divorced man A divorced man is not uncommon these days. No wonder - the idea of ​​people about the family and the need to preserve it radically changed. The divorce ceased to be something out of the ordinary. Marriages break up everywhere, often without any special reason. So here and there are bachelors who already have experience of family life behind their shoulders. In society, there is an opinion - if a man is divorced, then something is wrong with him. Well, in fact, unless the woman agrees to break with her husband, if he does not drink, does not walk, does not bore, is not greedy and is able to earn money? And if a man is also attractive in appearance, and with sexuality everything is normal, so in general! And here you are. Divorced. No, something is not right, definitely. However, when the initiator of the divorce was himself, it can still be understood. But if the wife ... Suspicious, obviously suspicious! Meanwhile, the situation is very different: the couple broke up due to loss of interest to each other, because of the fact that they are seen too rarely, out of some domestic considerations ... But how little! So there are completely normal divorced men, who both with appearance and potency are all right. Needless to say, such representatives of the stronger sex immediately find themselves in the center of attention of the weak sex? Bachelors guard, aunt, they look after him, like a small child, they seduce him, they take him on bail, promising tasty and satisfying food. And he does not accept marks of attention from women and prefers to eat shopy pelmeni. Why? Are there any features in communicating with a divorced man?

Types of divorced men

In general, divorced men are of several types.

  • Type one. A divorced man yearns for his former family very much. Such bachelors usually or completely close in themselves, and they can not get through, or immediately rush to look for a woman who will help to be comforted and forget about the past;
  • Type two. After a divorce, a man enjoys freedom, and does not intend to associate himself with a serious relationship with a woman;
  • Type three. A man after the breakup of the family is not going to marry anymore. He has enough previous negative experience, and the current bachelor has made a firm decision to remain free until the end of his days;
  • Type four. This is a fairly rare type of divorced men who have devoted their entire lives to the former family and children;
  • Type five. A divorced man who lost his life points after the collapse of the family;
  • Type six. A bachelor who hated the whole female sex after the divorce.
  • To marry a divorced man of the first type,If he did not hang a barn castle on his heart, it's quite simple. Such men without a woman do not think themselves. However, they need a partner, one that you can rely on at any moment. A candidate for a wife must be ready for the fact that she will become a husband and a support, and a vest. And to the fact that you have to try to surpass everything in all his previous wife. Otherwise, the faithful will often remember it. And frankly express their dissatisfaction with the fact that his current half is inferior in quality to his former wife. With a bachelor of the second type is initially better about marriage and not to dream. He can bathe in his freedom for years, changing girlfriends almost every month. No, if he likes a woman, he, of course, will agree to a serious relationship with her. But at the same time, most likely, formalize them not officially. With the third type of divorced men, even for a long acquaintance can hardly be hoped. Especially if the lady is pretty. From the enchantresses these beeches run off rushing headlong. Because they understand - such a pava can make him forget about everything in the world and eventually get married. And he firmly decided to be until the end of the century, bean. And no nails. Because "family life is a real hell and solid problems". To bear responsibility for someone else, this convinced single person is no longer going to. The fourth type of bachelors from close relationships with women, in principle, does not refuse. He is unlikely to marry someone with them officially, but he can agree to cohabitation. That's just the one that intends to be next to this faithful to the former family, one should take into account: if she hinted at least with some displeasure at the concerns of the faithful of the affairs of the previous family or disrespect for his past, she could immediately pack her bags. The situation changes slightly if a common child appears. But in this case, too, he will devote a lot of time and resources to the first family. Bachelors who have lost their life points after the divorce, meet quite often. I must say that with such men at first can be quite difficult. Left without a family, they often begin to apply to the bottle or just go peddling, hanging in the casino and changing women almost every evening. Someone in this way tries to forget, but someone simply loses the king in his head. Such a king used to be a wife. Now the throne is empty, and there is nobody to govern the "kingdom" in the image of a bachelor. Take this place, if desired, it is not difficult. It should be borne in mind - these men without coordination from the woman are helpless. And they can go peddling. Bachelors of the sixth type are extremely pissed at the ex-spouse and now hate the entire female gender. No, they can marry. Sometimes they even very willingly get married. In order to take revenge on both the old and present wife for all their grievances and failures. I must say that life with such a subject, if it does not thaw with time, is not at all honey. At best, he will find fault with every little thing, at worst - scandalously scandal over and without reason. Therefore, before deciding to link fate with such a misogynist, we must think carefully. Of course, there are divorced men, quite different from the types described. All representatives of the strong half of humanity are different, and each of them needs an individual approach. However, there are several general rules that are better for women who are puzzled over how to marry a divorced man. to marry a divorced man

    How to behave with a divorced man?

    Divorce is a very strong stress, leavingyour imprint in the shower for a long time. Sometimes men experience it even more painfully than women. After all, a man loses his wife and children when a family breaks up. The habitual way of his life collapses, burying everything that is already familiar and expensive under the ruins. The situation with the woman is somewhat different. No matter how she suffered after the divorce, usually there are children next to whom you need to take care. And this at least somehow distracts from black thoughts and partly compensates for the loss. When acquainted with a divorced man, this fact must be taken into account. It is possible that the disintegration of the family has become for him a very strong blow, recover from which someone can not and throughout life. Therefore, to start conversations about a previous marriage should be very cautious. Do not once again take care of the wound and ask tactless questions. It is unlikely that they will receive a truthful and unbiased response, even when several years have passed after the divorce. At best, the man will keep silent. If you really want to know the whole truth about the disintegration of your chosen family, it's better to contact his friends and acquaintances. But in this case, to determine the truth is quite difficult. First, they can judge the situation from their bell tower. And secondly, a strange family, as you know, a dark forest. In the same case, if the divorced man himself starts talking about his former family, it is advisable simply to listen carefully to him. And draw the appropriate conclusions about what this representative of the stronger sex needs, what he wants and is capable of serious relations in the future. Do not pay much attention to his complaints about his former wife. It is likely that this is a defensive reaction to the conflict with it. However, if the complaints do not stop, you need to be alert. It is possible that we are dealing with an infantile whiner who, in all its failures, blames others. It is also necessary to take care when the divorced man almost does not remember the children and is not going to take part in their future destiny. This indicates his excessive selfishness and spiritual callousness. However, sometimes it is the other way around. A person very much loves his children and suffers from what is seen with them seldom. But I do not intend to discuss my feelings at all with anyone. I must say that when a man is too much and enthusiastically tells about his daughter or son, this is also an occasion for reflection. First of all, because children will have to be accepted as their own, but not every woman can do it. Well, and because they can cause a reunion of the old family. Whatever it was, but people who have joint children are already becoming kindred. Sometimes, after living apart from the divorce, the spouses realize this and converge, beginning to build relationships in a new way. Today, divorces often do not happen because the man is in something bad. Women have become more independent than before. Some of them at some point realize that they do not need this man and, without particularly speculating, get divorced from him. However, this does not always happen. More often than not, families still break up due to the fact that the spouse drank, rummaged, walked. If such a fact is present, you should not think that another woman can do something about it. There is a great chance that one day everything will return to normal. Although everything happens. If the faults of the divorced man do not frighten, and the merits seem very significant, then why not try to build a serious relationship with him? Perhaps the new wife will be able to do what no other woman could have done. We advise you to read: