Eggplant stewed with tomatoes Stewed vegetables - very useful and quick incooking dish. It turns out to be light and juicy, does not lie down in a "stone" in the stomach. If you want the dish to be more nutritious, you need to add a little meat: chicken, beef or, for example, pork. We offer to master a few recipes of eggplants, stewed with tomatoes, bell pepper, onions and other products. Vegetables in question are sold all year round, so that your favorite dish can be cooked at any time: in summer, in autumn, in spring and even in winter.

Eggplants with tomatoes, garlic and Provencal herbs

Eat eggplants grown on your ownbeds, and if not, buy them at the nearest store. Dishes with garlic have a special flavor and pleasant taste, so we recommend adding this product to the dish. To prepare this dish you will need:

  • eggplant 1 kg
  • puree from tomatoes 500 g
  • garlic 4 denticles
  • cheese grated 200 g
  • cheese mozzarella 200 g
  • olive oil to taste
  • spicy to taste
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • basil 2 tbsp. spoons

Cut the eggplant in circles 1 cm wide. Cook them for a couple of 15-20 minutes. Transfer to a colander and allow to drain water. Prepare tomato sauce by mixing tomato puree, crushed garlic, 1 tablespoon of Provencal spices, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and basil. On a baking sheet, pre-oiled with olive oil, put a layer of aubergines. Spread abundantly with gravy from tomatoes and sprinkle with grated cheese. Similarly, lay out the second layer of aubergines and so on, until all the eggplants are used. The top layer of aubergines should not be sprinkled with grated cheese, but cover it with thin slices of mozzarella. Sprinkle with Provencal spices. Bake in a preheated oven for up to 160 ° C for 35 minutes. The dish can be served hot, warm and cold. Note: Stewed aubergines can serve as a side dish or a main course. stewed aubergines with tomatoes

Vegetable stew with eggplants, tomatoes and sweet pepper

Practically in each refrigerator there arevegetables, like onions, carrots and tomatoes. To ensure that the products are not too long and not spoiled for too long, they can be put to work - prepare the eggplants with tomatoes, putting them out in a saucepan. The dish will look much more beautiful if you add sweet pepper and decorate it with fresh herbs. This recipe is very simple, so even if cooking is not your "hobby", do not worry: it's simply impossible to spoil a stew. Ingredients:

  • salt - to taste
  • two onions
  • a large carrot - two pieces
  • eggplant - two pieces
  • red, as well as yellow bell peppers - one piece each
  • two tomatoes
  • spices - if desired
  • 20 grams of dill or parsley
  • 15 milliliters of olive oil for frying

Cooking method: Naturally, the very first thing to begin with is to wash the vegetables, afterwards having poured them with boiling water. This will help get rid of microbes and harmful microorganisms. Now divide the peeled onion into four equal parts and chop it into thin strips. Preheat the butter in the saucepan and put the above ingredient into it. Periodically stirring, cook until it becomes a light golden hue. Carrots grate on a medium grater and combine with onions. After six minutes, put the eggplants, cut into thin even pieces. Lightly salt and pepper all the products, after a while send in a skillet rings of Bulgarian red and yellow peppers. Stewed vegetables are prepared from 20 minutes to half an hour. As for tomatoes, then there are two options: to cut them into cubes or to make mashed potatoes. If you decide to follow the second method, grate the tomatoes on a grater and transfer them to the saucepan to the rest of the ingredients. At the very end, sprinkle the dish with chopped dill or parsley and put in the oven for just seven minutes. If the dish seems to you dryish, you can add tomato paste or home made juice with tomatoes.

"Eggplants in Armenian style" with matsun sauce

We bring to your attention one of the mostunusual recipes of stewed eggplant with tomatoes. For its preparation you need to buy matsun. For those who do not know what it is, we explain: the product is made on the basis of boiled camel, cow, goat, buffalo or sheep's very fatty milk. In the process of long fermentation (about three to four hours) and languor at elevated temperature (up to 50 degrees), a kind of yogurt is produced. This dish belongs to the Armenian and Georgian cuisines. You can buy it in the store or make it yourself. Eggplants stewed with matsun and fragrant garlic are an excellent weekend meal. His cooking takes no more than half an hour, and the remaining free time can be devoted to family or a favorite occupation. Ingredients:

  • 200 grams of aubergine
  • one onion
  • 100 grams of strong tomatoes
  • two cloves of garlic
  • 20 grams of any vegetable oil
  • salt - at your discretion
  • 70 grams of matsun

Cooking method: In advance, remove the eggplant from the eggplant and cut them with thin circles, sprinkle with salt and cover with a plate or lid. Vegetables should be infused for ten to fifteen minutes. Then wring them out, get rid of excess fluid, and transfer to a sauté pan with butter. Fry, turning regularly from one side to the other, until they darken and cover with a crust. Onion bulb cut very thin half rings, in the same way cut and tomatoes. Lubricate the heat-resistant glassware with oil so that the products are not burned, and then lay them in layers: first come eggplants, then onions and tomatoes. Send the dish to the oven, heated to an average of 180 degrees, and simmer for about fifteen minutes. The sauce is served separately. To make it, crush the garlic with a special press and mix it with Armenian yoghurt. In addition, we note that salt and seasonings should be added to your taste, because each person has his own preferences. Eggplants stewed with tomatoes and garlic

Stewed vegetables at home

The more, the better - this is the principleanswers the following recipe. Eggplants are combined with olives, tomatoes and capers, seasoned with all the fragrant garlic, fried in olive oil, and decorated with greens. A light and incredibly juicy dish can be used both as an independent dish, and as a side dish to meat or fish. Ingredients:

  • four medium aubergines
  • 100 grams of onions
  • garlic - to taste
  • four tomatoes
  • 20 pieces of olives (to avoid adding extra work, buy a product without pits)
  • sugar and salt - according to your taste
  • two tablespoons of capers
  • ten milliliters of wine vinegar
  • freshly ground pepper
  • parsley or dill
  • olive oil

Cooking method: As in the previous recipe, the eggplant should be cut into circles, slightly salted and left for a short while. So you get rid of excess liquid, and the dish will turn out more delicious. After half an hour, rinse the vegetables under the faucet and dry them, wiping them with paper towels. Sliced ​​onions fry until golden, and then put the tomatoes here, which need to be peeled and cut into cubes. Cut capers and olives with a knife. Combine all the ingredients in the saucepan and simmer, stirring. Enter eggplant, peeled garlic, a little salt. Sprinkle with spices, sugar, chopped herbs and pour vinegar mixed with a little water. Cover the dishes with a lid and keep on the stove for about ten minutes. The dishes, prepared from vegetables, will make an ideal company for meat and fish. Read the recipes and develop your culinary skills. And we, in turn, wish you a pleasant appetite and tasty stewed eggplant. We advise you to read: