maxi dresses 2016 At all times and on all continents, independentlyfrom the time of the year and the mood, the secret desire of the woman was to find the perfect outfit: comfortable, but not devoid of refinement, emphasizing the mystery of a woman, but not too pretentious, slightly insolent, but in no way vulgar. Similar moments want to guess in our silhouettes and men, because what can be more desirable than watching next to a woman with a capital letter: an elegant lady who seems to have weaved her image of all the mysteries of the universe. Which outfit better reflects this, than the amazingly feminine and so beloved by the entire world public maxi ?! Revived in the past seasons and successfully proved their right to the title of the best, fashionable dresses maxi 2016, of course, are in the lead among the preferences of the beautiful half of humanity, as well as leading fashion designers of the world. Which models of maxi dresses will be presented to us, and which ones should be paid special attention, we will try to understand.

Charming maxi dress variety: summer 2016

Well, we waited for the summer, but are they so good?short shorts and tops in the fight against the exhausting, simply impossible heat? Is it worth reminding of the miraculous airiness of the summer maxi, which sometimes becomes a life-saving circle amid the heat of the hot asphalt. This season we can call ourselves lucky thanks to the most authoritative connoisseurs of the world fashion who provided us with many options for a maxi dress - the photo of 2016, besides other pluses, also allows to judge the unprecedented romanticism of the summer image. Nosky, multi-functional maxi models this summer will amaze us with a rich variety and will allow us to create both full of dignity and restraint, and a flying, playful, slightly "hippy" image.

Materials and fabrics

summer maxi dresses 2016 Summer maxi dresses 2016 - photos of whichare given to our attention in all leading fashion magazines, are similar, perhaps, only in one: simplicity of cut, flowing lines and, undoubtedly, comfortable, practical ease. Therefore, despite all the variety of fabrics known to us, when creating summer models, preference is given to cotton, silk, and chiffon. They help create an image of a weightless, almost unearthly, especially if the maxi dress model you choose is multilayered or richly decorated with tulle, satin and, of course, light denim - these structural combinations look incredibly spectacular. Separately, I want to talk about lace, which is a particularly noticeable trend this season. Lace flounces and frills, the lightest wicker elements in combination with the above tulle and chiffon, corsets of the finest guipure, lace vintages - this season, as you know, it's openwork frivolity has every right to remove the cream of our attention.

Colors and shades

Designers of leading fashion houses in Europe withthe creation of their models maxi dresses 2016 - the photos certainly highlight this - do not be afraid to experiment with different colors. Color diversity and interesting textural variations of this year are amazing:

  • White. The eternal inhabitant of fashion Olympus, unequivocal and laconic in its grandeur - white color is undoubtedly relevant in the coming year. The color that has absorbed, it seems, all the purity of the frosty morning, will easily transfer it to your image and best emphasize youth and freshness.

maxi dresses summer 2016

  • Nu is a flesh color. Winningly emphasize any shade of the skin, tender tones will give a hint of nakedness, transparency, thereby add to the tormenting sexuality. Maxi flesh color we will choose like a powder - under the skin color, and emphasize the image with accessories of a darker, more saturated color, entering into sharp contrast with the dress itself.

dresses of maxi photo 2016

  • Abstract, geometric print. By itself, already creating a mood, is also the most relevant this year. Incendiary, a little unusual fashionable dress of maxi: 2016 was marked by new collections, in which images are presented, as if impregnated with ringing playfulness.

dress maxi 2016 pictures

  • Strip. Print, almost the most priority in the coming year. Narrow and wide, horizontal, vertical and diagonal - any strip will easily become the highlight of your wardrobe this summer.

summer maxi dresses 2016 pictures

  • Ethnic and animal print: the relaxation and some imposing luxury combined with the dynamic nature of the picture will create an incredibly expressive and pleasantly memorable image.

trendy maxi dresses 2016

  • Flower print. The awakening, like the elixir of eternal youth, invariably enchants others with its sensuality and tenderness. Men will certainly celebrate your femininity, while nightingales will sing in your soul.

summer dress maxi 2016

Maxi dress: how to choose the maxi for yourself?

Well, it seems with how mysterious,a unique elegant and invariably inspiring image can give us a dress-maxi, we figured it out. What we are ready to offer talented couturiers of the great fashion houses of the world - found out too. The extent to which the models of the summer maxi-dresses of 2016 are superb, the photos of which really excite the imagination of both the strong and the beautiful half of humanity have been verified. Now it's time to figure out how and with what, in fact, to wear maxi, in order to emphasize all their beauty. How to become more feminine in it, and that there is a sin to hide, look as sexy as in a mini, despite all the features of the figure. summer maxi dresses of 2016 Maxi dress for miniature women: wear it. To begin with, let's forget about the stereotype that has exhausted so many beautiful ladies, thanks to whom the maxi-dress in the summer of 2016 can be refused. But in vain - the length of the dress should not be embarrassing, because it does not necessarily look like a small airship or a mouse, lost in the folds of the cover from Peugeot - the observance of several simple rules will help prevent this:

  • First of all, you should clearly indicate the waist line, if it allows cutting. For this purpose, ribbons, twisted laces and soft belts of various widths are perfect.
  • When choosing maxi-length dresses, special attention should be paid to those that fit the figure more tightly.
  • An excellent choice will be a dress, in the cut of which a pronounced trapezoid shape is clearly marked, the diagonal of the lateral lines is clearly marked.
  • Visually stretch the figure, adding a little more growth, maxi with a V-neck (is it worth mentioning that such an element will add piquancy alongside).
  • Picking up shoes, a miniature lady should give preference to heels higher.
  • Speaking of color, we will be guided by monophonic fabrics, it would be nice to experiment with purple.
  • Girls who are particularly fragile physique fit floral prints, you can pay special attention to bright colors.
  • But on the lucky ones with piquant formsespecially winning will look dark, saturated colors or the most muffled, but it is worth to abandon the horizontal stripes and large prints. But small drawings, diagonal and vertical bands can be trusted completely.

Unbeatable ladies with luxurious forms Ladies,having juicy addition, it is important to correctly place the accents, visually adding slimness to the hips and legs. We will emphasize magnificent, magnificent breasts, choosing the dresses with the widest straps, since the thin ones can negate all the beauty, weight the chic bust, make it heavy. Look great vintage dress styles - especially in combination with a dark strap - they will visually make the silhouette more balanced. We with you will give up the triumph of the multilayered cut, we better emphasize the silhouette of the properly chosen good body. Thanks to such small nuances, you can fearlessly let in the halls of your wardrobe maxi dresses - summer 2016 and give yourself new pleasant impressions. A cozy girl of medium height For charming charming middle-aged girls with a normal makeup, a great choice will be a maxi dress - a photo of 2016 with the latest fashion shows presented to your attention today. Maxi for you should be well tailored and able to present all your dignity in the most advantageous light, special attention we would like to draw on deeply decolorized maxi models with laces and straps tied around the neck and, of course, on a model with a smell. High and slender Lady High, sports girls in choosing a maxi have some odds - elongated models in the floor, of course, will come to the court. You can safely experiment with different types of print, the most exotic cut, fabrics of all colors, the only "but": be careful with the oblique and vertical strip - we want to achieve unprecedented heights at all in growth. And if you give up the hairpins, draw your attention to oriental, ethnic and animal prints, choose interesting sandals on a flat sole - you will look just amazingly, like an ancient goddess stepping on the ground in order to give mortal men the opportunity to contemplate it!

How to wear a maxi dress?

And now the most interesting and exciting part -how and with what to wear the blessed maxi. To begin with it is worth considering, and what kind of meaning we want to invest in our image, what ideas will rule the ball, what features we want to especially highlight, adding up our wardrobe with such different maxi-dresses. Here are just a few tips that can help you make the right choice of accessories:

  • Pay special attention this summersandals, sandals and neat shoes without fingers and heels. They look especially cool with a maxi dress 2016 - the photos presented to your attention illustrate this as well as possible. But the classic boats should be abandoned - the effect produced is not so good.

maxi dresses summer of 2016

  • If we want to place a special emphasis on the waist,It is worthwhile to revise the belts available in the wardrobe, but if your people are not too fit for the color scheme, they are too heavy and bulky, run safely to the store for replenishment, because soft straps and straps are especially popular this summer. And do not be afraid to experiment, the strap "color in color" is not so important - most importantly, that the whole composition in general looked harmonious.
  • Turning to casual dresses, you can choosebags larger, just fine will look light thin, as well as three-dimensional scarves, and do not forget about glasses - an excellent addition to the image. This combination is perfect for both urban day jobs and country walks.
  • Also, you should not turn away from heavy, morelarge ornaments, and do not worry - the special aetherity of the summer maxi will not allow them to look bulky, and in combination with a hat, the sophistication of your image will be difficult to surpass even the top ten beauties of the planet.

most fashionable maxi dress photo 2016

  • Maxi dresses in your wardrobe should notto remain in proud solitude: in the evening time you can throw a pelerine, jacket, cardigan, and do not forget about the bolero - they look great with many models of maxi.
  • Ladies of middle and older age: if the refined taste greedily draws your attention to the maxi models, but something keeps - discard these thoughts, not about what "youth" the brand does not have to say. Maxi dress is an eternal game, mixed in a worthy cocktail different styles, for every occasion and mood.
  • If we are preparing for a solemn event,then certainly it is worth giving preference to either more refined, glamorous and frankly expensive fabrics, or as much as possible complicated by the decorative elements of the style. Do not pile up the evening maxi dress with the presence of both. And do not forget about accessories - be sure to choose the ones that look most organically.

fashion maxi dresses 2016 photos Do not be afraid of experiments - create, drawyourself, play with variants of images. You are a woman, and this, whatever you say, is already half of happiness by itself. It remains only to demonstrate this to those who do not know yet and, it seems, we already know where to start! We advise you to read: