Photo:@ uakomarCountries comfortable for living with children, Dr. Komarovsky calls the word "kinderocentric". The pediatrician named Finland one of these countries. “Finland is an ideal country for children. In the country, it is considered a special honorable mission to work with children - a teacher, educator, - the doctor shares his personal impressions of the country. “They are proud to work with children. And the parents themselves are very touching. Dads, for example, run in huge numbers in parks with baby carriages. " The pediatrician named the attitude of the state towards children as another indisputable advantage of Finland. Komarovsky gave an example: the Helsinki mayor's office canceled the fare on public transport for parents with a stroller, eliminated taxes on baby goods and services, and build a large number of stadiums for children. "Everything around is for children," Komarovsky summed up.