elos rejuvenation Everyone wants to be young and beautiful, but timetakes his. Over the years, the production of collagen that gives elasticity and elasticity to the skin decreases, wrinkles appear, the shape of the face changes its outline, the pores widen. And looking at herself in the mirror, many women think about the procedures that will help restore your youth. One such technique is elos-rejuvenation. This technology has been practiced by cosmetologists around the world for more than 10 years and perfectly allows you to correct any manifestations of skin fading.

How to rejuvenate with the help of modern technology

And if you are interested in an effective method of tighteningpersons without surgery, long-term rehabilitation and dangerous consequences, it is best to use the procedure of elos-rejuvenation. This is a unique combination of light energy and high-frequency electric current. After passing the course of such procedures, which are highly effective, more than 92% of clients are completely satisfied with the results. To date, after the invention of ELOS-technologies, it has become possible to influence the deeper layers of the skin. Thanks to which the production of collagen is much more active. Such a synthesis of energies allows a 20-30% increase in penetration depth without damaging the skin. Rejuvenation of the face gives very good results. Using it, you can:

  • tighten the skin of the face;
  • smoothen deeper wrinkles;
  • give the oval face clear contours;
  • rejuvenate not only the skin of the face, but also the hands, chest, thighs;
  • remove pigmentation of the skin, spider veins and stretch marks.

This procedure is useful both for improvingstate of skin in adulthood, and as an anti-aging. Cosmetologists recommend applying it after 30 years. Usually after the elos procedure the rejuvenation of a man and a woman looks younger for 10-15 years, and also have a clean and radiant skin. The great advantage of this procedure is that it does not take a lot of time. Plus, there is practically no need to wait until the rehabilitation period is over.

What is ELOS and what are its principles

ELOS technology was created back in 1999Israeli doctors. For several years, experiments were conducted, effectiveness was checked. After that, cosmetologists took the technique of rejuvenation. For a short period of time ELOS-technology has won thousands of fans around the world. After all, with its help you can return the skin youth and freshness, and after only a few procedures. Magnificent complexion, absence of scars and scars, wrinkles smoothing - all this (and not only) can be achieved with the help of hardware cosmetology. It's amazing, is not it? ELOS-technology (Electro Optical Synergy) is an electro-optical combination of energies. In other words - simultaneous exposure of light and electric current to wrinkles, pigment spots or vascular formations. This is done with the help of light pulses, creating a temperature difference between the surrounding tissues and the treated area. As a result of converting the energy of light into heat, the temperature in the altered tissues rises sharply. At the same time, their electrical conductivity also changes. Electric current selectively affects the necessary cells, leading to their destruction. At the surrounding tissues, there is minimal effect. In addition, intense warming at the level of the dermis leads to increased formation of collagen fibers. In each case, the pulse parameters are selected individually. First of all, it depends on the skin condition and the aesthetic problem being solved. elos rejuvenation

Benefits of Elos-Rejuvenation

When laser or photo skin rejuvenation is appliedthermolysis, and with a deeper penetration of the beam, damage to the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis, can occur. After all, not only those areas affected are heated, but also adjacent tissues. A consequence of this warm-up can be a burn. When using the ELOS device, anesthesia is not required, and no other pain medication is used. Applicator with a sparing temperature regime creates less bright flashes, the result of which will be only a slight tingling of the skin. Sometimes, however, there are painful sensations when processing the vesicles on the wings of the nose. Thus, the skin is processed centimeter by centimeter. Doctors give a high guarantee that your face will not be burned - 97 percent. Light redness can be observed only in patients who have recently sunbathed or have been under the sun for a long time. Puffiness of the skin after the elos procedures is also not observed. As stated above, even after the first procedure, positive changes will be seen. For a stable and long-term effect, you should undergo 5-6 procedures, with a small interval - once every three weeks. Although the decision is made by the attending physician (depending on the general condition of your skin). After completing the entire course of procedures, you can, at regular intervals, carry out elos-rejuvenation for preventive purposes. But only after consulting a specialist. Here are the advantages of the procedure of elos-rejuvenation. Plus, the reviews of ladies who at least once resorted to this method do not leave a shadow of doubt about effectiveness. Another argument in favor of ELOS-technologies is that this procedure has no negative consequences. After its application, even prolonged exposure to the sun does not cause pigmentation.

Who is shown the procedures

All women dream of a smooth and beautiful skin. And quite often they are interested not only in a beautiful face, but also in a slender, well-proportioned figure. The skin of the neck, arms, and chest will look well-groomed and gentle after applying ELOS procedures. If you have defects on the body, then elos-rejuvenation can easily get rid of them. With its help you can remove:

  • expanded pores;
  • vascular asterisks;
  • dark spots;
  • mimic wrinkles;
  • earthy complexion;
  • flaws from acne and acne.

In addition to removing these defects, the treated skinacquires elasticity and elasticity. To see the result of a brace and rejuvenation it will be possible after the first procedure, and in the shortest possible time. But the final result will be achieved only after 5 weeks. To fix the achieved effect, it is necessary to conduct from 4 to 6 procedures. Elos-rejuvenation requires little preparation. It consists that for 2-3 weeks prior to procedure you should refuse visiting of beaches and sun decks as on an over-sunburnt skin the burns and pigmentary spots can appear. A few days before the clinic visit it is desirable to avoid exposure to chemicals on the body. On the day of the procedure, do not use perfumes and cosmetics. And from the areas of the skin on which the electrooptical effect will be carried out, it is necessary to remove the hairs. One procedure can take a total of 45 minutes - a minimum, up to 2 hours (maximum). Everything will depend on the number of applicators used and the area of ​​the treated area. For example, the procedure for elos-facial rejuvenation usually takes an hour and a half at most. If the client is only interested in skin lifting, then the doctor will most likely choose one applicator. Such a session will help a woman look great at the upcoming celebration, if she passes it in advance - in 3-5 days. In the case where it is required to eliminate skin defects and at the same time to conduct lifting, the doctor will certainly recommend two applicators, which alternately treat the skin. The same goes for the procedure of rejuvenation. rejuvenation elos

How soon you will get positive results

Naturally, elos-rejuvenation can not givethe skin has the same tension as the plastic surgery. But it has no side effects and is completely safe. Plus, after using such procedures, the need for surgical skin tightening is significantly delayed over time. Visible changes in the skin immediately after the procedure for each person will, of course, be different. But on average everything will take so much time:

  • for 30 minutes on the skin can be redness and a slight swelling. There is also a narrowing of the pores;
  • pigment spots and skin areas with vascular asterisks may darken after a few days. Sometimes in these places a crust is formed, since the effect on them is quite intense;
  • day after three, the texture of the skin improves, it brightens, after which the effect of lifting becomes noticeable. But pigmented spots and defects still stand out against the general background;
  • after 2-4 weeks after the procedure, the pigmentation significantly brightens, and in 8-10 weeks pale and vascular defects turn pale.

The benefits of rejuvenation: statistical data

All women want to be beautiful. But many representatives of the fair sex who turn to clinics, worried about the question: how much better their appearance after the procedure of elos-rejuvenation. The results of treatment around the world speak for themselves:

  • after sessions of skin rejuvenation of the face, chest, neck, hands, improvement occurs at 50-75%;
  • the pore size after the procedures - by 50-65%;
  • wrinkle leveling - an improvement of 65-70%;
  • elasticity and elasticity of the skin after the procedures is increased by 60%;
  • clarification of hyperpigmentation occurs on 50-75%;
  • treatment of scars from acne and acne - an improvement of 45-50%;
  • in the treatment of scars and stretch marks - an improvement of 40-50%.

After reading this statistics, you yourself canDecide whether you meet such indicators. Do not forget to compare them with similar reports on other methods. But remember that in patients, the skin's immunity to radio waves is also encountered. This happens in 3-5% of cases. But after the first procedure the doctor will be able to determine this and advise you other options. Elos rejuvenation of contraindication

Who is Elo-rejuvenated?

Like every treatment procedure, elos-rejuvenation has its own contraindications, which can be:

  • insulin dependent forms of diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy of the woman;
  • presence of oncological diseases;
  • skin diseases and herpes in the acute stage;
  • pacemaker;
  • allergy to sunlight;
  • presence of strong sunburn, which can lead to skin burns;
  • the intake of vitamin A in the last six months;
  • taking antibiotics that increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun's rays.

But even if contraindications do not concern you, do notrisk health in vain. Beforehand, always consult a dermatologist. And do not forget to test the skin for susceptibility. Only this way you can protect yourself from burns. As you have already understood, elos-rejuvenation is one of the most modern and rather effective methods used in hardware cosmetology. But it can only be used by specialists who have received special training in clinics. Modern methods of rejuvenation meet the safety requirements and have good efficiency. The advantage of ELOS technology is that it works even with small problem spots on the body. Practically, the effect is only on such areas of the skin that really need treatment. At the same time, the surrounding tissues are not affected. Plus, when removing pigmented spots, in addition to affecting melanin, elos rejuvenation also occurs. Electro-optical energy is directed to the desired point and creates the effect of photothermolysis. After carrying out ELOS-procedures a woman can immediately use cosmetics, since there are no restrictions on her application. This option is very convenient for working women. Going to the procedure during the lunch break, you can start work immediately after it. None of the people around will guess that the woman managed to visit the clinic. But everyone will pay attention to the refreshed and radiant skin. After a rejuvenation session, it is not forbidden to do water procedures. The only thing that should be avoided is a visit to the sauna. Exposure to steam can lead to side effects. And, of course, it is better not to conduct the procedure before going to the resort. After reading the recommendations, you decide whether this procedure is right for you. Everything will depend on the final result that you want to get. But in any case, you must carefully weigh everything, consult the specialists in the clinic beforehand, who will always be able to advise the best option. Naturally, taking into account the characteristics of your skin. And if you want to look at 100%, do not delay the visit to a cosmetologist for later. We advise you to read: