Vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms Vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms can be made fromdifferent ingredients. Each hostess praises her recipe. One can do the dough on kefir, some prefer yogurt or milk, the most economical option - on the water. In addition, a special flavor and taste of the dish gives the sauce. Vareniki with gravy from sour cream or ordinary butter will not be compared with a dish that is served with a squash. Therefore, choose the recipe suitable for you, cook and eat with pleasure!

Vareniki from dough on water

If you do not have milk or kefir, make vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms from a simple unleavened dough. Ingredients: For the dough:

  • 200 grams of ordinary non-corrosive water
  • a glass of wheat (premium) flour
  • vegetable oil
  • one teaspoon of salt

For filling:

  • freshly ground black pepper - optional
  • 300 grams of champignons
  • potatoes - five pieces
  • two large onion bulbs
  • butter - one small piece
  • salt - according to your taste

Method of preparation: First make a stuffing. To do this, first cleanse, and then put on medium fire (in slightly salted water) potatoes. In order not to waste time, boil the mushrooms. As soon as the water boils, drain it and fill it with a new one, sprinkle a little and hold the mushrooms on the stove for about ten minutes. After pour into a colander and leave to cool. Two large bulbs cut into small cubes and sent to a pan, preheated and watered with vegetable oil. Regularly stirring, cook the onion until it becomes translucent and does not acquire a slightly golden hue. Then chop mushrooms and combine them with vegetables. Cook for ten minutes. With the potatoes, drain the water. Then put a sufficient amount of butter and rastolkite in puree (make sure that there are no lumps). It can be diluted either with the remainder of the liquid in which the potatoes were boiled, or with warm milk. Mix the mashed potatoes with sauteed onions and mushrooms. Try the salt, if necessary, add a little more of this ingredient. By the way, you can use ground pepper. The filling is ready, temporarily set it aside. In a deep dish, pour a glass of cold water, then pour the flour, previously sifted, add vegetable oil and a pinch of salt. Stir everything with a spoon and place on a work surface, sprinkled with flour. Stir the dough by hand until it becomes tight and elastic. After roll with a rolling pin into a thin layer and cut out circles from it. Use a plain glass or a small cup for this. Put half a cup of spoonfuls in the middle of each mug. However, do not put too much, otherwise the dough will tear, and your creations will disintegrate. Then finger the edges of the dumplings. Put the products in the beginning to boil slightly salty water and cook for about fifteen minutes. When the vareniki are ready, spread them over the plates; so that they do not stick together, put a piece of butter on top. You can pour sour cream, some use cream. Bon Appetit! The suggested recipe of the test can be used not only for vareniki. From it come out excellent manti, or, for example, samsa. delicious dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms

Vareniki home-made

This is another version of a simple, delicious and hearty dish. However, this time, the filling for dumplings includes not only potatoes and mushrooms, but also a smoked bacon. Ingredients: For the dough:

  • half a cup of water
  • egg white - three pieces
  • milk - 1/2 cup
  • six tablespoons of flour
  • lay the salt to your taste

For filling:

  • five large potatoes
  • smoked bacon - 50 grams
  • 200 grams of fresh veshenok (you can buy other mushrooms)
  • Cooking salt and seasoning - at your discretion
  • 25 grams of butter
  • one large onion

Cooking method: First, separate the egg yolks from the proteins. Then combine the latter with cool water, previously diluted with milk, and mix well with a spoon. Salt on your own. Sifted flour add gradually - do not pour all at once, otherwise lumps may form. Knead the dough - it should come out elastic and not too dense. Cover the resulting mass with a towel or gauze and leave for thirty minutes. In the meantime, pay attention to the filling. Peel and boil the potatoes, cut the smoked brisket into thin strips and fry with vegetable oil in a frying pan. After add the cut veshenki cubes, after five minutes - onions. Salt and pepper the filling to your taste. When the potatoes are ready, drain excess liquid, throw a little fresh butter and mash in a puree. If it turns out to be too tight, dilute it with a small amount of water, in which potatoes were boiled. Then put into a frying pan to vegetables and brisket, mix thoroughly. Roll out the dough into a thin pancake with a rolling pin, cut out circles with a glass, each with a potato-mushroom mass and pinch your fingers along the edges. Dumplings are cooked in water, slightly salted, about seven minutes. If you have any extra items left, freeze them until the next time. It is very convenient, because there is not always time to cook. homemade dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms

Vareniki with potatoes, mushrooms and cracklings

Do not know what to give my husband for dinner? Cook the dumplings with this recipe. Your man will be satisfied! Ingredients: Dough:

  • a tablespoon of hot soda
  • one or two pinch of common salt
  • kefir - half a liter
  • large spoon (without top) of sugar
  • egg


  • 200 grams of mushrooms (we used champignons)
  • 150 grams of bird fat
  • two onion bulbs
  • fresh parsley or dill
  • a small piece of butter
  • a pinch of salt and a little black pepper
  • potatoes - five pieces

Cooking method: To make a dough, combine in one bowl an egg and the above amount of sugar, then beat well with a whisk. In the flour, enter the salt and soda, mix several times and make a hole in which pour kefir and egg mixture. Knead the tight dough and cover it with a clean piece of cloth or towel. Leave it for half an hour. Peel the potatoes and put it to boil. Do not forget to add water. Then cut into small chunks of bird fat (suitable as duck and goose) and fresh mushrooms, and onions - thin semicircles. Put the fat in the pan first, fry it a bit, salt, then add the mushrooms and, lastly, the onions. If desired, you can season everything with black pepper. Now mash the potatoes in the mashed potatoes (do not forget to put butter) and mix it with the previous ingredients. Sprinkle a few pinches of flour on your work surface, put the dough and roll it with a rolling pin. Then cut a glass of mug and stuff each potato-mushroom mass, protect the edges with your hands. Cook the products in salted water until ready. Before serving, hot dumplings pour with butter, pre-melted, and sprinkle with fresh herbs. We hope that thanks to these recipes you will always be full! As a sauce for vareniki use sour cream, you can make a roast from onions or cook cracklings. Thus, on your table every time there will be a completely new dish. We advise you to read: