Elite umbrellas for a beautiful lady Throughout the centuries, during whichthere is humanity, women have been and still are great women of fashion. Of course, the fair sex in all submitted to their rough spouses, but, no doubt, they came up with a simple, but necessary phenomenon, like clothes, learned to comb and arrange hair, take care of the face and body. And all this in order to look luxurious, eclipsing other ladies! Female competition is a terrible force, actively driving progress! In the wardrobe girls always had a huge number of outfits and accessories, without which it is impossible even to stick their noses out onto the street: corsets and special pillows - turtures, gloves, stockings and hats. No wonder that to go out into the light, the lady had to spend hours only to get dressed, because it was simply impossible to pull on such a large number of things! Yes, and modern ladies on the speed of fees are not far away from their noble relatives: not without reason about the female slowness invented so many anecdotes. And do not want our faithful second half to understand that we are trying for them! Even half an hour choosing which umbrella to throw into the purse in case of rain, we, the real women, first of all think how we will look with a stylish accessory in hands, whether we like our beloved! And in order not to doubt the choice and always be confident, every beautiful lady should buy elite Italian accessories! The first umbrellas appeared in China for the preservation of the delicate milky color of the monarch skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. And then, back in the 10th century BC, accessories were almost an attribute of power. Richly decorated with gold threads, stones and carvings on the ivory handles, the umbrellas had a grandiose value and weight, only a whole crowd of servants could carry them for the royal person! Over time, the products began to protect not only from the sun, but also from the rain and wind, their price became more and more democratic, the weight approached the normal and familiar to us, and the number of them increased by leaps and bounds! So today to choose the perfect umbrella is not such a difficult and impossible task! But if you really buy an accessory, then do it wisely! After all, the umbrella is manifested, like a true friend, in trouble! And if the product is of poor quality, you run the risk of remaining in the rain, exposing a carefully laid hairstyle, luxurious make-up and chic costume to the harmful effects of a cold shower! Wildberries invites you to pay attention to the collection of umbrellas, which will become your faithful helper for a long time! In our online store are presented in a wide range and by the mostbest prices. Working with suppliers directly, Wildberries avoids cheating, offering all women of fashion to enjoy impeccable quality and an unrivaled style of Italian accessories! Let the autumn be rainy, spring rumbles with thunderstorms, and summer alternates hot days with real storms - if in your handbag there is always a stylish elite umbrella, bad weather will not only not get you in trouble, but it will not even spoil the mood! Smile, because you face it! We advise you to read: