driving at night Everyone who has ever driven a carin the dark, it is well known how much this is a nervous and energy-consuming occupation. Ahead of you - only a small, illuminated by scattered headlights a piece of the track. Well, if you know the way, and you know exactly where you need to turn off or go around a dangerous section of the road. And if it happened that you have to go literally "to the touch," and even in the conditions of rain or wet snow? Many people think this way: "I have a reliable car, excellent tires on wheels, nothing will happen to me!". So can only think presumptuous and not very intelligent person. Driving in the dark is a big risk! Only cats are well seen in the dark, and the sight of a person is noticeably worse at night. Moreover, there may even occur a short-term phenomenon called "night myopia," when a person vaguely sees various objects. And such factors as loitering on the roads are not sober citizens, unforeseen repairs and blinding light of the cars coming towards meet the stresses behind the wheel. Therefore, in order to drive a car in the dark does not become for you a test of nerves for strength, you need to remember a few simple rules.

Rules of driving a car in the dark

  • The headlights of your car must be clean. Even if your car is equipped with powerful halogen or xenon lamps, dirt on them will greatly reduce the illumination of the road. So do not be lazy and bring your car in order. Pay attention to the headlamps, check if the direction indicators, stop lamps and fog lights are working. Make sure that there is enough fluid in the windshield washer reservoir and that the windshield wipers are working properly.
  • Observe the speed limit. Outside settlements, traffic rules are allowed to travel at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. But driving at such a speed at night - suicide! Keep the speedometer on the speedometer no more than 60 kilometers, and if the visibility is completely bad, crawl like a turtle! No one will blame you for this, but you will save your life and health.
  • Remember the distance between your car andahead of the going. You must foresee the situation of sudden braking, and in this case you need to calculate the stopping distance by yourself. Experienced drivers recommend keeping a distance equal to half your speed. That is, if you drive at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, then the distance between your car and the ahead should be 30 meters.
  • On the night route, it's best not to go overtaking. Why take another chance, because driving in the dark is an adventure. You may be blinded by headlights with oncoming cars, and ahead of you, unexpectedly, you can go to overtaking yourself. Better insure yourself and do not try fate! Hush is going on, you'll continue on, confirmed by life itself!
  • Do not relax while driving! Many are reassured by the monotonous driving of the car, when there are no visible obstacles. Pleasant music in the cabin, comfortable air temperature and easy fatigue can quite reduce the attention of the driver. This is the most dangerous moment! It is better to stop at a lighted section of the road, rest a bit and then continue driving.
  • Never talk on your mobile phonewhile driving a car! It is better to use a telephone headset, it is extremely convenient. Your hands will be occupied only by controlling the machine, and you do not have to make unnecessary manipulations with the phone.
  • Rules of driving a car in the dark If you have to drive the car in the darktime of day - traffic rules (traffic rules) must be kept in memory. Let it be your guardian angel, who will save you from trouble on the road. God protects the bereaved, it's true! But remember about the rules of their own safety still need. For the comfort of drivers the leading ophthalmological centers have long developed special glasses. Special spraying on the glass reduces glare from wet asphalt, and also helps to avoid dazzle the headlights of oncoming cars. Therefore, to acquire these wonderful glasses will be useful. Always remember that safety on the road, first of all, in your own hands!