Winter clothes for children The arrival of winter, and with it the onset of frosts andthe appearance of snowdrifts on the street make parents puzzled by the preparation of a winter wardrobe for a child. After all, daily walks and outdoor games are necessary for the growing organism, regardless of the weather outside the window. So how to properly prepare a child for going out on a frosty winter day?

Choosing outerwear

If your child is not yet on his ownlegs and go to breathe fresh air, lying in a stroller, you should take care that his sleep during the walk was comfortable. In this case, separate kits consisting of a jacket and panties, it is better not to buy. Comfort to the baby lying in the stroller will provide a winter coverall-envelope, thanks to which under the back of the child there will be an even surface, without any drops or lumps, and therefore nothing will interfere with his sleep. But for older children, who can already walk independently and even run, the trouser set is what you need for active games in the snow. However, it must be able to choose correctly. After all, modern manufacturers offer outerwear with different fillers, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages and is designed for different temperatures and types of activities. In order not to get confused in all this variety and choose the right outerwear for your child, you need to have an idea of ​​the proposed insulation. First of all, they are divided into natural (down, sheepskin) and synthetic (sintepon, holofayber, membrane).

  • Pooh - reliable, well-retaining heata material that easily repairs the shape after crushing. Clothing on its basis is ultralight, while it is able to warm its owner in the most severe frosts - up to -35 ° C. However, a significant disadvantage of downy things is the need for dry cleaning: washing at home can deform the thing. In addition, the downy product can cause an exacerbation of allergy symptoms in the allergic child.
  • Sheepskin - durable and wear-resistant material,capable of ensuring the preservation of body heat at outdoor temperatures down to -25 ° C. But clothes with such a heater is quite heavy on weight, and therefore little suitable for daily wear and even more so for active games.
  • Synthepone lost its former glory on the background of moremodern materials for the production of winter upper things. Wetting, it loses to half its thickness, and therefore begins to hold heat worse. Clothing with this heater is able to withstand frost no lower than -10 ° C. Therefore, overalls and jackets with its use are more suitable for demisezona than for winter cold.
  • Hollofayber - perhaps the best kind of filler forproduction of children's winter clothes. Lightweight in weight, like fluff, it perfectly holds heat at temperatures down to -32 ° C. At the same time, it is much more practical than fluff, since things based on it are not deformed and can be washed at home.
  • Membrane - the newest development for creationlight and even thin, but at the same time warm winter clothes. There are two of its varieties: it can be a thin laminated film, fixed on the underside of the upper fabric of clothing, or a special impregnation applied to the fabric. Such things allow the skin to breathe and remove moisture from the body, not allowing it to be supercooled. Light and thin, it is convenient for practicing outdoors, for example for skating or skiing. But for games in the snow, it is not very suitable, because it quite easily gets wet. With frequent washing, membrane things lose their heat-preserving properties, so it is better to take them to dry cleaners.

Warm clothes for baby

Winter underwear for children

The choice of underwear for a child in winter istheir own characteristics. If your baby is still very small and while moving only in the stroller, then start collecting his clothes on the street from wearing cotton underwear - body with legs or T-shirts and sliders, as well as a cotton bonnet. These things preserve the warmth of the body, and also will not allow woolen things to prick the child's delicate skin. If you are a mother of neposeda more adult age, then cotton things are best left and not used until spring. Greater comfort for your child during the winter cold will create baby thermal underwear. Unlike cotton things that absorb moisture, thermal underwear pulls it away from the body. After a child's stay in the street in the winter in a wet after running and playing things - not the best way to take care of his health. Children's thermal underwear - socks, leggings, turtlenecks - of high quality and at reasonable prices , on the site of the tourist online hypermarket "Super-hike". By the way, here you can choose thermal underwear for walking and sports activity on the street, not only for the child, but for the whole family.

Layering in the child's clothes

Determined with a choice of outerwear for hisa child and buying a pair of sets of underwear for him, it's time to think about what garments to combine these things with. First of all, it is worth mentioning that often parents bringing up their first-born, when gathering to the street, wrap the child in such a way that he can not move normally. Parents mistakenly believe that the more clothes on it, the warmer it is. Meanwhile, their child becomes not only warm, but even too hot, and, sweating and steamed, he can catch a cold very quickly. The amount of things on the child depends on his age. On the baby it is worth putting on one thing more than yourself, because he will be motionless to sleep in the stroller; on a more adult and active child should be one thing less than you do, so that nothing can restrain his movements and he does not become hot during active games on the playground. In this case, the clothes of a child of any age must consist of several layers - linen; light knitted things - pantyhose and turtlenecks; followed by a layer of warmer clothing - panties, sweaters, sweatshirts and cardigans; Finally, the top street clothes are put on top. Choosing the right wardrobe for a child for the winter, you can be calm for his health, and staying in the open air will bring him only benefit and a great mood from playing with friends in fluffy and soft snow.