White mushrooms Mushrooms are multifaceted and in demandproduct. With them, you can cook almost all dishes: a great snack, a salad, in which the mushrooms are well combined with other foods. Liquid dishes, thanks to mushrooms, acquire an unforgettable pleasant aroma. And the second dishes are getting tastier. A good housewife always has in stock recipes for several dishes with the use of mushrooms, which will decorate the table for the holiday and will be irreplaceable on an ordinary weekday. Due to our weather conditions, this protein product can not be found all year round in the forest or on a bed, so the masters can preserve, dry and marinate mushrooms. In order to preserve their taste and aroma, lovers of cooking are ready for anything. The main way to store this valuable product is drying. drying mushrooms in the oven

Drying the ceps in the oven

This process does not take much time and effort. You just need to follow the instructions.

  • Choose only pure, whole mushrooms. They should not have flaws (rotten, spoiled worms do not fit).
  • Rinse mushrooms well and clean them of forest debris (sand, leaves, branches). But do not soak in water.
  • Remove the mushroom film from them and pat them with a cloth rag so that the remaining water comes out. Wet white mushrooms dry longer.
  • Lower the legs.

Next, proceed to the very process of drying. For the house is well suited is the oven, because it is for everyone and dries quickly. So, cut the mushrooms (as shown in Figure 1) and put them on a baking sheet. Put in a preheated oven (the temperature should be 60-70 ° C). The oven should be slightly ajar, for air circulation. When drying in your house will smell of mushrooms. For this aroma, you determine the end of cooking. The product will look dry. There is one more way. Purified mushrooms are threaded on a long string and hung on a grid in the oven. An example is shown in Fig. 2. All the rest, as in the previous version. A grid is placed in the heated oven and the product is dried with the door open. When drying, the mass of the product changes. It decreases (10 kg of fresh mushrooms produce 1-2 kg of dried), but when swallowed, it swells. After drying, the mushroom becomes plastic, if it crumbles or breaks - it means that it has dried. white dried mushrooms

Selection of mushrooms for drying

Not all fungi are suitable for drying. When collecting, pay attention only to edible. Remember that there are false honey agarics, white and others. If you are an experienced craftsman in this business, then for drying use only tubular. They are white, chanterelles, podberezoviki, boletus, honey agarics. They give good moisture, and also absorb it when cooking dishes. In addition, other mushrooms during the drying get a bitter aftertaste and are suitable only for seasoning. The best are the white mushrooms for this task. They have a fleshy texture. In some dishes can completely replace meat. Having a pleasant aroma, suitable for a variety of culinary purposes: from salads to individual second courses. In addition, it is not difficult to dry them, for this purpose there will be an oven that is in every house, and special equipment (dryers).

Preparation of dried mushrooms

With dried mushrooms, there are manyculinary recipes, you can use them in soups, and in pies, as a stuffing. Before the main preparation, soak them, so that the mushrooms swell and increase to their original size. Use boiling water for quick soaking. And then cook them. It is desirable to drain the first water, and from the next broth you can prepare mushroom soup. When cooking, the aroma is spread all over the house and resembles the scent of the forest in which these mushrooms were collected. For self-preparation of spices and seasonings, a mushroom powder is used, and it is made from dried white fungus. For production, grind the required quantity of mushrooms on a coffee grinder. When grinding, hard crusts are destroyed which can spoil the dish and are poorly absorbed by the body. Mix the powder with a fine salt (5-10% of the mass of the powder), as well as spices for your taste (black, red pepper, parsley, dill, etc.). Salt is compulsory. It prevents the appearance of pests, as well as interferes with caking. Your house will be filled with a pleasant smell of deliciously cooked food with the addition of such natural spices. Bon Appetit!