early signs of pregnancy Sometimes there are situations when you need toto know about the possible onset of pregnancy even before the time when ultrasound can show it. It is in such cases it is very useful to know about what are the first signs of pregnancy and when they come. Fortunately, now there are many ways to find out about the coming pregnancy at its earliest. In this article, you will find out by what signs you can make the assumption that you are expecting a child.

The first signs of pregnancy before menstruation

Regardless of whether a woman is planning a child orno, she wants to know as soon as possible whether pregnancy has come or not. And this is quite understandable. To begin with, let's figure out how the signs of pregnancy appear before the delay and with what it is connected. Let's start with the fact that earlier than a week after the possible fertilization of the ovum to find out whether pregnancy has come or not. simply impossible. Therefore, you will have to be patient and wait for the deadline. During this time, if the ovum is fertilized, it is attached to the wall of the uterus. Actually, this is your future baby. It is from this moment your hormonal background changes, and the body begins to show signs of pregnancy before the delay. To the early signs of pregnancy before the months are, in the first place, the subjective feelings of a woman. Besides them, it is:

  • changes in the mammary glands. It can be increased sensitivity or soreness, increase or heaviness in the mammary glands - in every woman these changes are of different nature. But at the same time, keep in mind that many women have the same symptoms before menstruation, so you should not trust this symptom;
  • bloody discharge, which in pregnancyare associated with implantation of the fetal egg. If you have a stable and regular menstrual cycle, this may be a sign of pregnancy, but in the case of an irregular menstrual cycle, this may also indicate the onset of menstruation;
  • changes in mood, nausea, fatigue. Again, if you usually feel well before the menstruation, these symptoms may indicate the onset of pregnancy. If you know firsthand what premenstrual syndrome is, which women often experience a week before menstruation, then such ailments can be precisely its symptoms;
  • increase in basal temperature is morean accurate sign on which it is possible to diagnose the onset of pregnancy. Unless, of course, it is not associated with some kind of disease. The temperature usually rises to 37 degrees and does not rise above 37.2. If you use this method of determining pregnancy, you need to correctly measure the temperature. This is done only in the morning, immediately after awakening, without getting out of bed. The temperature is measured in the rectum, by the same thermometer, in order to avoid errors in the measurement.

These are the very first signs of pregnancy beforedelay. Do not discount one more method - your own intuition. Many women made assumptions about conception even before the appearance of any signs of pregnancy before the delay. Some feel that they have become pregnant, literally from the first days. toxemia in the early stages of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy

Over time, signs of pregnancythey become more pronounced, they become more precise, and you are increasingly convinced that the pregnancy has really come. Let's look at the first signs of pregnancy that every practical woman faces.

  • The appearance of abundant secretions

In this case, it is necessary to make an amendment thatthis is not about the bleeding, which we mentioned above. If you follow your female health, you know that vaginal discharge, which does not have color and smell, is normal. And you probably know that the amount of these secretions varies depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle (with ovulation). However, the amount of secretions increases even during pregnancy. So if before ovulation is still far away, and the discharge is more, observe whether you still have any signs of pregnancy. If, for example, it turns out that the basal temperature has increased, then you can be almost sure that the pregnancy has come.

  • Headache

Usually women do not attach importance to this featureand do not associate it with a possible pregnancy, but in vain, because hormonal restructuring, which occurs in the body, can well provoke headaches and migraines. Moreover, if the headaches are not usual for you, be sure to pay attention to this, since they may well indicate pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, pay attention to all the pain and unpleasant sensations in the body and do not engage in self-medication, even if you do not know for sure whether you became pregnant or not. There may be these early signs of pregnancy before or after menstruation. In every woman, the body reacts differently to the changes associated with bearing a child.

  • Delayed menstruation

This is the very first sign that you canto presume an impending pregnancy. Of course, the delay may occur for various reasons, but the first thing that comes to the head of every woman, regardless of whether she plans a pregnancy or not, is pregnancy. After a delay, they usually start looking at other signs. At the same time, one should not trust this sign 100%. First, delay can cause stress, exhaustion, nervous overexertion, inflammation in the genitals, a change in climate or place of work, hypothermia, etc. In addition, if you can not boast of a regular menstrual cycle, the more this method can not be considered reliable in your case. At the same time, delay is a sign of some imbalance in the body and you should not ignore it. In any case, you need to contact a gynecologist. In addition, there is a very important point that concerns the lack of a period during pregnancy. If the pregnancy is normal, then this symptom must be present. If, in the future, you diagnosed the coming pregnancy, which was confirmed by the gynecologist and ultrasound, and the bleeding does not stop, this is a bad sign, as it speaks of the threat of a miscarriage. The fact is that these bleedings are not monthly in the literal sense of the word. Therefore, never ignore bleeding, and urgently call an ambulance or go to a gynecologist - thereby you will increase the chances of maintaining a pregnancy. The most dangerous in this regard are those weeks when a woman, in case of non-pregnancy, should have started monthly. During this period, you need to be very careful, avoiding stress, stress, etc. Some women wonder: how many these signs of pregnancy are manifested? In the normal course of pregnancy, menstrual periods are absent for the entire period while you are carrying the baby, and for some period while you are breastfeeding (an irregular cycle is possible). These are the signs of pregnancy that can help you make an assumption about conception or refute it. hCG pregnancy analysis

The first signs of pregnancy after a delay

If there is a delay for a longer period,than it usually happens in you, this may be a more reliable sign that pregnancy may have come. However, to be sure until the end, listen to your body: it is able to tell you many things, giving the appropriate signals. Usually there are such signs of pregnancy after a delay.

  • Toxicosis

It can not be said that toxicosis occurs in allpregnant, but most - this is for sure. Usually symptoms of toxicosis are nausea in the morning, vomiting. But in fact, more symptoms are indicative of toxicosis: sensitivity to smells and tastes, the preference of some products and the rapid rejection of others, a change in gastronomic tastes are all signs of toxicosis. So if you have this along with other signs (or any one of them), this gives you almost 100% guarantee that you will have a baby. How many these signs of pregnancy are manifested is difficult. Someone they pass after the 12th week of pregnancy, someone later, at the 14th week, and there are women who do not suffer from toxicosis at all.

  • Frequent urination, constipation

Usually these signs do not appear immediately, althoughmuch depends on what the woman eats. If you snack with sandwiches and food from fast food, then constipation may appear and at the very beginning of pregnancy. But in fact, constipation appears as the uterus grows, when it begins to squeeze the bladder and intestines, which leads to such inconveniences. But this does not mean that you should treat this as a norm. It is necessary to revise your diet: no snacks on the go, no heavy food. If you change your diet to a richer fiber (vegetables, fruits, dried fruits), you will drink a sufficient amount of liquid, the constipation will stop.

  • Breast enlargement

Almost every woman in this periodincreases, swells the chest. Women are wondering how many signs there are. They can appear long before the delay in menstruation, maybe later. There may even be colostrum, but this is extremely rare - usually it appears on the 5th-6th month or does not appear until the birth itself. These signs increase with the course of pregnancy. breast augmentation in early pregnancy

The result of the pregnancy test as a sign of successful conception

There is another way that you can applyat home, is a pregnancy test. Now more and more women and gynecologists trust the test results, although they are not always reliable. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from further use this way. However, do not rely solely on the result of the test, because it really can give an incorrect answer to your question. The test can serve as an additional method, but not the only one. As the test producers usually write, they can be used literally from the first day of the delay. But it is best to withstand the time, because the longer the delay, the more reliable the test result will be. But no matter how much you endured to learn about your situation, to use the test earlier than 7-10 days after the alleged conception there is no sense, because the result will be incorrect. It is better to do the test in the morning, and do not drink alcohol and spicy foods a few hours before. To buy is better very sensitive tests, some of which can be used just a few days after sexual intercourse.

Signs of pregnancy after menstruation, which are visible only to the gynecologist

Before that, we looked at the signs thatevery woman can observe herself and by the presence of which she can make a presumption of pregnancy. If you allow pregnancy, it's time to see this by consulting with a doctor who can either confirm your assumptions or refute them. These are not the first signs of pregnancy, but methods that will give you a reliable answer to the question.

  • Results of a blood test for hCG

The analysis can be done 10 days afterpossible conception (sexual intercourse). This method allows you not to wait for a delay of the monthly: the test is absolutely reliable. The usual pregnancy test also yields a result depending on the presence of the hCG hormone that is present in the blood of each pregnant woman (about the presence of this hormone and the second strip on the test says). But the test is still not as accurate as the blood test.

  • Result of ultrasound examination

It happens that a woman suspects thatshe is pregnant, but signs as such have not appeared. In this case, it is sent to ultrasound, which will give an absolutely correct and accurate result and an answer to the question of pregnancy. In addition, according to the results of ultrasound, it can be judged that at an early stage pathologies in fetal development are not observed if the fetus is located in the uterus. Doing ultrasound makes sense 10 days after the delay, then it will reliably show the onset of pregnancy.

  • Uterus enlargement

In the first weeks the gynecologist will not be able to tell youdefinitely, whether you are expecting a child or not, but approximately to the 3rd week after the delay of menstruation, a physician at the examination can ascertain pregnancy, based on the size of the uterus. It is at this time that it increases somewhat, and the cervix and the vaginal cavity acquire a cyanotic shade. Earlier, before the delay of menstruation, such an inspection will not do anything, since before the monthly uterus also slightly increases in size. It is these first signs of pregnancy that make it possible to draw an unambiguous conclusion about the onset of conception and make a choice in favor of continuing the pregnancy or vice versa. Note that the signs of pregnancy before the delay are still more subjective than after the monthly (presumed).