dresses for graduation 2016 Very soon your cherished dream is toto leave the school as soon as possible, and you will plunge into the world, having a new profession or a school certificate behind you, but before that there will be a long-awaited graduation party, which has been gossiped by all one-year-olds for so long. In view of the fact that it is difficult for young girls to choose their own dresses for the prom night of 2016 alone, our article will just help you figure out the outfit that will decorate your figure. You can find a decent model of the prom dress 2016, descended from the spring and summer displays of the Parisian catwalks. Well, if you are not a graduate, but act as a caring mother or aunt, then this is even more beautiful, because you can not only skillfully advise your beloved on the different styles of graduation dresses 2016, but also look for an outfit for yourself on this solemn evening. So, before you choose for yourself or your daughter fashionable graduation dresses in 2016, you need to decide how it will be: short or long, strict or defiant, dark or bright, etc. It should be noted that to date, models of 2016 graduation dresses do not necessarily have to be long. Of course, the image of a beautiful young girl with a gorgeous dress up to the floor and a tight corset is associated with the prom night, but let's say straight out: it's rather inconvenient, and you can not call this dress practical. If you decide for yourself that this is the kind of romantic image you like, then you still have to try on a similar model in advance and try to walk around in it at home. You will understand whether it is comfortable in it, whether such a dress is shackled by the movement and so on. If you decide that to wear a graduation at 2016 you only want a long dress, then we will consider the variants of those models that the designers offer us this season.

Long prom dresses

dresses at the final 2016 photo Collections of evening dresses of 2016, whichpick up at the prom, were presented in Paris in various colors: strict black, blue, pink, rich red, yellow and floral tones. Long models have a fitted and tight fitting style. But each of them had its own peculiarity: asymmetry on one shoulder, elegant drapery, patches and much more. Fashionable dresses in the final year 2016, photos of which are presented to our attention, are made of light silk, delicate chiffon, thin organza or satin. And although the evening dress assumes dark colors, still the graduation point refers to a good bright holiday, so for the mother and aunt, a black or blue color is suitable, and for a young girl it is better to pick up something brighter. You will be helped in this by long graduation dresses 2016 photos - stylish and elegant at the same time.

Cocktail Dresses

prom dresses 2016 short These dresses have always been a dress codeparties, so if you do not want to get lost in the skirt of a long evening gown, then the cocktail dress at the graduation 2016 can become an option. If you are a mother or a caring aunt, then choosing this dress will not worry you that your pet will be uncomfortable in such a dress: it does not fetter movement and is an appropriate option for a young age. Cocktail dresses at the final 2016 were presented by designers in the following colors: gray with black, lilac, tender pink, gold and cream shades. Such dresses are almost always decorated with something: a bow with rhinestones, patches, folds across the fabric, a brooch, the top is presented in the form of a corset, the skirt on one side is beveled, the laying of one fabric on another, an elegant girdle and so on. A variety of fashionable dresses at the graduation year 2016, the photos of which we have provided to you, will help you to easily choose the option from a large number of cocktail dresses.

Fancy dresses

Fashionable dresses for graduation 2016 Such dresses can hide and ugly legs, andlush hips, and many other details that a woman would not like to show off. The novelties of the final dresses of 2016 suggest the presence of such models, and they are suitable for both daughter and mother and aunt. The corset remains an invariable attribute of magnificent models, creating a contrast between the bottom and the top. In this season, the dresses were present in the most unusual tones, for example, the top was colored, and the bottom - monophonic, or with a glossy luster. Fashionable women's magazines offer a lot of models of prom dresses of magnificent 2016, photos decorate the covers of the most famous editions, still, because they are so loved by Hollywood stars for solemn events. One such fan is Victoria Beckham, who already has her own collection of evening dresses. Designers decorate such models in different ways: giving the straps a sparkling appearance with the help of rhinestones or stones, embroider the bottom with the original pattern, construct a collar-stand in the form of a frill, make powerful shoulder pads and so on. Graduation dresses magnificent 2016, photos of which we have picked up from the latest collections of fashion designers, will finally persuade you that this is the model you want to choose for a fabulous evening.

Glamorous prom dresses

prom dresses 2016 photo Such models will suit those who are not afraid to surprisesurrounding and the whole evening to keep the views of bewildered classmates, classmates and their parents only on their own image! Dresses for the graduation trend of 2016 also allow this option, the more so it is loved by designers of many countries. If you are sure that this style corresponds to the state of mind, then safely wear such an outfit. To such styles of final dresses 2016 it is possible to carry following models: a translucent fabric of a top, in a combination to a bottom which is finished by fur; dress without sleeves, but with a long hem, which has a creative coloring, for example, over white cloth, black peas; a combination of several colors in a dress (white corset is presented, under it black shorts, and on top shorts a long transparent skirt with embroidery in the form of red poppies); a dress of motley color with a large pleating. In our selection of models for glamorous girls there are not only short dresses, but also long graduation dresses 2016 - photos of stylish girls show off the latest shows of famous fashion designers.

Short dresses

beautiful dresses for graduation 2016 Beautiful dresses on graduation 2016 can be andshort, the main thing is that the figure should be allowed. Of course, they will be comfortable and comfortable all evening and thanks to their length you are unlikely to add someone for several years. For women with slender high legs - this is an ideal option to leave an indelible impression of yourself for many years to come, choose only models of light colors: pink, white, lilac, gray, peach. Fashionable graduation dresses of 2016 short can be both tight-fitting, and loose, and also in combination of a narrow top and a fluffy bottom or vice versa. All this needs to be selected and measured according to your figure and nothing else! After all, there are a lot of beautiful dresses for graduation 2016, but not all of them will be beautiful for you! If the dress will be ordered for sewing, be sure to try on a similar model to start with, and then order the thing itself, so as not to experience the bitterness of disappointment in the future.

Inseparable Accessories

Clutch bag prom dresses for 2016 Of course, so that the image of the prom dresses 2016short or long, lush or fitted, was harmonious and complete, accessories accompanying all ceremonial events are necessary. On the first place are handbags. In them you not only can put your favorite lipstick, invitation card, napkins, keys, but also beautifully complement your outfit. For many dresses, the graduation trend of 2016 provides a bag-clutch, both in tone along with, and just a black or white version, or harmoniously combined with shoes. Hand-clutch can be like a long handle in the form of a chain, pearl beads, ribbons, which in itself is already the decoration of any outfit, and without it. Fashionable dresses on the final 2016, photos of which you are viewing on our website, perfectly demonstrate this. The choice of such handbags impresses the imagination with its variety, but designers this season tend to believe that such an accessory should be either in the tone of the dress for the prom ball 2016 or the complete opposite of its color scheme. For example, if the dress is green with a floral print, the opposite will be a bright red clutch with a large flower in the middle of the purse, or, say, if the outfit is black with a gray tint - buy a bright pink clutch bag to attract attention surrounding. Many prefer bag handbags made from the same fabric as the dress for the 2016 prom, but this option is more suitable for a romantic image with a model of a long and lush cut than for a short graduation dress 2016, the photos of which you have seen enough quantity. Gloves short prom dresses 2016 pictures Such an accessory has always been in fashion, buthe can not complete all models of dresses for the prom night 2016. Gloves can be chosen only for cocktail and short dresses, and not necessarily in tone along with, but you can look in one color range of sandals, a bag-clutch and gloves. Models of gloves for the solemn evening there is a mass: short, medium, long, from satin, leather, guipure, with pawns, with rhinestones, with stones and embroidery. The main thing is that the fashionable dress at the graduation 2016, whose photo will be remembered not only by you, but also in the albums of your peers, caused with such an accessory only admiration. Footwear what to wear on graduation day 2016 Graduation dresses 2016 short or longrequire carefully selected and combined with a shoe order. If we talk about fashion, then today the models from varnish, leather, silk and suede are popular. It can be like shoes with an open nose, and sandals. The novelties of the prom dresses 2016 provide for both. We have already said that for those who want to stand out from the crowd of peers, it is not necessary to choose shoes in tone of the dress, you can combine their color with a bag-clutch or gloves. For those who decide that this option is not for their attire, it is worth choosing shoes with bows, rivets, straps, laces and, of course, only on high heels! Fashionable graduation dresses 2016, photos of which were made at various shows by famous couturiers, show models with high heels. In order to determine what will be your shoes: sandals or shoes, tell you how the dress itself, and the expected weather. If it will be sandals, then count on the fact that the evening will be long and it is necessary, perhaps, to dance, so the shoes should be well fixed on the foot, in this case you can prefer the strap. Bright and will be sandals with rhinestones and stones in the tone of the dress. If there is a flower in the attire (whether it is on the head or a dress, or a clutch bag), you can pick up sandals with the same. Accessories for the head models of prom dresses 2016 The main addition of the fashionable prom dresses 2016- The photo shows it, it's necessarily the hairstyle. But now we will not discuss it, we can read about it in a separate article, but as regards jewelry for the head, we can offer several options: a hoop, ribbon, three-dimensional barrette, a hat or a bow. Some designers approached the choice of such decorating creatively by offering a kerchief as an accessory. But this is only for the bravest! The question of what to wear at the prom, 2016, while decorating the head, depends on the hairstyle and the outfit. If you do not accept loose hair like the models, but think over a beautiful hairdo, you can make beautiful additions in it like a ribbon around the head under the color of the dress, or a hoop with a large flower in the tone of a clutch and sandals. If the hair allows, you can tie a beautiful bow. Decoration long prom dresses 2016 Graduation dresses of 2016, photos of which youcarefully consider, suggest and the availability of other accessories: beads, pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces and so on. Here, as they say, it's a matter of taste, just do not overplay this part of your image, otherwise you'll look like a Christmas tree. It is not necessary to select massive jewelry, if the shoes, bag and head accessory and so have pronounced features. Short graduation dresses 2016, photos of which you have already seen many times, may contain necklaces or necklaces as decorations, if they have a corset top, that is, they require an accent on the decollete zone. And on the contrary, they will do without them if one shoulder is slanted or there is a jabot - the presence of such elements already in itself acts as an ornament. All you need to try and pick! The models of final dresses of 2016, photos of which we have offered you, will help to realize and realize a dreamlike imagery for a point in reality. The final touch of any outfit will be a neat and beautiful manicure, do not forget about it! And a pleasant celebration for you! We advise you to read: