energy vampires Energy vampires are improveddescendants of standard ghouls who drank an ancestral blood from our ancestors to live and prosper. Unlike mythical monsters with large canines and red eyes, these look ordinary and even unremarkable. And they are not afraid of garlic, quietly go to church, sleep at night in ordinary beds and eat not by blood, but by human energy. And most importantly - they can not be recognized in the crowd, at work and at home. These people are no different from us. However, after meeting with an energy vampire, you feel devastated, frustrated or loaded with other people's problems. And this is the main sign that you have been recharged by a certain person. But who are energy vampires? How to understand, the neighbor Masha eats your feelings and emotions? We'll talk about all this in this article.

Who are the energy and emotional vampires

Emotional vampire is a person whoit is necessary to recharge someone else's energy. If such a person does not lead anyone out of himself, he will not make him angry, worry, cry, she can not live normally. The first thing these people do is establish contacts, enter into trust. And only after they see that the goal is captured and the victim has lost their vigilance, they attack. The most interesting thing is that emotional vampires are very jealous. Lure the victim into their networks, they will keep the energy source as long as possible. They care, they take care of a person so that he does not have time to recover and run away while there is an opportunity. Emotional vampires surround you all the time. In this case, they may not even suspect that they are feeding on your feelings. In fact, it is very difficult to understand who is who. You can communicate, make friends, go to visit each other, even without realizing that your favorite mother-in-law, friend, husband, colleague, are sucking energy out of you. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of such people in the future, you should understand what kinds of energy vampires exist. Only after that you will learn how to fight, defend and communicate with such personalities? It all depends on which category includes the culprit of your bad mood and well-being.

Classification of energy vampires

  • Brief characteristic of the solar vampire

Constant aggression, anger, apathyNervousness is the main sign of energetic and emotional vampirism. In order to recharge someone else's energy, this person starts a scandal, especially causing irritation and resentment in a person. This he lives. It does not matter to him that the energy he absorbs is negative (and what else can a man produce in a scandal). The energy vampire has enough of this. However, this kind of vampire does not scandal with everyone in a row, he chooses someone weaker, who can not fight back. Where do you meet such gifted people? The sunny type is most often seen in the faces of quick-tempered bosses, picky mother-in-law, grumpy mother-in-law, quarrelsome neighbors. In short, a solar energy vampire must necessarily dominate the victim. Much in response will be able to say a subordinate, afraid to lose a good job? And the daughter-in-law, madly loving her husband? It is this blind impotence that gives rise to a surge of energy, which vampires then consume with pleasure. And they calm down until the next time. There is nothing surprising in the fact that such a person likes to go to a funeral, watch accidents, watch criminal chronicles, videos with natural disasters. Someone else's problems lead the solar energy vampire into secret ecstasy. How to deal with such people and can you get rid of their aggression? If you stop all contacts with such a person is not possible (important work, family and husband's opinion), you need to learn to adapt to it. To do this, study all the nit-pickers that energy vampires use for scandals. At work the reasons can be the following: the subordinate again made mistakes in the reports, is constantly late, arguing. At home, her mother-in-law says that the daughter-in-law does not know how to cook, she sleeps for a long time in the mornings, she does not wash the corners carefully. So, what should you do if you were able to identify an emotional bloodsucker? When you see that the vampire (energy and emotional) begins to "start", with an innocent look, list all the shortcomings that he ascribes to you. It must be done sooner than the other side of the conflict. Innocently patting his eyes, tell the boss the following phrase: "I do not even know, Stepan Sergeevich, how you work with me. I always make mistakes in the reports, I'm late. And anyone can lead me. It is enough just to touch ... ". And so on in the same vein. The mother-in-law can answer: "Oh, Mom, and how does this Petya still live with me? I cook badly, the corners are dirty. And I, instead of fixing the situation, I sleep before dinner ... ". Well, in general, you understand. At first, the energy vampire will be perplexed, then agree. In the end, he himself will start to protect you. A couple of these tricks, and the bloodsucker will go looking for a new victim. Fighting the same aggressive attacks, pointing to the shortcomings of others, it is not worth it. It will only make the vampire hot. Can not overcome the solar energy vampire in this way? There is another way. And he called self-elimination. Once you see that you are starting to provoke a conflict, come up with a thousand reasons to leave the premises and get rid of the energy vampire. Do not start a scandal in any case. You do not notice how you wind up (such people are the masters of taking people out of themselves).

  • A brief description of the lunar vampire

It is an eternal whiner who constantly complains abouta life. Such a loser, not succeeded neither in love, nor in family relationships. Outwardly absolutely benevolent, even can call you best friend. But at a meeting begins to load such a bunch of problems that you leave the lunar energy vampire completely devastated. At the same time, you can not refuse to communicate with him, because in that case you feel selfish. There are similar personalities everywhere. Such energy vampires are very well arranged in life. Due to their habit of always complaining to them they indulge both at work and at home. Very often people, in order to stop an endless stream of whining, offer a way out of the situation. For example, if an energy vampire complains of lack of money and hunger, the donor brings him food, lends a certain amount. Is the other person complaining about the lack of work? He finds a suitable position. A lunar vampire is assisted with raising children, repairing a car (almost free, since the poor man always has no money) and arranging an apartment. How to protect yourself from a vampire with tears in her eyes? People do not even associate this concept with him. This friend is equated with the faces of the sufferers and in every way try to help, not suspecting that they support not only physically (financially), but also energetically. However, this person would be enough just for someone else's energy. The rest of the benefits he receives in the form of a bonus. Pay attention, this person does not even try to live better! Often, energy vampirism is hiding under elementary irresponsibility. It can be a neighbor who without you can not cook a single borsch pan. She does not have beets or potatoes. She can even try to borrow a meat grinder, motivating that she bought a piece of liver and now wants to make cutlets. I wonder what she was thinking about in the store, when she chose the food for dinner? Lunar energy vampire can borrow from you for a month's money, and then a day later call and tell you that he remembers the debt, and that he (she) is very uncomfortable with the situation. So the energy vampire takes even more of your time and can more fully nourish your emotions. Many representatives of the fair sex are interested in how to deal with intrusive people? How to protect yourself from an energetic vampire who does not wish you evil and externally is absolutely positive? Ironically, many do not even try to get rid of or shield themselves from them, since they do not see the problem in the sufferer. And such signs and symptoms as a headache and weakness, the victims write off to magnetic storms. However, if you managed to learn the lunar energy vampire, you can overcome it, oddly enough, with the same weapon. That is, usual boring and annoying whining. Does a woman start complaining about a child who is rude to her? Perebeyte and with an unhappy appearance tell me that she has no problems, and even flowers. Whereas your child (husband, mother-in-law, mother-in-law) gets up like this. A few minutes later, this person will try to get rid of you to find another, more accommodating sacrifice. But never enter on complaints and do not go on an occasion. Mirror the behavior of the energy vampire. Does he constantly ask for help? Start calling with similar requests. Loads with spiritual conversations? Make a vampire for the time being your best friend and tell in detail about everything that happens to you. In this case, do not let the interlocutor insert at least one word. Self-destruction also brings its results. Interact with the lunar energy vampire to a minimum. And he will have nothing else but to look for a new victim. Do not worry about that there will be no one to talk to a person. Do you feel great without pouring your problems into someone's soul? But the energy vampire always has a worthy replacement for feeding. Otherwise you will never be able to get rid of the problem person. Worry for yourself, and others let themselves deal with the constant difficulties and troubles. And find out what happened to the new vampire, you can from third parties. Believe me, they will tell you about it for sure. vampires power

Who is fit to be a victim and are vampires guilty?

Many people are interested in the question: but how do energy vampires choose their prey? It is unlikely that they will approach the first person to challenge him to an emotional duel. Why do they communicate with others willingly, while others deliberately avoid? Do these ladies test compatibility with the victim? To begin with, not all people know that they are vampires who feed on someone else's energy. Your friends, colleagues, relatives are unlikely to harm you. Everything happens at the subconscious level. Just one person is good when others are bad (solar energy vampire). Unfortunately, his mood rises in direct proportion to other people's suffering. And he automatically begins to look for a repetition of the situation. As we again and again come to the cafe, where they serve divine coffee. Each person tries to satisfy his needs. Someone is a cup of a fragrant drink, and someone - someone else's tears. Lunar energy vampire is even more ignorant. After all, his behavior is even less different from that of other people. And the fact that he is getting better when he is spoken out is not something supernatural. And who is worse from this? Everyone is trying to calm themselves down by communication. Remember what is going on in your soul before you talk to your best friend. And in just five minutes you can get rid of heavy memories by telling about what happened. It's just that he, the lunar energy vampire, has more problems, so you have to say more often. By the way, such people sincerely believe in all their troubles. They are also aggravated by a clear or hidden feeling of envy. Such people always look for other people's fences. There, the grass is greener, and the house is better, and the husband is richer. energetic vampire

When you are an emotional vampire

It is fair to say thatenergy vampires live in each of us. The only question is whether we are able to control it or not. Everyone now will be able to recall the moment when the soul scraped the cat. We took a cake and went to visit a friend. After a two-hour (time depends on the scale of the overtaken problem), communication became clearly easier for us. And how else can you get rid of accumulated emotions? Then we went home with a calm heart, believing that we simply changed the situation, took our soul, or consulted an intelligent person. In fact, we were fueled by someone else's energy, throwing weight problems on other people's shoulders. Like a real energy vampire. And it's not bad. Because the girlfriend also managed to tell about all her misfortunes. You were lucky to learn that a scoundrel-colleague set her up for work, a loser-boyfriend did not buy flowers, and a neighbor on the staircase got a tenth cat. There was an exchange of emotions. Explicit energy vampires are those people who have this kind of communication becoming a habit and becoming addicted. They do not give the interlocutor anything in return, so the person (victim) also feels exhausted. And if you saw yourself as an energetic vampire, analyze: can you control it? Have not you become too dependent on other people? Or is everything within the norm? Try to get rid of such a bad habit. Do not complain, do not get tired, do not shout, do not argue with the others. And then it will be much easier to live. We advise you to read: