dumplings fish recipe As repeatedly noted by nutritionists, dishes fromfish should be present in the diet of each person. In particular, nutritionists recommend to use them to people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract and the thyroid gland. The fact is that fish is one of the best sources of protein of the highest quality, containing a lot of useful amino acids. In addition, it contains vitamins E, A, D, trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, as well as iron and magnesium. According to experts, regularly eating fish dishes, you will forget about problems with the heart and blood vessels for many years. If you want to be healthy and happy, eat trout, mackerel, pollock, salmon and other representatives of caudate-fin. But it's not enough just to buy a useful product, you need to prepare it properly. Of course, you can just fry the fish in batter, bake it in the oven or put it out with the vegetables. There are lots of options, but we offer a truly non-standard recipe for a delicious and unknown to many people. Dumplings stuffed with fish are juicy and tender - this combination will surely surprise both loved ones and friends. fish dumplings recipe

Fish dumplings in hot broth

We will hold everyone who wishes in the world of culinarymasterpieces. If you are fond of preparing delicious dishes and are ready for experiments, we suggest mastering a rather "unexpected" recipe for pelmeni. The highlight of the dish is in the filling: it is usually used for beef, tender pork or nourishing lamb. Let's go from the standards and make minced fish. For this, pollock, a hake or a more expensive sort of product, for example: pink salmon, trout or salmon, is suitable. Small juicy products will be an ornament of any festive table. The first culinary experience is an excellent occasion to invite friends who will certainly appreciate your efforts. We hope that the dumplings will be successful. Ingredients: For the dough:

  • a glass of cold, pre-boiled water
  • 0.5 cups of milk
  • homemade egg
  • three grams of table salt
  • three glasses of wheat flour

For filling:

  • 400 grams of tender fish fillets
  • large onion - one piece
  • egg
  • Salt and black pepper - at your discretion
  • 50 grams of butter
  • seasoning for fish dishes - optional

For broth:

  • a few peas of sweet pepper
  • two laurel leaves

Cooking method: The recipe for fish dumplings is almost the same as what is made for meat products. Usually, for mixing the mass, flour, water, eggs and salt are used. However, we slightly modify the usual dish by adding pasteurized milk to it. If you take a homemade product, do not enter it in its raw form. This will help to avoid negative consequences for the body - intestinal disorders and food poisoning. Therefore, first boil it, cool it and only then proceed to culinary creativity. Sift the wheat flour directly onto the kitchen table, naturally well-washed beforehand. Then collect it in the form of a slide, making a small indentation inside. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whisk with a whisk, mix it with cold milk and mix well. The resulting mixture is poured into the flour, then drop a couple of pinch of salt and mix the dough. This is done as follows: gently pick up the flour from the edges with your hands or spoon and carry it closer to the middle. The mass should leave a homogeneous and without lumps. If you first took up the dumplings recipe, we recommend first to mix the ingredients in a deep saucepan, and then knead the dough on the table. When you can manage, so that the mass does not dry out, cover it with a clean towel and take it away for half an hour. While the dough is coming, you need to prepare a mouth-watering filling. For this dish, it is recommended to buy exclusively fillets, which will save your time. After all, in this case, we will not have to either cut the fish or remove the bones from it. So, crush the product with a meat grinder. Transfer it to a bowl and add the beaten egg and melted butter. To your taste season with a lot of spices and salt, then carefully mix all the ingredients. To dumplings well molded and not disintegrated during cooking, wring out the filling. This will get rid of excess fluid. Just a little bit, and you can enjoy your creation. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin as thin as possible, the height of the flat cake should not exceed one and a half millimeters. Then attach a faceted glass to it, turning it upside down, and, after pressing well, cut out the mugs. You can also use a glass or not too wide a cup. Now in the middle of each product lay out a teaspoon of fish fillings. Carefully wrap the dough and clamp it around the edges with your fingers, at the very end, bend the corners. Dumplings are made in different shapes and sizes: round, square, large and small. This already depends on the individual preferences of the cook. One of the main advantages of the dish is that it can be frozen. To ensure that the products do not stick together, it is recommended to do this on a cutting board sprinkled with a small amount of flour. And when the dumplings are frozen, put them in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer. If you want to please the loved ones with a juicy dish, boil the water, lightly salt it, add laurel and sweet pepper. Boil the products in the aromatic broth until cooked. Please note that this procedure will take no longer than ten minutes. Serve with sour cream, melted butter or a special sauce. For example, try this recipe: whip the mayonnaise with a mild ketchup, enter chopped greens and a crushed clove of garlic. Bon appetit and good mood! dumplings from fish recipe

Dumplings with greens, eggs and trout

Most housewives are used to making dumplings withBeef, pork or lamb stuffing. This dish is especially suitable for men - true lovers of meat. But everything ever gets boring, you see, sometimes you want to try something new. In addition, culinary experiments develop abilities and help to discover mouth-watering original combinations. We offer to master an unusual recipe for pelmeni with tender trout, chicken egg and greens. Ingredients: Dough:

  • a small spoonful of salt
  • sifted flour - 200 grams
  • seven eggs
  • 1/3 cup water


  • a piece of white loaf (cut the cut)
  • a tablespoon of creamy cream
  • 20 grams of leeks
  • bulbous bulb
  • butter - ten grams
  • medium bunch of fresh parsley
  • 100 grams of raw trout fillets
  • the same amount of smoked fish (meaning all the same trout)
  • salt - to taste
  • boiled egg
  • a few feathers of green onions
  • Freshly ground pepper (black or paprika)

Cooking method: This recipe is designed for a small company - about four "adult" portions. If a friendly party is planned in your house, which will be attended by more than one person, simply proportionally increase the number of necessary ingredients. To ensure that guests do not take you by surprise, properly allocate time for cleaning, table setting and cooking. As for ravioli, their preparation will take a little over an hour. Start with the test: sift into a deep bowl of flour, then gradually enter the eggs whipped with salt. Carefully working a whisk, mix a dense homogeneous mass. When adding water, it should be taken into account that it must be very cold. Allow the dough to stand under the lid for about 20 minutes. It's time to prepare a stuffing. From the bread cut the crust, and the remaining pulp soak in the cream. Then, peel off the bulb on the bulb and chop it into small cubes. Green onions and leeks cut into thin mugs, and parsley - as small as possible. Now both kinds of fish pass through a meat grinder or use for this purpose a blender. Onions, as well as leeks and greens, brown in a saucepan with melted butter. Set the egg to boil, after boiling, keep it on the stove for at least ten minutes. It should be steep, with a dense yolk. Drain and cool the product under the tap, then clean and grate on the shallow grater. Press the bread out so that excess liquid is gone. Thoroughly mix all ingredients, namely: fish mince, egg, stewed vegetables and green onions. Season the filling with white ground pepper and enter a pinch of salt. Preparation of the dish came to an end, it remains only to make dumplings. To do this, pour a handful of flour onto the kitchen table, spreading it all over the surface. Put the dough and roll it with a rolling pin as thin as possible. Now cut out the circles with the glass, applying the bowl with the neck down. To make the dish not only delicious, but also beautiful, do not put too much stuffing, otherwise the products will disintegrate. Take a teaspoon (without a slide) of minced fish and stuff each circle in turn. Fix their edges, after folding the dumplings crescent. Then put the board under the freezer and soak for about half an hour, so that they dry up a little. Bring salted water to a boil and throw ready products into it. Cook for about ten to thirteen minutes, then remove it with a noisy and place it on a portioned plate. Many are accustomed to serve homemade sour cream for dumplings, sprinkle them with herbs or spices. However, there is one thousand and one sauce recipe. So if you're not lazy, you can master at least a couple. Here is one: warm the cream, add chopped parsley, a few twigs of coriander and dried seasonings. Cook, stirring, about five minutes. Then cool, pour into a saucepan and serve with a dish. Remember that dumplings made with a soul will always be delicious, so cook with pleasure. We advise you to read: