electromyostimulation Every woman wants to remain young andbeautiful regardless of the age specified in the passport data. Remaining blooming and young in the soul, unfortunately, to stay forever young and outwardly, no woman has ever been able to. But the cosmetology industry does not stand still, but strides forward with leaps and bounds. On the way to the preservation, or more precisely to prolong, of youth, many cosmetic aids and all sorts of procedures have already been invented. One of such procedures, which struggles with flabbiness of the skin, cellulitis and other troubles, is electromyostimulation.

Electromyostimulation: What is it?

Electromyostimulation is the process of influencingthe human body with weak electric pulses. The procedure helps improve blood circulation, helps strengthen muscles, accelerate metabolic processes in tissues and lose weight. Under the influence of electromyostimulation, lymph drainage intensifies, the structure of the vessels improves, the skin is smoothed, and excess fluid is removed. As a result of this cosmetic effect, the skin circulation increases (upper layers) and the blood purification process improves. This is what restores the healthy gloss and color of the body, which are inherent in young age. Electromyostimulation, effecting on the muscles, leads to their accelerated reduction, about 700 r for 1 minute, which causes a much higher expenditure of calories and energy. The effect of the procedure can be compared with the very intense loads in the gym. It is this feature that causes weight loss.

How does the process of electromyostimulation?

During the procedure there is a changebiological activity of muscles under the influence of impulse current. There is a formation of spike responses and intensive muscle contraction. Types of current that electromyostimulation involves:

  • Pulse current;
  • D.C;
  • Low-, mid-, high-frequency currents.

Electromyostimulation of the body

Cathode (at constant current) or hydrophilicgasket, the sizes of which vary from 1 to 4 cm2, superimpose on the motor point of the muscle, which should be stimulated (as an option - on the innervating nerve). The second electrode, measuring from 100 to 150 cm2, is placed above the segment of the spinal cord, which corresponds to the stimulated muscle. In the initial state, the muscle is stretched. The time of action and the pause between the current waves depend on the desired effect and on the state of the muscles. The procedure should not cause muscle fatigue. The time of the procedure as the muscles grows increases from 2 to 15-20 minutes with pauses of 2-3 minutes.

Stimulation at home

electromyostimulation reviews If the first method was more medicalpurpose, this method is suitable for cosmetology salon and home procedures. Everything is a little simpler here. The device, in the constructive composition of which consists of 2 electrodes (it is better to choose 6-8), looks like an elastic and wide belt. A weak current flows to the nerve endings that are in the skin, which allows you to control muscle contraction. To achieve a more noticeable result, do not remove the device during the day and wear it between workouts. If the electromyostimulation is carried out with the help of a device that looks like elastic pads made of greenish rubber, these "suckers" are superimposed on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs. This should be done clearly according to the scheme to a millimeter (at the base of each muscle), otherwise do not wait for the result. It is recommended to lubricate the problem areas on which the procedure will be performed, anti-cellulite cream. Exposure to muscle tissue makes it stronger. Developed muscles consume much more energy, which helps to burn excess fat. Volumes decrease faster than weight itself, because fat is lighter than muscle.

Electromyostimulation of the face

Electromyostimulation of the face is a procedure,allowing to improve the face oval, refresh its color, reduce the swelling of the eyelids and smooth out fine wrinkles. Electromyostimulation of the face uses a gel, electrically conductive, nourishing mask. On the previously cleaned and lubricated cream, moisturizing or nourishing, the skin of the neck and face is applied a warm molten gel mask. Over the mask, 8 pairs of electrodes (curly) are applied. They impose them clearly above the motor points according to a given method, depending on the initial condition of the face and neck. The effect in the procedure is performed on the facial muscles of the neck and face. After 3-5 procedures there will be noticeable first results: improvement of skin color, decrease in edema, etc. And after 15 procedures, the facial oval will take a more aesthetic shape due to an increase in muscle tone, the cheeks will tighten, the chin will become more beautiful, the eyebrows will rise. Deep wrinkles will become less expressive, and small ones will be smoothed out. Regarding the circumference of the face, it will decrease. All results, of course, depend on the initial condition and on the characteristics of the patient's skin.


Advantages of this procedure can be calledthe possibility of training, difficult to affect, individual muscles. But, as with any cosmetology procedure, there are also contraindications to electromyostimulation. Electromyostimulation - contraindications:

  • Presence of implanted pacemakers.
  • Presence of heart diseases.
  • Presence of viral and respiratory diseases.
  • Pregnancy (until the end the effect of electrostimulation on women in a state of pregnancy has not yet been studied).
  • The presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis (periods of exacerbations are especially contraindicated).
  • The presence of pronounced mental disorders.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Addiction.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Chronic diseases require an indispensable consultation with a doctor.
  • The presence of broken bones.
  • It is forbidden to place electrodes on the throat and on the sides of the neck.
  • The presence of inflamed skin, various cuts, skin rashes, burns does not involve sticking the electrodes on the damaged areas.
  • The presence of thrombophlebitis.
  • Violation of blood circulation, renal and hepatic insufficiency.
  • The presence of active tuberculosis of the kidneys and lungs.
  • Presence of hypersensitivity.

Side effects

Electromyostimulation - side effects fromwhich are minimal, but still exist - helps restore the elasticity of the skin. Electromyostimulation side effect can cause minor. Often this is expressed in the form of weak puffiness in the places where the electrodes are fastened, and slight temporary redness. Electromyostimulation, among other things, requires and the fulfillment of certain conditions that will help achieve maximum effect.

  • The first 10-15 days after the procedure should protect the skin with sunscreen.
  • Avoid heating the skin (baths, saunas, infrared radiation).
  • Protect skin from mechanical and chemical irritants 5 days before the procedure and within 5-10 days after it.

Reviews about electrostimulation

If we talk about such a procedure aselectromyostimulation - the reviews here will have a completely different character. Many argue that the procedure is completely painless and very effective. On electromyostimulation, reviews say that if the procedure refers to the muscles of the abdomen, waist, hips and buttocks, then it does not replace the active workouts to which the body has become accustomed. But an additional factor that contributes to the acquisition of muscle elasticity, it may well become. Speaking about such a cosmetic procedure as electromyostimulation, it should be noted that for each person the effectiveness of electrostimulation will depend on the personal susceptibility of the body, the state of the skin and muscles at the time of the procedure and such objective factors as the presence of certain diseases. Before the procedure, you should consult your doctor. We advise you to read: