evening cocktail dresses In the life of every modern woman there are suchmoments when you need to look not just beautiful, but bright, dazzling and unique. The most important role in creating such an unforgettable image is, of course, reserved for the dress. You can choose a long evening dress, or you can choose a classic black evening cocktail dress: 2011 photos illustrate a lot of great options that are perfect for meeting the most beautiful moments in your life, be it wedding, prom, New Year's Eve, 8 March, birthday or corporate party. In addition, today, for many social events, according to unwritten rules of etiquette, it is customary for beautiful ladies to come not in long evening dresses and not in sarafans. For such cases, the choice of a discreet, elegant and invariably stylish cocktail dress that will make it possible to present the figure of any woman in a favorable light can be an ideal option. This special outfit will always be for a woman one of the main indicators of her appearance. The first cocktail dresses appeared in the US at the beginning of the last century in the midst of the dry law. The shortened classic evening dresses of that time, barely covering their knees, were ideal for dancing, especially the charleston and the foxtrot. Tiny handbags, long gloves and small hats - all these fashion accessories perfectly complemented the bohemian image of women of fashion.

Evening cocktail dresses: fashion trends of the season

This year, no fashionable collection of leadingdesigners could not ignore the topic of cocktail dresses. Therefore, in the new season, fashionable women from all over the world have a very wide choice of a wide variety of styles, models and silhouettes of cocktail dresses. Especially fashionable in 2011 will be models a little longer than the knee, which can have a rich bodice finish, shiny decor elements and transparent fabrics on top of skirts. And that is not all. Very fashionable in this season things with elements of appliqués, embroideries, sequins and all kinds of shuttlecocks, folds and draperies. Did not pass this fashion and cocktail dresses. Many designers also offer a combination of different in color and texture fabrics, as well as asymmetric cuts. As for the color range, most eminent brands preferred the classical colors: red, black, white and gray. So, what kind of cocktail dresses did world famous brands prepare for us this time? What will they be pleased this summer with the fair sex? Judging by the photos, evening cocktail dresses, presented by designers in new spring-summer collections, are a huge variety of models, styles, fabrics and colors that can satisfy the taste of even the most exquisite fashionistas. Evening cocktail dresses 2011, photos of which you can already find in magazines, will help women to choose the perfect dress for any celebration and create a unique evening image. After all, evening dresses are special outfits that, in combination with footwear and other accessories, can give the female image an originality and mystery. Fascinating with their elegance and elegance evening cocktail dresses - a photo of 2011 this emphasizes - short models up to the knees without sleeves and collar, made of expensive fabrics, most often from velvet, satin, lace or silk, which in their appearance resemble something average between dressy and evening gown.

Fashionable models of evening cocktail dresses

Fashion designers and stylists for the new seasonoffer evening cocktail dresses, photos of which will help you to keep abreast of fashionable novelties. And although many of them have not yet arrived at the store shelves, you have the opportunity to see the most fashionable styles of evening cocktail dresses 2011 on the photo in both fashion magazines and catalogs, and on our website right now.

  • A great and simple little black dress

Immortalized Coco Chanel classic smallBlack dress has not left fashionable podiums for a year now. Here in this season it is again in vogue and also falls into the ranks of cocktail parties. Moreover, the classical evening short cocktail dress can be safely called the most versatile toilet for special occasions. Perhaps, that is why this year many eminent couturiers, when creating their collections, turned to the good old classics, taking as a basis a small black dress and giving it novelty by means of variations with accessories and textures of fabrics. evening cocktail dresses photo Usually, when creating cocktail dresses, manydesigners adhere to the original cut, which should advantageously emphasize the dignity of the female figure and at the same time hide its shortcomings. As a rule, in cocktail dresses, the proportion is almost always met: it can be as a lush bottom and too open top, and vice versa. evening cocktail dresses

  • Glamorous cocktail dress

Tightly fitting figure classic cocktaildress bright flower, unfortunately, can not afford not every woman, because it goes only to slender girls. However, if you are a happy owner of a slender figure, you can safely choose this style. evening cocktail dresses 2011

  • Flower print

Much attention in the summer collections of designersis given to dresses for a cocktail with floral prints. Evening cocktail dresses, photos of which we offer you to see, can be a good option for any celebration in the summer heat. Any of them will give your image not only freshness and youth, but also femininity. evening short cocktail dresses

  • Dresses with corsets

Also in many collections you can meet today cocktail dresses with a lush skirt from the waist and a hard top. evening cocktail dresses photo 2011 Cocktail dresses from Christian Dior collectionThis year is distinguished by a special glamorous chic and original decor. Most of the models presented by the world famous brand have a slim, fitting silhouette, but they also occur with flared skirts. When creating their masterpieces, the famous couturier makes accents on the multifaceted and multilayered, architectural motifs and motifs in the nude style. Do not pass over this style and many other fashion brands, it is inherent in the collections of 2011 Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino. evening cocktail dresses 2011 photo Fashionable evening cocktail dresses Especially popular this year are dresses forcocktail in the style of retro 40's of the last century. Many collections of well-known trends in the new season are characterized by bizarre asymmetry and strict minimalism. Also in the new season, most fashion designers and couturiers with world names represent evening cocktail dresses, photo 2011 illustrate the predominance of models with an open shoulder, not asymmetrical details and cut-outs. Fashionable evening cocktail dresses photo evening cocktail dresses summer 2011 In some collections, such as, for example,Chanel, Carolina Herrera there are two-layer cocktail dresses with embroidery in gold and silver, decorated with deep cuts and intricate collars, with lace inserts, ruffles and flounces. Also there are models of dresses for a cocktail with a short sleeve or a sleeve in three quarters. evening cocktail dresses 2011 evening short cocktail dresses spring - summer But cocktail dresses from designerCollections Valentino, Elie Saab and Nina Ricci are decorated with metallized threads, sequins, paillettes and beads. Models for solemn occasions they preferred to decorate with lace, colorful appliqués and stones. fashion evening cocktail dresses photo 2011 light evening cocktail dresses 2011 photos

Colors and fabrics

For the spring-summer season it is better to givepreference for open, coquettish models made of light silk or air chiffon bright juicy colors. While for the cold season the most suitable for cocktail dresses are traditional colors - ruby, blue, black, purple and gray. However, the most acceptable at any time of the year is a one-color dress.

What should I remember when choosing a cocktail dress?

Dress style as nothing else can up tounrecognizable change the female figure. For example, with an overstated waist, short evening cocktail dresses, due to their length and high waistline, visually increase the length of their legs, making them slim and endless. Whereas the sleeves of the flashlights make the silhouette balanced. Therefore, this style is ideal for holders of triangular type figures. Also, do not forget that properly selected cocktail dress is able not only to decorate elegant ladies and stylish girls, but also to emphasize their individuality and unique style. We advise you to read: