electrolipolysis To date, elektrolipoliz - one of thethe most effective procedures in modern medicine, and in cosmetology. Patented in France less than twenty years ago electrolypolysis reviews have already managed to get the best, not only from French women, but also from residents of other countries where it quickly became popular.

Electrolipolysis of the body - let's get closer

In the second half of the eighteenth century, whenPossibilities were found to receive electric energy from artificial sources, medical workers immediately began to use it. Today electrolysolysis of the body is the best and right assistant for cardiac surgeons, physiotherapists and, of course, cosmetologists. Electrolipolysis is one of the few drugs that can get rid of cellulite and correct the figure without the intervention of plastic surgeons. Thanks to the electrical impulse, not only the metabolism is activated and the fats accumulated in the body are cleaved, but also the lymph drainage is stimulated and the deep layers of the epidermis are cleared.

Electrolipolysis, electrode and needle

Modern cosmetology offers two typesprocedures: electrolysolysis needle and electrolipolysis electrode. If the first kind of electrolysis of the body is painful enough and leaves traces on the body in the form of small swelling, redness and bruising, the second does not hurt the client, although the effect on the body of magnetic electrodes can not be called pleasant either. Usually visitors to beauty parlors prefer to "bring beauty" by electrolyposing the electrode, not wanting to tolerate pain from needles injected directly into the body into fatty tissue. However, electrolypolysis needle feedback has the most diverse - on the one hand, it is not liked for soreness, and on the other - is respected for the greater (compared to electrode) effectiveness.

Electrolipolysis procedure

electrolysolysis reviewsWhat happens to the customer who came toElectrolipolysis? The procedure is carried out in a cabinet equipped with a special apparatus. The duration of the procedure is usually from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the program that experienced doctors-cosmetologists will choose for you. The problem areas (hips and buttocks, abdomen, legs and hands) are attached to the magnetic skin electrodes (or injected into the skin of needles) and turn on the apparatus. Electrolipolysis with the help of electrodes causes the cells to change the polarity of the charge from fifteen to twenty times per minute, due to which cells actively spend energy, and therefore fats accumulated in the body - they burn quickly, and everything that remains of them is excreted through the genitourinary system. On the electrolysolysis reviews on the Internet are usually good, because no procedure for getting rid of cellulite does not give such good results. It can also be noted that the electrolypolysis of needle feedback on women's forums is much less, because the very procedure of introducing needle-electrodes under the skin scares away many potential customers. However, the lucky ones who have a high pain threshold recognize that the bruises and slight swelling left from the needles are low fees for the effectiveness of the procedure. After all electrode electrolysolysis is 30 percent less effective than electrolysis of needle. The entire electrolysis process lasts approximately one hour and is carried out in three stages:

  • The first stage is the cleavage of fat cells. During the cleavage, the client feels a pleasant, light tingling of the skin, which is gradually amplified.
  • With the onset of the second stage - the veryuncomfortable in the whole procedure - tingling becomes much more noticeable and already quite unpleasant. At this time, the products of disintegration of crushed fat from the body cells are expelled.
  • In the third stage, electrolypolysis, due to rhythmic action on muscles and tissues, tightens and tones the skin. At the same time, alternating contractions and muscle relaxations are felt.
  • Electrolipolysis is usually prescribed as consisting offive to twelve procedures by the course, depending on the condition of the skin, the degree of "neglect" of cellulite and the amount of accumulated fat cells, as well as the general state of the body. The procedure is conducted no more than once a week, ideally - once every ten days. The most effective electrolysolysis is to fight cellulite, get rid of fatty tissue on the hands and stomach, and also to remove from the body excess stagnant fluid that provokes swelling. A useful addition to the procedure will be massage, lifting, lymph drainage, myostimulation and hot wraps. Lymphatic drainage, made after lipolysis, promotes the removal of decay products from the body, not allowing fat cells to recover again. The effect of such a procedure as electrolyspolysis is noticeable not immediately after its termination, but after about three days the clients are happy to notice that the stomach and thigh volumes have decreased, and yesterday's "orange peel" finally became a smooth and delicate female skin. Having done not one, but ten procedures, the effect can not be overlooked even under clothes. In addition to local, local effects, electrolypolysis positively affects the human body as a whole: it helps to improve the state of the nervous system and activates the processes of both lymph circulation and circulation.


    Like any serious cosmetic procedure,Electrolipolysis has its contraindications. The main one is the diseases of the genitourinary system, especially the kidneys, after the procedure, they significantly increase the load, which is fraught with complications, if the kidneys are weakened by some disease. In addition, electrolysis of contraindication has also in other diseases - for example, skin infections, varicose veins and a tendency to high blood pressure, hypertension and tachycardia. Of course, electrolypolysis is contraindicated for women who are expecting a child (at any stage of pregnancy) and nursing mothers. We advise you to read: