double chin clean You know the old anecdote: "My mother-in-law finally got rid of her second chin! True, the first chin now immediately turns into the third ... "? Alas, alas, the double chin happens not only in anecdotes with the participation of fat mother-in-law, but also on the faces of quite young and pretty young ladies. Moreover, it is not necessary to suffer excess weight, in order for this unpleasant defect to erupt on your face. To remove a double chin dream and hudyshki, and absolutely young attractive girls. What can we say about the ladies "in years", prone to fatness, or those who have hormonal disorders? They are at risk and can get an unpleasant gift in the form of a double chin. But it is he who visually increases the face oval, making it disproportionate and unattractive. I remember the old story, when one famous movie star, posing in front of photographers, heard the assistant's command: "The chin is higher .... And the second one too. "If you think that the only way to get rid of this problem once and for all is a plastic surgeon's knife, then you are an obvious pessimist. Believe me, there are many ways to remove the second chin outside the walls of medical clinics. Of course, home methods require much more time and effort than "cut off and forgotten" from the surgeon, but it's cheaper, and much safer. It's no secret that any surgical intervention is a serious risk to your health, and plastic surgery is by no means an exception. What do we need in order to quickly get rid of the double chin? Let's omit the understandable in this case recommendation "lose weight" and move on to other, more realistic methods. First, you need to stop being lazy and start acting by taking the "rescue of drowning" in your hands. And secondly, you need to introduce the rule of daily to conduct special gymnastics for the face, periodically nourishing the skin of the problem area with house masks and lotions. remove double chin

Gymnastics face against double chin

So, let's start with a wonderful gymnastics that will help us quickly get rid of the hated double chin and make the face oval clear and attractive.

  • Lie down on your back, raise your head so thatsee your feet. This exercise gives just a super-effect, it pulls the line of the chin and neck muscles. But those who have problems with the spine or cardiovascular disease, doing the exercise will cause quite unpleasant sensations.
  • Sit down comfortably, put your elbows on the tableso that the chin lay on the hands. And now, close your teeth, stretch the muscles of your chin, pushing it forward. In this position, snap your fingers on the chin thirty or forty times. If you regularly perform this exercise, then very quickly and think about forgetting that you once had a double chin.
  • Stand up straight, grip your shoulders and notlet them go up at a time when the neck goes all the way up. Exercise should last at least ten seconds, it should be done six to seven times.
  • Another simple way to remove excess chin- like five or six minutes with a thick book on his head. If at the same time you try to straighten your shoulders and stretch your neck, then not only get rid of the second chin, but also become a happy owner of the royal posture.
  • Periodically "sing" the letters "and", "y", maximallystrongly straining the muscles of the lower part of the face and neck. You can do this exercise even now, while reading this text. And do not worry about the opinion of others: nothing, will eventually get used to!
  • Sit down again, squaring your shoulders. Attach your fists to the chin and try to raise them with your hands, while resisting pressure. Keep the muscles in tension for at least ten seconds, repeat the exercise eight to ten times.
  • Imagine that to your long-sufferingchin suspended heavy load and you need to lift it, as they say, "without hands." Tighten the muscles in the T-shaped area of ​​the face and neck, stay in this position for ten seconds. This exercise should also be repeated six to seven times.
  • Tilt the head back and push the bottomjaw forward and up. And now make this movement, as if you want to get your lower lip to your nose. Fix the time of maximum muscle tension for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise five to six times.
  • how to remove double chin

    Remove the double chin with phytotherapy

    The problem of a double chin will be solved quickly enough, if you decide to combine gymnastics for the face with phytotherapy. We offer the following recipes:

  • Mask of garden mint. Brew mint leaves with boiled water in the proportion of one to three. After three minutes, put the mixture in a cool place, as it cools evenly on a dense fabric and attach to the problem area. Keep the mask for twenty minutes.
  • Fresh leaves of nettle to grind and pour vodka,put it in a dark place and let it brew for ten days. Infusion strain, dilute with two tablespoons of boiled water. Use as a lotion, rubbing the area of ​​the chin and neck.
  • Steam bath made from lime blossom. Brew three tablespoons of lime flowers in three liters of boiling water. If you have dry skin, then sit on the steam for no more than five minutes, if fatty - fifteen minutes. At the end of the procedure, wash with warm water and apply to your face and chin any nourishing mask.
  • As you can see, there are many ways,How to remove a double chin. With the combined use of all these methods, you can get not only a quick, but also a long-term result. And let someone amuse himself over jokes about his fat mother-in-law with a lot of chins - you can certainly look calmly in the mirror, admiring the perfect contour of your face. We advise you to read: