dollar tree And it would not be so bad: grows in the house a real dollar tree, and we only periodically update the leaves on it: we tear off the old ones, so that the new ones grow faster. But, jokes are jokes, and you can get a plant of the house all the same. And it is called zamiokulkas. True, the money on this flower, to our great regret, does not grow. Dollars are present only in its popular name. And we can only guess, what did the zamiokulkas call such a promising name? Maybe he really attracts these exactly coveted banknotes to the house? There is nothing easier than to check everything in practice. And to do this, you just need to purchase zamiokulkas for your collection of indoor plants. But even if you have cuddled in your apartment, which almost do not need watering and special care, you can try to grow a more serious flower. Believe, you will succeed. The most important thing is that zamioculcas perfectly fits into the interior of any home. In addition, it is possible that it will bring untold wealth to the family. And what? In our life, everything happens! And you can easily be a happy witness to the fact that the dollar tree fully justifies its right to be called that way. Moreover zamioculcas is unpretentious and easy to care for. You just need to get to know this miracle plant more closely. And, of course, you should follow the simple rules of care.

Zamiokulkas: what is this flower

Zamiokulkas (zamioculcas) is one of the mostnoble representatives of houseplants. We can say that it is a fashionable, elegant and rare flower. He has very beautiful pinnately-dissected leaves: dark green, shiny (like lacquered), regular, almost perfect shape and the same size. A native zamiokulkas from South America. He is valued for the special form of leaves. Surprisingly, in the room conditions a dollar tree almost does not bloom. True, specimens that have reached venerable age can easily become covered in flowers and in an apartment. But this process will not make a special impression on you, but rather disappoint. Because the flowers of zamiokulkasa - it's nondescript white, yellowish or creamy cobs. It is noteworthy that the leaves of zamiokulkasa grow right from the ground, or rather, from tuber bulbs. What an ignorant person will take as a stem, in fact turns out to be a leaf. And those processes, which we used to call leaves, are actually feathers. Thus, a dollar tree leaf is an arrow with plumage (in an adult flower they can reach a meter height). The stem is short and horizontal. It is located so low above the ground that it looks like a rosette of leaves. Dollar tree was and remains a rather expensive indoor plant. But really only adults and grown-up specimens cost money. This is explained by the fact that it takes a very long time before the zamioculcas reaches an impressive size. Zamiokulkas is an "ideal" indoor flower: care for it is minimal, it grows slowly, new leaves appear rarely. But, despite the fact that the plant is unpretentious, it is necessary to take care of it after all. Well, at least it is necessary to create favorable conditions for him. dollar tree how to care

How to take care of a dollar tree

Having provided proper care for the dollar tree,After a couple of years you will get a chic plant that will amaze you with its beauty. In this case, you do not have to spend thousands of rubles on all sorts of additional adaptations, the flower develops normally even at home. But it is better to put a pot of plant in a bright room, since the zamioculcus loves light. At the same time, it is necessary to protect its direct sun, which can burn the leaves. In summer it is desirable to keep it in the fresh air, and in winter - closer to the cool window (but not near the battery). To the humidity of the air, this flower has no special requirements. Enough of it from time to time to spray and wipe the leaves from the dust. But to wrong irrigation this flower is sensitive. Zamiokulkas is very easy to "pour", causing rotting of the root (and other diseases), thus bringing the houseplant to death. The flower accumulates enough liquid in the bulb of the bulb, so it will easily suffer a drought, but it can not cope with excess moisture. Therefore, the soil in which it grows can not be watered too often. By the way, if you go on a trip, you do not have to worry about that there will be nobody to look after the dollar tree. 5-10 days, he will feel great. In the period from April to August (the time of active growth) zamiokulkas need to be fed about a couple of times a month. As a fertilizer for this flower suitable for all those that are intended for related plants: cacti and succulents. Transplant the flower is not often - in two to four years. This is done as the root system grows. If it has grown, transplant the plant to a bowl of a larger diameter with a drainage layer and soil that is sold for succulents and cacti. You can prepare a soil mixture for this and yourself. It is enough to mix in equal proportions the turf and leaf ground, sand and peat. Propagation of zamiokulkas by dividing a bush or by rooting a leaf (cuttings). There are no special requirements to this process. Everything happens according to generally accepted rules. The only wish is to use growth stimulants (phytohormones) and be patient. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that only a few decide on the multiplication of zamiokulkasa: very much a long process (it can drag on not for one month).

Errors in the care of zamiokulkas

Unfortunately, beginners "gardeners" are not alwaysknow how to care for such flowers. How to understand that you are doing something wrong? Thoroughly inspect the zamiokulkas. Spotted color, crawling roots, crumbling leaves - all this indicates that it's time to change the pot, fertilize the plant or transplant it.

  • The leaves turn yellow and dry

Always remember that a tree loves light,warm and dry air, afraid of excess moisture. Do not put it in a draft or near a radiator. If the leaves of the flower turn yellow on one side, change the room. With a lack of light, the flower stretches out and loses its color.

  • The smell of rot

Leaves or roots decay with excessive watering. In this case, only a transplant will help. Take a new land, equip the proper drainage, stop pouring the tree. In no case can the old soil be used, since mold could form in it.

  • Plaque

Have stains appeared on the stem or leaves? It can be a fungus. If the flower is ill, buy antifungal sprays or supplements in specialized stores and treat them with a dollar tree. Care in this case is exactly the same as before. The only thing that should not be done is to use the old feed. You could infect the tree through fertilizers. That is why it is not worth buying cheap products in crossings and in markets where sanitary norms are not observed. As you can see, taking care of a dollar tree is not so difficult. The main thing is to provide good lighting for it, do not over-moisten the soil, feed and transplant in time. Due to the fact that flowering at home is almost not happening, the plant can have even allergies. dollar tree care

Dollar trees: signs and beliefs

So, if you want the plant to bringluck and became your mascot, observe several basic rules. First, never offend him, even if you do not believe in omens. Scientists have proved that trees and flowers can also experience emotions. Therefore, it is important not only to take care of him properly, but also to talk during watering. If you are going to transplant a flower, try to "reassure" it. Do not tear out with roots, do not pull the leaves. Secondly, you should decorate it with dollars. Fold the bill so that the pyramid shown is visible (this is the most important part of the omen), wrap it around the tape and tie it to the sheet. To plant fueled by magical energy, put a cent under it. The coins are also worth throwing into the water, which you will then water the tree. Thirdly, the transplant should be made on the rising moon, otherwise the flower will wither, and all dollars will leave your house. To believe or not to believe in signs is your business. But if you really want something, it can come true. Do not forget about the power of auto-suggestion! Then why not try, all of a sudden it will turn out! In general, it is not burdensome to be a possessor of zamiokulkas. It's enough to take care of him properly. There are no difficulties in its content, and if problems arise, they are easily solvable, because this plant is very seldom affected by pests. We advise you to read: