duck with prune recipe Even the most delicious food, if you cook themtoo often, quickly become boring. Cutlets, chops, boiled sausages and sardines - they are good, satisfying and popular in every home. But sometimes, not only the soul, but also the stomach requires variety. And here the "fantasy of the hostess" should already "turn on". At our site you will find a lot of recipes of Russian, European, Jewish and other cuisines of the world, thanks to which your culinary life will become much brighter and more interesting. Right now, we propose to consider several variants of duck with prunes. Usually this dish is associated with Christmas or New Year, because it is often served on the festive table. We will destroy the established stereotypes: the bird can be cooked in a quick way, especially without thinking about either the ingredients or the sauces to the dish. The only drawback is that the duck is baked in the oven for a long time, so it's better to do it on the weekend, when you do not have to rush to work or study. Well, take the recipe in your hands and start the business safely.

A simple and quick duck with dried fruits

For beginners, who never had businesswith a bird, this recipe will do just fine. First, preparing a dish is ridiculously simplified: you just grate the carcass with spices, stuff it with prunes and send it to the oven. At the same time, the hardest thing is not to miss the time when the duck will be baked, and periodically water it with the greased fat. Agree, you will not have to work hard. In addition, you will not need too many ingredients, which will save your budget. Considering all the above-mentioned delights of food, the quite natural question arises: why not cook an appetizing bird with prunes? Especially since you already have a recipe. Ingredients:

  • 500 grams of soft prunes
  • one small duck (take a half-kilogram carcass)
  • salt - according to your taste
  • 1/3 cup warm boiled water
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • a little olive oil

Cooking method: Before dipping into the culinary art, thoroughly rinse the duck, and then dry it with paper towels. If necessary, remove giblets in advance, from which you can make soup in the future. Now combine in one bowl the refined olive oil, salt and black pepper, after well mix the ingredients. If desired, use your favorite condiments. Coriander, dried fennel, basil is suitable for this. Cooking duck can also be chopped garlic, but this, as they say, is a completely different recipe. With the resulting fragrant Masleni sauce, chicken the bird from all sides, as well as from the inside. Then soak for 15 minutes in boiling water dried fruit, when they become softer, drain the liquid, rinse well and dry. Stuff the prunes with prunes, and put the remaining product aside. Now put the duck in a special dish, decorating the sides with dried fruits. Pour warm water and send the dish to a preheated oven. The optimum temperature for cooking a bird is 190 degrees. After about 30 minutes, open the door and pour the dish with the melted fat. Bake duck for about an hour and a half. If you notice that the crust started to burn, which can happen because of too much heat, cover the carcass with food foil and continue cooking. Before serving, divide the bird by cutting it into several pieces, which are covered with prunes, and pour the juice into the saucepan. Perhaps someone will want to pour a dish on them. As a side dish, you can mash, boil buckwheat or rice porridge. Bon Appetit! duck recipe with prunes

Duck with mayonnaise, spices and prunes

This recipe for those who love to cook,perfects his skills and is open to new dishes. A duck stuffed with tender prunes, greased with mayonnaise and baked in the oven, will please not only the real connoisseurs of meat. Its incredibly mouth-watering taste will be noticed even by those who treat the bird with little enthusiasm. As an impregnation, you can use fatty sour cream or cream. Ingredients:

  • 400 grams of prunes
  • coriander - to taste
  • average duck - one piece
  • salt
  • two laurel leaves
  • 80 grams of delicious mayonnaise
  • black pepper (suitable as fragrant and ground)
  • three garlic cloves

For decoration:

  • 20 grams of fresh dill

Cooking method: If you decide to make a bird for a family dinner, we recommend buying a small one: one, a half kilograms maximum. Then you will spend much less time baking the dish. After all, directly from the weight of the duck depends on how long it will have to cook. So, after you have well washed and dried the carcass, grate it from the sides, and also from the inside, with salt and ground pepper. Dried fruits put in a bowl and pour hot water, leave for ten minutes to soften. After drain the unnecessary liquid, squeeze the slice with a towel and combine it with the laurel leaf and coriander, here also enter the crushed garlic. Mix the mass well and stuff the bird with it. The hole is sewn with ordinary threads or fasten with special skewers. But do not forget to get extra items before serving. Now treat the duck with mayonnaise, abundantly greasing it from all sides. Then put the bird in the sleeve and tie it. The dish should be cooked in the oven at 190 degrees for about 2.5 hours. Before you take out the product (about 30 minutes before), remove the packet and pour the bird with the resulting juice, then place it again in the oven. Thanks to this the dish will come out ruddy and beautiful. Sprinkle it with chopped herbs and call your relatives - husband and children - to taste an appetizing creation. This recipe is useful not only in everyday, but also in "festive" life. recipe for cooking duck with prunes

Bird with apples and prunes

Do you want to learn how to cook a bird in the oven? Then welcome to this site. In our person you will find a true helper and professional guide in the world of culinary arts. Now you do not have to scroll through specialized directories and manuals for beginners - all the most incredible recipes, from simple to the most complex, are located right here. So, your attention is offered a detailed instruction for preparing an appetizing golden duck with juicy apples and prunes. Ingredients:

  • two small green apples
  • three guests prunes
  • one-and-a-half kilogram carcass
  • 70 milliliters of table vinegar diluted with water
  • ground pepper and salt
  • 20 milliliters of vegetable oil

Cooking method: In order not to spoil the dish and not give it an excessively sour taste, dilute table vinegar with boiled water. By the way, it can be replaced with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Now rinse well under the tap the plucked and gutted bird, when it's dry enough, salt it with salt and black pepper. Please note that this should be done not only from the outside, but also from the inside. After wrap the carcass in a bag or food film and leave to marinate (three hours will be enough). Remove apples from the apples, then cut them into small slices. Prunes divide into two parts and soak in hot water. After that, rinse, dry and mix with green fruits. The received mass stuff the bird and, so that the filling does not fall out, fix the hole with toothpicks. Place the product on a baking sheet pre-treated with vegetable oil. If you do not want to tinker with a side dish, spread around the bird peeled and chopped potatoes. You can sprinkle it with spices and sprinkle with olive oil. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and send the dish to it. After two or three hours, when it is browned, cover on the table. Note that potatoes should be obtained much earlier, otherwise it will burn. Each recipe has its own peculiarities and specific cooking. But different variations on the theme of "stuffed duck" still have common similarities. For example, a bird bakes at least two to three hours, and it should always be periodically watered with greased fat. To make the dish more juicy, use sauces: from mayonnaise, sour cream, vegetable oil. We advise you to read: