egg mask for hair Civilization not only simplifies people's lives, but alsobrings a lot of inconvenience. For example, a modern woman would rather buy an expensive shampoo in a pharmacy, rather than make a mask for hair according to folk recipes. And it's not a matter of laziness (although few people will want to rub half a hour the roots of burdock in order to get only 3 tablespoons of the drug), but in the usual inappropriateness. We have lost the habit of washing clothes with our hands and boiling in huge basins. We no longer spin meat on hand meat grinders. And we just will not come up with a carpet from the 8th floor to the snow in order to clean it. Therefore, the egg mask for us exists only in the form of a ready-made vial bought in the store. But in vain. A natural hair mask can bring much more benefit than a dubious cosmetic. Why is it doubtful? Everything is very simple. You can tell how many eggs the manufacturer used for one medium with a volume of 200 milligrams (let's say that there are eggs there). No? And where exactly did he buy raw materials for masks and balms? In order to completely disbelieve you in the omnipotence of cosmetic products, we suggest turning the bottle and seeing the composition on the label. How many there are natural ingredients? That's the same! So let's learn how to create cosmetics yourself. Especially since you do not have to rub the roots of burdock. On the agenda - an egg mask for strengthening hair. useful egg mask for hair

Advantages of the egg mask

Every morning we fry ourselves an omelet or eggs, notsuspecting how useful the product is in the hands. At least, for problem hair, the egg mask is a real panacea. Such a tool gives the hair strength. And all because (according to scientists) one egg contains up to 6.3 grams of protein, which in turn helps to strengthen the hair. Especially recommended egg masks for weakened hair, daily exposed to drying hair dryer, "torture" hot curlers or curling iron. In addition, you can significantly moisturize your hair, if you enter the egg mask in the weekly "diet". Probably, every girl at least once faced with the fact that after painting her hair began to resemble straw. Egg mask can resist this annoying misunderstanding due to the high content of cholesterol. Yes, yes, the same cholesterol, which when consumed in food clogs the blood vessels, with external application is just an indispensable assistant. Fats, which are saturated with raw chicken eggs, will also come in handy. They strengthen the cuticle, prevent the appearance of split ends and protect the hair from the winter fragility (we all know how aggressively the hair acts violently on the hair). In addition, the egg mask treats dandruff and itching caused by dry scalp. As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to the product. Now is the time to learn how to apply them in practice.

Egg mask: secrets of use

Before you record a bunch of recipes for hair masks, you need to learn a few subtleties of the use of egg mixtures.

  • First, the egg mask is applied exclusivelyon dry hair. If you have been washing your hair for a long time, you can apply it on dirty strands. Those who decide to wash their hair and apply a mask on their wet hair, threaten to wash the mixture with eggs from the face all the time.
  • Secondly, to mix ingredients is better not with a fork, but with a whisk. This will ensure homogeneity of the mixture. And the process of making hair masks will be faster and easier.
  • Thirdly, the eggs must necessarily be at room temperature. So do not forget to get them out of the refrigerator in advance.
  • Fourthly, if you do not want to "roast" onhair omelet, rinse the mask with exceptionally warm water. Moreover, the cooler the water, the less risk that the egg mask will curdle at the most inopportune moment.

egg mask for hair recipe

Recipes of egg masks

We offer you several recipes for masks, which you quite can do yourself:

  • If your strands are dry and brittle, the egg will save youmask with high fat content. In this case, olive oil will act as fat. Mix the yolk, a tablespoon of butter and the same amount of lemon juice. Dilute the mixture in 100 milliliters of cool boiled water, mix well. After that, distribute the egg mixture over the entire length of the hair and allow it to soak well.
  • Those who have dry skin only dream and who are forcedEvery day to wash a head because of the raised fat content of hair, it is useful an egg mask on spirit. Mix the unchangeable yolk with a teaspoon of water and alcohol (it can be replaced with vodka or cognac). The mask is ready.
  • But eggs are not only chicken. Re-saw, by the way, also have a huge nutritional value. Cosmetologists remembered this in time and offered their customers a simple hair mask consisting of 2 tablespoons of honey, 5 quail eggs and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients, apply the entire length of the strands and wrap the head with a warm towel.
  • There is also a universal recipe for eggmask. For its preparation mix 2 yolks and one tablespoon of glycerin, 9% of vinegar and castor oil. According to experts, this mask heals from hair loss and enhances hair growth.

If you have tried all the recipes, but the hair is soand continue to fall out and sechsya, then, perhaps, the problem lies in something else, and you should contact a doctor. But we want the egg mask for the hair to create real miracles, and you pleased the people around with strong and healthy hair. We advise you to read: