Dowry for a baby Many parents do not want to buy children's productsbefore the birth of the baby, considering it a bad omen. But few of us know that this tradition has gone from those times when infant mortality was very high, and the parents simply could not afford to spend money on a child given birth, which may not be born (it's about poor families, peasants). Fortunately, today there is no such problem, and you can safely go to the store to choose the most necessary things for the child. In addition, how much joy can bring a future mother to a shopping trip with children's goods, toys, how many positive emotions a pregnant woman will receive, choosing children's ryazhonki, bonnets, eyeing rattles, toys. Moreover, in modern stores there is something to see - a huge selection of beds, strollers, walkers, jumpers, swings for children, high chairs, , children's electromobiles, dolls, interactivetoys and much, much more. It is clear that buying everything at once is somewhat unreasonable - it's a lot of waste, and the space in the apartment will be much less ... But there are things that you just need to buy before the baby is born. For example, a crib, a baby stroller. Mom, of course, can shift responsibility for buying a dowry to her husband, relatives, but it's not a fact that they will buy something that Mom will like. And the same It is necessary to choose very carefully, becauseonly the kid should feel comfortable in his first vehicle, but daily walks should give pleasure to both. And for example, too heavy a stroller, which also does not fit into the elevator, can become a serious test for a young mother. But as for clothes for the child, various items of hygiene, here the mother can shift all responsibility for purchases to her relatives. Especially if the mother refused to learn beforehand the sex of the child. But at the same time, you need to understand that the child will need diapers, diapers and much more in the maternity hospital. Do you want to endure the inconvenience, inconvenience to the kid just because they did not take care of the minimum set of children's things needed for the newborn? A much more practical and attractive option for young parents is the arrangement of a room (corner) for a child in advance. Then a young mother, returning from the hospital, will be sure that her house is waiting for everything necessary for the happy and cloudless childhood of her child.