In the event that you accept anymedicines and found in themselves some of the symptoms of gastritis, as soon as possible inform your doctor about it. Most likely, he will prescribe you other medicines. Although the doctor should contact in any case, regardless of whether you are taking any medication, or not. The doctor will appoint a number of examinations. Accordingly, select the best course of treatment. Independently any medicines for treatment of an erosive gastritis at all to accept it is impossible - if them to pick up incorrectly, it is possible in times to worsen a situation. treatment of erosive gastritis

Folk recipes for the treatment of erosive gastritis

In addition to official medicine, there is treatmentfolk remedies that will help to eliminate erosive gastritis in the shortest possible time. However, remember that in no case is it inadmissible to replace the treatment that the doctor prescribed, alone with traditional medicine. Treatment with folk remedies can be an additional measure, but not the main one. Here are the most effective of them:

  • Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil very well heals erosion andremoves inflammatory processes. For treatment you can use both ready-made sea buckthorn oil, and made at home. This is quite simple - you need five tablespoons of fresh sea buckthorn juice and five tablespoons of olive oil. Mix them thoroughly and leave to stand for three days. Take sea buckthorn oil every morning, on an empty stomach, one teaspoonful. The duration of treatment is at least 14 days.

  • Propolis tincture

If gastritis is accompanied by intense painyou should try propolis treatment. Every five hours, just before eating, dissolve 20 drops of propolis alcohol tincture in a glass of warm water. Pain sensations disappear after the first intake of the solution. And the course of treatment must be continued for at least 21 days.

  • Wheat germ

Thoroughly flush a few handfuls of wheat andgently place them on a pre-moistened gauze pad. After this, cover the top with a second damp cloth and leave for three days, periodically wetting. Wheat will germinate - it is her sprouts that we will need for treatment. Thoroughly grind them - should be about six tablespoons. Mix with two tablespoons of olive oil and place in a glass container. Take this remedy for five days, one teaspoon an hour before breakfast.

  • Honey with aloe

Old good friends - honey and aloe - and in thiscase will serve very well. To prepare the next remedy, you need five tablespoons of any natural honey and five leaves of aloe. The plant must be at least three years old. Leaves before use should be placed in the freezer for at least 24 hours. After that, pass the aloe through the meat grinder, with the help of gauze cloth squeeze the juice and mix it thoroughly with honey. Honey perfectly removes inflammatory processes on the mucous membrane of the stomach, and aloe stimulates the healing process. Take this drug should be taken on an empty stomach, one teaspoon, immediately after awakening. The duration of such treatment is at least 21 days.

  • Mumiyeh

In the event that erosive gastritis is very badtreatable, you can try a potent remedy - mummy. In a glass of warm milk, dissolve one pea mummy, add a tablespoon of honey and mix everything thoroughly. In a day it is necessary to take two glasses of a similar mixture - in the morning, on an empty stomach and in the evening, before going to bed. Duration of treatment is 14 days. There should be three such treatment courses, with a five-day break between them. As a rule, even a very neglected erosive gastritis recedes.

  • Milk with chamomile

Place in the enamel pan five dining roomsspoons of dry chemist's daisy, pour a glass of milk and bring to a boil. Leave for about an hour, then carefully strain with gauze. Within five days, drink a glass on an empty stomach. Numerous practice shows that treatment with folk remedies in most cases very effectively eliminates erosive and other types of gastritis. But in the event that you decided to treat gastritis with folk remedies, remember that you should not have any allergic reactions to any of the components. If this point is not taken into account, the treatment of gastritis with folk remedies can result in other, more serious, diseases. In any case, whatever methods you decide to fight with an erosive gastritis, remember that your main ally in this difficult duel is a gastroenterologist. Be sure to visit him throughout the course of treatment. Be healthy! We advise you to read: