hair bandages Modern designers constantly offer usvarious novelties and original solutions in clothes and accessories. It has long been no secret that hair is the main decoration of every girl, and to emphasize this, there are various accessories. This year in fashion hair bands. Such a thing is a bright detail of the women's wardrobe, so it can be present in the composition of both day and evening images.

Fashion trends of jewelry for hair

Among the fashion trends of 2012, the leading positiontakes a retro-style with its vintage dresses and images. Are not exceptions and bandages for the hair, which will complement such images and help fully plunge into the charm of the past. These accessories are designed to diversify and update the wardrobe of every fashionista.

  • At the peak of the fashionable Olympus are bandages withanimal prints. There are many of them, so you can choose pictures of various shades, and colors. For example, options for snake skin, leopard, zebra and much more. With such a thing you have a spectacular and vivid image! And the basic clothes can be chosen in neutral, warm colors, placing an accent on the bright accessory.
  • A hair bandage, decoratedbeads or rivets of different shapes. This option is great for the evening image and will attract attention. After all, beads, metal figures, embroidery with beads, chaotic drawings or applications look extraordinary.
  • Feminine and gentle hair accessorieswill emphasize your elegance, complementing the image with glamor and sexuality. The cream and pastel shades will look best, because they radiate the softest.
  • If you want to emphasize your personality and brightness, add to your image of shocking, then pay attention to the bandages made of leather, decorated with bright inserts or metal figures.
  • Knitted and crocheted accessories of this type are suitable for wearing in cool rainy weather. Remember that in this case they must be warm and original, creating the desired image.

how to wear a hair bandage

How to wear such an accessory?

The main question is how to wear a hair bandage -every girl is asked, because such an accessory is not only very fashionable, but also incredibly comfortable. Thin bandages in the form of braided braids or chains should be worn on the hair above the forehead line. They are able to decorate absolutely any hairstyle, so this decoration will fit any image. Wide bandages are best worn under the hair closer to the base of hair growth. Such a thing can be safely acquired by girls with long hair, and, believe me, she will save you many times from the mess on her head. A nice stylish solution can be a usual folded handkerchief made of light material, and most importantly, this option will fit any one, especially the daily. Bandages in a sports style are made of stretch material, which stretches well. For morning jogs or classes in the gym is an indispensable thing, because she holds her hair remarkably. Smart dressing as a bright element will always emphasize the image and add to you tenderness and femininity. This decoration fits perfectly to all types of hair. An accessory with rhinestones will complement any evening dress. If you want to shine - put on such a thing on top of the hair, in this case, its beauty will be visible from all sides. Try to combine the design of such an accessory with the shape of your face and the length of your hair to emphasize all your advantages. We advise you to read: