recipes for kefir Pizza is a dish that is made from national cuisineItaly quickly spread around the world. It represents a thin dough cake, greased with tomato or any other sauce with a layer. As a filling can be tomatoes, cucumbers, meat, seafood, a layer of grated cheese. Today, a variety of pizza recipes are known, which differ not only in filling the filling, but also in the preparation of cakes. What is a dough for pizza on kefir, than this method differs from others, why is it recommended to use it at home? These and other questions are waiting for answers in our article. We will become acquainted with how to make dough for pizza on kefir, what is needed for this, what kind of filling for such a recipe is best suited.

Useful tips for mixing pizza dough

Preparation of pizza based on kefirgives a very delicate and pleasant taste. But that everything was cooked correctly, you should follow a few simple tips that ensure that any recipe will be tasty:

  • Before starting the dough preparation, the flour should be carefully sifted to ensure the high quality and softness of the dough;
  • stir the dough for at least 6-8 minutes, butit is best to stretch this stirring for about 10-15 minutes. For a liquid composition based on kefir it is necessary that all the ingredients are completely mixed, the mixture should be homogeneous, resemble sour cream. If you have a bread maker or a food processor, then use the function for kneading the dough;
  • Before baking the dough should be left for 5-10 minutes, in this case the cake will turn out more magnificent.

pizza with dough on yogurt

Recipes for kefir

The recipe for preparing a kefir-based dough is verysimple, it can make even a completely inexperienced mistress. This is one of the main advantages along with a terrific, well-recognizable taste. For preparation it is necessary to take such ingredients:

  • one glass of kefir (can be not very fatty);
  • two full glasses of flour;
  • two raw chicken eggs;
  • half a teaspoon of sugar, salt, soda.

Kefir can be replaced and 400 g of ordinary sourmilk, but the taste of the dough will be a bit not the same, so it's better to stop with this option, like the recipe for kefir. Now we begin to create the filling of our pizza. The options can be a great many, the recipes of the filling are much more than for the preparation of the dough. But the use of kefir imposes some restrictions. So, cucumbers or tomatoes should not be applied directly to the cake, because vegetables simply drown in it, because they are quite heavy. The filling that will be in contact with the dough should be dry, since it absorbs excess moisture. Not suitable here and the standard version for the usual test, that is, the use of the first sauce, which is applied to the cake, and then the layer of the filling. In this case, it is best to use the first layer of meat, bacon, salami, shrimp and others. Then you can add greens, cut into slices or cubes of tomatoes, cucumbers. Excellent taste will give corn or sliced ​​olives without pits. You can take dark olives or green olives, which are stuffed with slices of anchovies, cheese, pepper. Many recommend adding garlic, onions, more greens or seafood. It all depends on your imagination. Pizza is so different from other dishes that its recipe can be very different, include seafood. Cheese is not recommended to add immediately, it is best to sprinkle pizza about 3-5 minutes before cooked. This must be done, since cheese can simply drown in a liquid batter if sprinkled immediately. Prepare the dough and baking tray After the filling is prepared, that is all washed, brushed and cut, in a separate container, flour and yogurt are mixed together, we add eggs there. Then carefully mix everything to a homogeneous state. In the dough, add sugar, salt, soda. The resulting consistency should not be too liquid, roughly resembling thick sour cream. Now we are preparing the pan. It is best to use silicone molds that do not require lubrication or the use of special paper for baking, but if it is not, then the usual metal or Teflon container is fine. The bottom is smeared with butter or covered with paper (this will not allow the cake to burn). Prepared dough does not need to be rolled out, it should just be carefully poured onto a cooked baking sheet. To properly distribute the dough, you can use a special confectionery spatula. Thickness should not be very large, since it's still a pizza, not a pie! The maximum permissible thickness - about one cm, it allows you to get exactly the cake that is needed, lush, delicious, tender and very soft. After this, we proceed to the filling of the filling, as already discussed. The only thing that needs to be done is to add salt and pepper on top, after which the pizza is put in the oven. The temperature for this is fixed at 180-200 degrees, baking lasts from 25 minutes to 50. This difference depends on what kind of oven you have (electric or gas), the size of the baking sheet, the thickness of the pizza. Approximately five minutes before the oven is ready to open and quickly sprinkle the pizza with grated cheese. In this case, it will melt correctly, and not become too hard and burnt. rolling out dough on kefir

Advantages of using kefir

Pizza recipes today there is a greatset, every hostess has his own. It can not be said that one of his types is better, and the other is worse. Simply, they are all completely different: they differ in the composition of the ingredients, the way of mixing, baking, and even the taste of these pizzas will turn out to be completely different. The recipe with the use of kefir for dough differs from many already in that it is obtained by liquid, rather than soft and elastic. To taste, the dough a bit like baking with cottage cheese, but it does not roll out, it is not distributed manually by the baking sheet, but simply poured onto its surface. This makes it possible to make the cake uniform and the desired shape, which is often difficult to roll out during rolling, especially for inexperienced home cooks. Dough for pizza on kefir has such advantages in comparison with other recipes:

  • the cake is very delicate and delicious. At the same time, it does not tear, while cutting pizza it retains its structure;
  • preparation of such a recipe does not take long, just 15 minutes, so that you can start preparing the filling and baking this delicious dish;
  • such a recipe allows you to make a lush dough, completely without using yeast. This is very important, since the kneading time is much shorter. The correct quantitative composition is easy to follow;
  • the amount of dirty processes is minimized, the table and hands should not be sprinkled with flour or oiled, just simply wash the container where the dough is kneaded;
  • there are some nuances of cooking suchprescription. The fact that the dough turns liquid, so the filling is a little drowned in it. Therefore, it is necessary to make a thin layer, so that in the end it was pizza, and not pie. Cheese can be sprinkled only at the very end, that is, it becomes melted, but soft and not burned. This makes the whole baking taste gentle and distinctive, it is difficult to achieve this effect using a normal yeast dough;
  • such a pizza is not only much quicker and easier to prepare, but also baked earlier than the traditional version. But the calorie content of this product is extremely low;
  • Pizza, cooked on kefir, is stored much longer, the cake is absolutely not stale.

Recipe for pizza dough based onthe most usual kefir allows you to make tasty and low-calorie pastries. This pizza turns tender, with a well-recognizable taste, soft and not stale cake, which does not crush when cutting. To make such a dough is very simple, usually it takes only fifteen minutes and the simplest ingredients that will be found in the refrigerator from any mistress.